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NaYu NotYou
• 7/13/2016

Newbie looking for help

Hello! I'm planning on becoming a youtube singer but... I can't think of a channel name. Any ideas?

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NaYu NotYou
• 7/15/2016

I'm not sure, but you're talking about singing aliases...? no?  Well, I'll just answer about aliases. 

In my opinion, Alias is quite important. Some people, don't like having same aliases and they pick fights and create dramas. So I suggest you stay out of too mainstreams names like 'Shiro' or 'Kuro' or 'Bunny-chan' or 'Sora' or you get what I mean. I hope you get what I mean.

In deciding aliases,you can use something you like as reference; Animals, Numbers, or just your favorite letter. You can also use your real name as reference. Like combining first two and last two letters of your names or thing like that. You can also make names unique by changing the way you write it, like 【96Neko 】, Where she reads it as Kuro Neko. 9 is Kyu while 6 is roku. You can also use symbols, like 【Kou, 】, which you call him Kouten. Another interesting one is 【みそ汗 】. It's actually misoase, but he forced it into Misoshiru (Miso soup) which is written like みそ汁

Some suggestion/reference I have, (that I actually wanted to use but,, well, i like my current alias better) but I'm not sure if anyone use that name. ((and I just love to play with how you write it www))

Z-A:Zetoa || A-Z:Atoze || 72これ:NaniKore (What is this) || &@:andat  || 45&471:Shigoto Shinai (I don't work) || ;;;;:semicolonS || s/ash:slash 

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