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• 12/7/2018


I'm new☺ Does somebody who do cover for instrumental only count as utaite too?
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• 11/30/2018

Alguien aquí habla español? ;;

I can speak English but I'm not very good ... Really my language is Spanish!
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• 11/3/2018

Question about duet groups?

I noticed some singers actually share channels (like FantasticYouth). That means they wouldn't be able to get their names on here based on solo requirements, but if they meet the 10 duet requirement can they still have a page on here?

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• 10/24/2018
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• 10/21/2018

How to get acapella of utaite covers?

Hi, I've been looking to make nico nico choruses, but I'm pretty new to editing music. One of the biggest problems I've been facing in general is isolating an utaite's vocals from the instrumentals to add to the chorus. Currently I'm using only free software (audacity) but if there are more convenient ways in other software like FL Studio or what not, I would still appreciate any form of information, guide, or tips. My current main method of isolating vocals is taking the off vocal version of the song and matching it up with the utaite's cover (making sure its the same key) and inverting the off vocal/instrumental. The results....well vary a lot, so I'm hoping there are more consistent methods out there.

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• 8/19/2018

Soraru and Komeru

Does anybody know what happen between Soraru and Komeru until it's so hard to find anything about Komeru nowadays?
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• 8/17/2018

what do you think about this problem?

Well it is not my problem. But when I saw it between my classmates, I want to hear you guys' opinions about this.

Student A and B both love Utaite community. However A and B favorite Utaite are different. And A got angry to B because B hadn't heard about A favorite utaite. They used to have very good relationship but now they look like enemies.

Well, in my opinion, everyone has their own taste. My favorite is Mafumafu. It is a bit confusing when A &B said bad things about Mafu .-. but I think I love Mafu because who he is so it fine .^.
Now they made a war in my class because of their personal hobbies. Did it really ok ? What do u guys think about this ?

Sorry because of long question -v-
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• 8/2/2018

96Neko's Comment Section

Why are all of Kuroneko's videos on Youtube's comment section and like bar disabled? Is there a harassment reason?
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• 7/30/2018

How Soraru helped Mafumafu

I knew that Mafumafu and Soraru be so close right now because Soraru has helped Mafumafu when he was in hard time. But what actually happened?
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• 7/25/2018

Please help me find a cover of Karakuri Burst!

As the name suggests it, I'm finding for a cover of Karakuri Burst by Hitoshizuku-P and Yama-P. It was sung by a woman with elegant and mature yet powerful vocals (kind of like Wotamin or Hanatan but her voice was much more powerful. She also sung the song as if she was really a psycho who wanted to kill people. She was wild and it was amazing), and a man with a deep, cool vocals that can be rough and powerful at times (I don't know who I could resemble his voice with but it's badass ikemen. He also sung his part perfectly, it was cold and cruel yet determined to make of his view of justice, and I can't get over it).

I remember seeing it at YouTube with my siblings around 2010-2012, and the names were under Kagamine Rin and Len Append which is obviously not the case. One day, it vanished at YouTube even though it always showed up first at the result list and I remember searching for it all over YT that time to find nothing. I believe my older brother still has the audio, I'll try to get it from him if I have the chance.

But for the time being, please help me find that cover with the details I've stated! Even if you're not sure, please show it to me! I'm desperate to find it. It's been stuck in my head for years now, and it's frustrating not to be able to actually hear it! The way the singers sung it with matching emotions to the characters they were playing as if it is them is just perfect! I really, really want to hear them sing it again, and more covers by them! I've also checked all the covers at the Karakuri Burst page here and nobody matched their vocals. So, please help me find it!
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• 7/14/2018

Could I be a youtaite?

Hey guys. I’ve just been in this fandom and I wonder whether to be a youtaite/utaite is hard or not. I start singing on Smule, is it ok from the start? Btw, would you mind listening to my cover of “Karakuri Pierro” and telling me what I’m good at or bad at?
Thank you for reading this.
Karakuri Pierrot からくりピエロ - Sờ by Sờ - Listen to music
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• 5/21/2018

Rairu and Rio

Does somebody know what happen between Rio and Rairu? Yeah, i’ve just realized it, they’re seem not close anymore. And my friend told me that Rairu delete his picture with Rio in Instagram ( i dont know if this true or not , but i think my friend doesnt lying about this ). In Rio’s twitter, i saw the last his picture with Rairu is around 2016.
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• 5/20/2018

Isubokuro & Sou Collab

Does anyone know why there is no Isubokuro x Sou collaboration anymore? I am just curious...
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• 5/19/2018

Mixing, Using AutoTune, and Mastering

Hello, minna. I want to ask some questions again ^^
How to mix our vocal better? I use Adobe Audition CS6. Do you have any "a must to do" steps and a general pre-set to mix a vocal? I am still learning and I know my mixing skill is still not good. I wonder how to make my recording sound like a pro x'D
By the way, I'm also not good at using AutoTune. I have tried to use Antares vst, yet it's still hard and tiring to use it since my laptop is always error haha ^^"
Besides, I want to try to use another software, like Melodyne. How does it cost to purchase it? Or is there a site that I can download it for free? Because I'm broke now T^T
I really need a good Autotune software beside Antares, like Melodyne. Do you have any recommendation or the link for downloading it free? Please help me.
Thank you for spending your time to read my questions! I'm looking forward for replies from everyone! ^^
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• 5/19/2018

where to find cheery by spiltz | itou kashiteru cover?

..... this old song sorry that i linked my cover but i hv no intention to be a shameless plug
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• 5/12/2018
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• 4/30/2018

Chours battle

So... I'm really confused about this, I know its team battle. But where we will know about them ( like when its happens, Requirements etc ). . .
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• 4/26/2018

are there any tv program of utaite similar to this?
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• 4/14/2018

Kisuke No Yuujin (Yuujin/Terumo)

Does anyone know what happened to her? Her wikia page doesn't really update. Her YT doesn't either... and the links to her blog and twitter are gone as well :( it's a shame, besides some extremely popular Utaite she's the only other one I really wanted to get into
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• 3/14/2018

Are we allowed to...

Can I post links to covers that I like that others have performed and praise them or is that not allowed?
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