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• 2/2/2017

Can I become Youtaite with my terrible voice?

Everybody have a great voice......but I don't. I allways wish that I could sing great as Hikaru, JubyPhonic, Jayn, Lolia, Sojiro, Dari, Hyu......but I can't. I want to ask you guys that can I be a youtaite with my natrual voice or not. Just comment what do you think about my voice. Please tell me what to do to improve it if it not possible to be liking (Sorry for my bad English

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• 2/23/2017

(I'd just like to apologize in advance for messy grammar/spelling my keyboard is being weird :( .... )

I know you posted this awhile ago so I don't know if you will see this but, I'll say this anyway. In my opinion, you sound lovely. I believe your mixing and sound quality could use more work than your singing. If you want to get better however here are a few tips. First, I'd say stop saying you can't sing. Cut that phrase from your vocabulary. When you notice you don't sound as good as you like, just say you're getting there, you're doing your best or you will get better. A lot of singing is mental. You probably won't get too far if you start off telling yourself you can't do it. My next tip is to practice and do it correctly. You should practice often, at the least 3 times a week (practicing each day is best however). While practicing you should make sure you're doing it correctly. The basic guide to practicing correctly is it should not hurt when you sing. There should be no stressing, pain or tension anywhere. The other part of  practicing correctly is you need to warm up before and after you practice.

Here are a few warm ups you can do and a few ways to prevent tension

i ii iii iv v vi  vii

I also recomend watching (if possible) live preformances of your favorite singers and taking notes on what they do with their face and body while they sing. Then, try to copy it and play with it. Do you like their technique? Do you want to add something to their technique? Find those answers, explore different ways to sing and which ones you like. Another major part of good singing is breath support and openness. There are many resources on this online (you could google "breath support," "tips for good breath support," "how to properly use breath support while singing," "how to be open while singing," "how to lift soft palate,"  etc.

I think you have what it takes to be a big youtaite/utaite. You sound great. I wish you good luck on your journey!

• 3/25/2017

Oh, thanks for your kind and your tips. I'll try my best on my journey. Thank you very much to take some time for me

• 3/30/2017

Another opinion: your voice is wonderful! I'd second the wonderful advice already posted here, just to add though that you might want to look into pronunciation if you're planning to cover songs in Japanese. :) (e.g. in the linked Anyone is fine, I just want to go out with someone!, the lyrics are "dare demo ii kara tsukiai tai", but it sounds a bit more like you're singing "sukiai tai" - nothing major, but if you wanted to post on NND or get more international following I'd recommend looking into it!)

Best of luck!

• 8/18/2018
I ALSO HV lyrics prob
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