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• 5/4/2015

Domo Minna! I REALLY need your help please ; u ;

Hai ^^, I'm Hime, 15 years old, from the PH, so I'm not actually a full jap. I am REALLY dedicated on planning to join the Utaite community, since I'm really into music and animes. 

So first of all, how long would it take me to learn how to mix songs? And what are good programs that can mix songs, at least, for beginner-ish covers? When asking illustrators to draw you something, how do you pay them back? 

I DO hope someone could answer me this ><

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• 5/28/2015

Hmm, well, I feel like learning to mix was something I did gradually over the years, though I still don't feel like I know very much about mixing. But I think it would be relatively quick to learn to use a few basic effects c: I use Audacity, a free program, to record and mix. Some effects that you may want to use are Amplify, Compression/Compressor, Mastering, EQ, and Reverb (these effects are generally found in many different programs but they may have slightly different names).

I guess if you can find someone who's willing to draw for you for free, that's great c: Just make sure you show your gratitude to them, and maybe help share their artwork, and if they're doing commissions be sure to spread the word that they're taking commissions. Would be even better if you are able to pay the artists.

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