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• 8/1/2014

Just another thread asking about starting in this already large utattemita world

So I've put off trying to become an utaite for two years already. The equipment has been sitting there for ages untouched. Since I'll probably not have enough time during Uni, I'll have to use whatever few days left to cover something. My song of choice: Kagerou Days, and hoping to upload it to NicoDouga on 8/15 if possible (Japan time). 

I have my instrumentals ready. I have a friend who probably can help mix for me.

Sort of have the lyrics down by now.

The actual singing I haven't had the environment to practice in since I am on vacation (the walls are thin).

So the actual recording will probably take place when I come back.

So all in all, I have less than a week to pull it off and upload it to Nico Nico. 

What else should I be considering?

Getting the actual video made, and then encoding it worries me a lil. I really hope I can pull off this "debut" haha~

Thanks to those who helped in advance.

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• 8/1/2014

Just don't get sad if your 'debut' fail.

'cause for me, being a professional utaite needs both skill and luck.

not equipment and wants.

A lot of people wants to be a professional but of course failed. And never forget credits and remember the copyright laws.

Good Luck,..

and I know I didn't help...

• 8/1/2014

Haha no worries. I define failure as not being able to get the video out on time :D.

This is mostly for fun~

• 8/1/2014

Speaking from experience here--

The most important thing to do first is to get your equipment and your voice set up to optimal conditions. You can do this even if you you aren't in a good singing environment, just play around with your settings, look up troubleshooting on audio forums for your particular brand and on home recording in general, etc until you feel like you can record a pure sound, not full of noise and breathiness. When you hear your recording it should sound similar to what you hear irl, bad environment or not - otherwise your settings are wonky.

Before you record the actual thing, practice a lot and record yourself, doesn't matter where you are, and critique yourself hard to get the little kinks out. Decide what parts you want to put your own personal flair. Sing in the shower. Learn the harmony beforehand so you can get right into it once you're back in a good recording environment.

Finish recording well before 8/15. Mixing may take a while, esp. since your friend may be busy/on vacation or may not be used to working with your voice. Before sending raws off to the mixer, make sure all the easy stuff - light noise removal, overall timing to the instrumental - is all done by you ahead of time. Make the mixer's job easy. Don't ask the mixer to get the instrumental themselves, get it for them. Use the official instrumental from piapro, not a rip from NND.

Encoding to video isn't very hard, but you need to download the original video when NND's not in economy mode using the program of your choice (so get one if you haven't one already) and find an encoding program (XviD4PSP works well for me) and practice encoding with your own unmixed vocals and the official video while you wait for the mixer, so you can play with the program and get to know it and search around for suggested file types and so on. A short utattemita video won't take that long to encode, unless your computer sucks.

Any time during the process, you'll want to jot down a message to accompany your video so you don't have to stress about it while you upload. Introduce yourself, since it's your first utattemita, and credit the original.

• 8/16/2014

Haha sorry for the late response. I really appreciate the advice you've given.

I ended getting it out on time. Horray!

It's a bit rough here and there, but I'm happy I did it.

I'm the type, that if I don't start, I'll never start. That procrastination mentality has plagued me for 3 years now...

And now to start on the next one, as well as train my voice/sense of rythm... 

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