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• 1/22/2014

cant choose between these two microphones...>.>

i cant choose between the

Samson C01U   and the   Shure SM58

I can get a good bundle with the Samson for $100  while I can only buy a Shure SM58 mic for $100 with no bundle.  Ive tried to find videos and other things to try n compare them, but they honestly sound the same to me  :/   so im having a hard time figureing out which one i want to try to get.

has anyone dealt with both of these in the past n has any opinion on them??

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• 1/23/2014

Well, the Samson C01U uses a USB port so you don't need a mixer to record. The shure SM58 looks like it'll need a mixer or something with an analog entrance. So if you want to record like right now, go for the Samson, buy if you'll get a mixer or something with an analog entrance, go for the Shure, since this company make good mics. Now, remember that whatever you record must be edited, so I'd rather go for the Samson C01U. Hope this helps owov

• 1/23/2014

ah, thnx you!

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