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NaYu NotYou
• 7/21/2016

YT Copyright Avoiding?

Guys I'm going to start posting on both NND and YT, but how do I address the issue of copyright, how do I avoid my video being taken down, and how do I generally not be a tool when it comes to giving original artists and creators credit?

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NaYu NotYou
• 7/30/2016

yt copyrights are hard to avoid. 

Some things that are said to work that i've heard are changing tempo, changing the pitch, and not use original video. OR overlay the original video. 

Giving credits is like, unwritten ettique. So crediting or not crediting has nothing to do with your video taken down or not.

please correct me if i'm wrong. thankss

• 12/10/2016

It helps to ACTUALLY READ the copyright act of 1976. It's not THAT long, and it tells you most of the legalities you need to know. I always seem to be correcting some youtube who believes in fair use, or some producer who doesn't understand how someone can not use a license.

essentially, if you read it, you would know that reposting comes down to the matter of 'copyright intent'. copyright intent refers to an intent that the copyright holder/s give, that includes certain permissions of what can or can't be done. If a prodcuer says "hey guys, you can cover my song if you want", you can then cover that song under that copyright intent. This is how people can use content without trying to fake it with fair use. Again this is all stated in the copyright act.

Some points to keep in mind.

1. You have no extra rights with intent, other than what intent gave you. If the copyright hold never explicitly gave intent, or you used the material in a way that deviated too much from the intent, you have zero legal protection. You may also run into issues if there are multiple holders and not every copyright holder was okay with the intent. In general, respect the copyright holders words.

2. Fair use is not a valid excuse in court unless the content is totally transformative. e.g. if you directly use ANY of the content, it falls under copyright law first, before it ever reaches fair use.

3. NEVER EVER try to monetize something that falls under general copyright intent, because you CAN+WILL get prosecuted and could get jail time, depending on how bad it is.

One last point, is that exit tunes has been deleting/removing videos that were posted in a youtube-red compliant country that contained content from exit tunes. check nicopedia to see if there is content from exit tunes, and don't upload these videos to youtube because they'll get removed. Setsuna trip for instance, you would only post it on NND.

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