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which song is this picture from?
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• 1/7/2019


heyo; just got this because utaite has completely taken over my life ;v;

anyways i want to be a utaite someday, but i dont know how to start/get into singing.. so any advice would really help. thanks in advance
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• 1/3/2019

Isn't it late to be a youtaite now?

Hey there! I've just decided to start my youtaite career in 2019 and I wonder if it's late to begin singing now. I mean, I'm afraid of being out-dated. So, is it OK to be a beginner now? Thank you!

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• 12/30/2018

Mafumafu’s Utaite Anniversary??

Yesterday I started seeing some fans I follow on Instagram post commemoration pictures for Mafu’s 8th Anniversary; that would mean he started in 2010 right? I rechecked the wikia page which said 2011 which made sense since he first upload of Mozaik Role on NND was in 2011. But if 2018 is his 8th anniversary, does that mean he had similar activities prior to 2011? I started seeing Twitter posts on it today too, so I got confused and wanted to see if anyone knew;;

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• 12/24/2018

Page for 【いゔどっと】

Anybody got good information to make a page for this guy?

Lots of really good covers with a 2.7M view solo cover ( Anybody know much about this person? Did they previously go under another name?

いゔどっと (@_763_) | Twitter
いゔどっと (@_763_) | Twitter
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• 12/19/2018

Microphone Advice [Urgent]

I'm conflicted between using Blue Yeti or Audio Technica AT2020USB/AT2035.


The problem I have is that I read online that USB mics are REALLY not worth it apparently hence affecting my choice for the Yeti and AT2020USB

AT2020USB also have problems connecting to computers with Windows 10 and are only compatible with Windows 7 which my computer isn't.

Blue Yeti, I heard its not very good for vocals and are better for podcasts and such.

AT2035 is the best so far but it requires an audio interface with phantom power that's gonna cost me at least an additional $200 for a decent quality one. I'm a beginner so I'm not very sure if I should spend that much money in the beginning.

The pricings around my country is SGD$180-$210 for Blue Yeti, AT2020USB and AT2035 is SGD$180.

Rather urgent because I found some year end deals for some microphones so yup. Please help!

Which microphone
  • Blue Yeti
  • AT2020USB
  • AT2035
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• 12/14/2018
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• 12/7/2018


I'm new☺ Does somebody who do cover for instrumental only count as utaite too?
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• 11/30/2018

Alguien aquí habla español? ;;

I can speak English but I'm not very good ... Really my language is Spanish!
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• 11/18/2018

Fresh Mint

Hello _ I'm a new user


Thank _ you
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• 11/3/2018

Question about duet groups?

I noticed some singers actually share channels (like FantasticYouth). That means they wouldn't be able to get their names on here based on solo requirements, but if they meet the 10 duet requirement can they still have a page on here?

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• 10/24/2018
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• 10/21/2018

How to get acapella of utaite covers?

Hi, I've been looking to make nico nico choruses, but I'm pretty new to editing music. One of the biggest problems I've been facing in general is isolating an utaite's vocals from the instrumentals to add to the chorus. Currently I'm using only free software (audacity) but if there are more convenient ways in other software like FL Studio or what not, I would still appreciate any form of information, guide, or tips. My current main method of isolating vocals is taking the off vocal version of the song and matching it up with the utaite's cover (making sure its the same key) and inverting the off vocal/instrumental. The results....well vary a lot, so I'm hoping there are more consistent methods out there.

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• 10/19/2018

Utaite Wiki Discord Server!

Hey guys!

We made a Discord Server for the wiki!

It'll be actively moderated by fellow editor so hang out, chat and chill there!

It's a great way to connect with us, fellow editors, fellow beginning singers, and fellow utaite enthusiasts. Join our community here:

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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• 10/3/2018

New Pages?

Hey guys! I’m finally back from my long-ish break, and I’m (kind of) looking for something to do around here.

Long story short, if anyone has any singers or songs (that already fit the requirements) and want me to help them make a page, link me their YT/NND (or the link to the song).

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• 9/27/2018

Eve lovers here!!💕

Anyone who loves Eve please tell me everything about him~
What Eve songs do you like actually?
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• 9/20/2018

need vocal advice again...
君のたばこ / たばこ / コレサワ cover by プロミス君 PromiseKun / rough 天月 Amatsuki ver
君のたばこ / たばこ / コレサワ cover by プロミス君 PromiseKun / rough 天月 Amatsuki ver YouTube
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• 9/18/2018

I'm looking for someone for a collaboration

Hello, again! ^^
I'm looking for anyone whom I can ask to collaborate with me.
I'm an amateur Youtaite. I sing and I need some backing tracks of Anime Ost. That's why I want to find partners to collaborate. I'm seeking for a musician who can re-arrange/remake a song and I will fill the vocal and do mixing and mastering it ^^"
Here is the sample of my cover:

Please, don't expect too much from me since I'm not a big Youtuber/Youtaite ;__;
I'm looking for someone who purely wants to make music and be productive and doesn't seek for a fame because I can't give it since I am still nobody x'D
Once the video has done to be edited, we will upload and promote it in both channels ;D
That's why I prefer to start my first collaboration with the person who is still struggle like me ;D
However, if there is anyone who is already pro that wants to help me for free, I, surely, will not ignore it xD
If anyone is interested, please kindly contact me through email:

Thank you very much for spending your time to read this post! ;D 💕
Orange | オレンジ | Your Lie in April ED2 | Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ED2 Cover by Gesta Yuria
Orange | オレンジ | Your Lie in April ED2 | Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ED2 Cover by Gesta Yuria YouTube
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• 9/9/2018

New feature for source editing!

I've added a new feature for the source editor! One I've wanted to do for a long time now.

With this you can see hints on how to fill out fields right next to the text field! :D

If you hover on the blue exclamation marks on the side of the editor, a popup will appear with information on how to fill the field, and you can even copy paste the markup from there directly if you're too lazy to type, like me ha.

I've always felt that looking up the exact syntax on the tutorial page was too much of a pain, so I'm hoping this will make things easier!

A screenshot on how it looks is attached below, and you can check out a live demo by editing this page:

Note that this feature only works if you set your preferred editor to source editor ( - Editing - Preferred editor). If you've set your preferred editor to visual editor or classic rich editor, this will not appear, even if you switch to the source editor tab.

If you do want and need this feature, despite having another editor as preferred editor, please comment below.

Also if you find any typos, or bugs, or have suggestions on which hints shall be added, be sure to tell me!
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• 9/9/2018

A request

Could someone make a wikipage about konamilk, And also, ChiCO, please?
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