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Rei Z Furuya
• 11/12/2017

Choosing a name - English vs japanese

Hi everyone.

When you are choosing a name as a utaite/youtaite, is it seen as bad/looked down on for an English singer to have a Japanese style name? Ie "kumitan" or "yuki-chan" would be seen as weird for an English singer to have? Should an English singer choose an English name? Or is it ok to have a Japanese style one?

Going to start out one day. :'D

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Rei Z Furuya
• 11/13/2017

You can use the name whatever you want! I've been see a lot non Japanese/English youtaites using Japanese name like "Hikaru station", "sojiro" and "hyu" so I think that's not weird at all as English singer. But remember, that's will be your forever nickname :)

• 12/24/2017
I don’t think it’s weird at all :D
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