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• 7/30/2014

Should I use NND or YOutube? or maybe soundcloud?

Yeah. Which should I use to post my covers?

well, NND now have English version which is easier for me.

I can't read japanese but I can google translate it.

But I think again maybe soundcloud withou any pic,.. 

but again, Youtube is the most well known for english,..

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• 7/30/2014

Well depending on what language you're going to be mainly singing in, perhaps you might what to put that in your considering for picking which one?

If you use NND, even though there's an English version, a large majority of the audience is Japanese so if you want visibility you'll have to make sure to tag things in Japanese. You'll also have to provide credits in Japanese too but that's pretty easy since they follow a standard structure.

Please don't use Google Translate, there are a lot things you can't simple directly translate as Japanese has many words that despite meaning the same, have many levels of "politeness." Plus the sentence structure might turn out horrible and you don't want to seem insulting. Japan does have a thing with disliking ignorant foreigners sometimes you know. If you want to write in Japanese I would ask that you consider attempting to learn it cause at least if you are bad at first it'll be obvious you are attempting to try not just going "oh a simple Google Translate will be sufficient for communication!"

SoundCloud is an easy service to use and you don't have to be concerned with making a video but I'm not really sure about the visibility of it? From what I've seen usually the people with lots of followers are the people that already have a large following from somewhere already or promote themselves a lot and randomly follow people sometimes so that people check out their work.

As for YouTube well yeah it's an English service. The fanbase isn't as huge as in Japan but it's still relatively alright? Of course visibility is rather tough for newcomers here since videos are sorted by views generally or by relevance.

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