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• 4/7/2017

'Scared' of singing?

I hope I can actually get answers here.

So I really like singing, but my voice is terrible in my opinion. Its deep and it cracks at super random times. I cant hit a single note right. Because of that I really dont want to start singing, especially because we live in a small flat and everyone in the house (my family and 3 others) would be able to hear me. And if my singing is that terrible it'd be super embarrassing.

Im actually the exact opposite of shy, but since everyone could hear me I even stopped talking with my friends on skype (etc.)

In reallife I could like never stop talking, but once I get home Im quiet af.

Early 2018 we will move into a new (big) house and I will probably get my room on the 2nd floor, so I think I would be able to sing without anyone hearing me, and Im looking forward to that. But right now its early 2017 and I really dont want to wait until next year.

I hope I can get some advice here, on how to start and how to not be 'scared'.

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• 4/8/2017

You should used to sing in front of other people, like your best firend, and have confidence with your own voce. Every person has their own voice characteristics.

In the past, I was afraid of singing too. My friend told me to sing in front of her, but I always think my voice is terrible. Well, my voice is heavy and doesn't sound like normally girls at my age, in my opiniom my voice is like a guy, lol. But my friends is forced me to sing, and then I sing. After that, I didn't afraid of singing, but I still don't like that my voice is like a guy. So I still a bit worry if I sing.

I often say that I don't like my voice to my best friend, but she said my voice is normal, I'm trying to trust her. So now I don't scared of singing, I often singing with my friends, sometimes I don't care about my terrible voice (well but I don't like singing in my house cause my house is so quiet). 

Hope I could help.. and sorry for my bad english ;-;

• 4/18/2017


I know exactly how you feel. I'm actually going through that phase right now, and I found that I'm more comfortable humming the tune in front of my friends and family first before I actually sing. I still can't sing serisouly in front of them (I normally change my voice to sound funny when I'm using the lyrics) But even knowing that, I feel less embarrassed than I used to, since they're already aware of the song. I get the feeling that my voice also cracks and is way too deep than a normal girl's voice should be, but once someone commented on my cover , I was actually over the moon.

It wouldn't hurt if you gave it a try. Start off with something slow, that doesn't have special effects or require you to shout. You could ask your family members to leave you alone if you're still not comfortable with an audience. Then ask for feedback anonymously. Even a little bit of confidence helps, as I've just found out ^^ x

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