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• 1/21/2015


Hi. I'm having trouble in deciding on a name. Any ideas to help? 

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• 1/21/2015

Hmm names can be hard

Perhaps you can choose something you like?
If you think English is to boring you could always look up words in other languages.

A simple approach could also be adding some extra sound to the end of a word? Subtracting some letters could make a cool name too... 
(Sorry these might be bad examples)

Red -> Reddu, Reddo, Ridu, Rd
Cloud -> Cld, Clou, Kludo

Taking parts of words and combining them could work as well...
(Forgive my weird word choices >A<)

Blue Cat -> Caue
Pretty Doll -> Prell
Rain Blanket -> Raiket

If I was to pick a more successful example, one of my friends had a nameless character and she told me that his main weapons were a syringe and a gun so I told her why not name him "Syun"? (Which I think sounds cool....)

Umm and I guess even more simpler choice could be adding a honorific at the end of a word/name?

Like Mi might sound a bit weird but add a -chan and suddenly Mi-chan sounds cool somehow doesn't it?

• 1/21/2015

Ahh haha your word choices and examples are fine - they really help.

Thank you :D I'll be using your tips to think of something. :)

• 1/22/2015

That's good to know :>

Glad I could help~

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