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• 9/27/2015

Singing Fast

So, I'm having some trouble learning a song, specifically Schoolgirl Chainsaw Days.

I (pretty obviously) don't speak japanese, but I'm not new to covering/singing in japanese. I'm really just having trouble seeing as, I don't speak the language and the song is incredibly fast.

I managed to learn A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night, but that really only has a few particularly fast parts that don't last very long. Where as Schoolgirl Chainsaw days is fast all the way through, and the majority of it is quite complex and similar to talking rather than singing.

Does anyone have any tips on learning a song thats fast, and also in another language? I'm desperate.

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• 9/28/2015

Hi~ lemme try to help 

Well really there's no special trick to learning fast songs, it mainly just relies on hard practice. One way I think you could try is by reading the lyrics slowly over and over until you get used to the syllables (starting in sections would be better), and then gradually picking up the pace until you can sing it fast. (This is how I learned how to rap in Japanese lol)

But yeah just practice practice practice and eventually you'll get it :)

Hope your cover goes well~

• 9/30/2015

Yobanashi Deceive is not a slow song and I manage to learn it in a week. And my way of learning (might not work for you, sorry) is just, print/write the lyrics. Divide the lyrics into four parts. Play the song in 0.6 speed and try to sing with it. Sing the first part first. When you can sing the first part, go to second part(without repeating the first part) and continue till the end. Increase the speed to 0.8 and start signing all parts. When you feel you can do it, go back to the speed 1.0 and practice everyday.

Sorry for my bad explanation... 

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