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• 9/20/2013

how do youtube singer get instrumental songs to sing over?

just a quick question on how utaites get the song with no lyrics over them,for example songs like magnet and panda hero, how do they get the song with no words, so they can sing over it

Im thinking about dubbing one or two songs, into english and maybe try one or two Japanese songs

forgive my informal askings but i would really like to know how they get the instramentals without the lyrics

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• 4/5/2013

Most Producers give out free official downloadable off vocal versions of their songs.

They are sometimes linked in the video descriptions, but most of them are only available on piapro, wherefore you'll need a piapro account to download them.

e.g. the panda hero one, is written in the description. it directs here and you just have to klick on 作品のダウンロード

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