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NaYu NotYou
• 6/23/2016

i kinda like to be an utaite but....

so  as i stated above i really would like to be an utaite but i dont know how to mix an audio and could you guys give me some tips for a beginner like me . how can i really start to be an utaite ??

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NaYu NotYou
• 6/23/2016

I apologize beforehand if I sound rude. I want to help but I'm not in my best emotional condition, so I might mix in my anger into the answer.

I suggest instead of being a nnd utaite, you become a yt utaite insteas as start. Because nnd is much more complicated, with premium membership and such. But if you really want to be in the nnd community, make sure you can at least understand Japanese. Even if there is a English version, it's still better to know Japanese as the people in there are mostly Japanese.

Next is, what kind of utaite you wanna become? Aiming as high as Soraru? Or I wanna be really serious in this? Or I'll just have fun? 

For the aiming as high as Soraru and being serious, you'll need lots of money. Why? You'll need to commision artist, and mixer as you said above, you don't know how to mix an audio. Another thing is you'll need a professional mic. 

If you wanna just have fun, you don't really need to mix it amazingly or need a professional mic. You can just use our earphone/headphone/laptop/desk microphone. Just sing, and upload. Make friends. You'll meet mixers friends and you can ask them to mix for you or teach you how to mix. Or you can also use smule. or nana if you can Japanese.

The reason I said this is because you ask a very vague question here. Sorry, but you could have googled it and tons of pages will appear that can help you. From your google, you could have narrow down your question. Not just google, there are tons of similar question in this wiki itself.

Please also refer to other threads in this wiki. I've posted YTChorus a lot of times, not just me another person did too, if you read other threads. Please check it out. There isn't much but there ARE some people who will mix for free there. And there is also lots of mixing tutorials there and in google. If you're gonna ask what application to use? please google it too. There are audacity, reaper, adobe audition, etc. 

Some thread that might be useful :

If what you really want to know can't be found anywhere, or you're not really sure/understand it, the feel free to ask here again. Or you can contact me anywhere you find me.

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