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• 12/1/2017

Everything I want to know for my first step...

I am planning to be an Utaite in the future but I have so many questions. My English understanding is not that good yet so please answer me in the simplest form, these questions might already be answered but please....

1. Are songs already covered by other Utaite ok to cover? (i just thought that since they covered it means that it is available to cover)
2. If I cover a song, is it ok to change the video but not the music? (I notice that some utaite videos that have a different version of instrumentals also has a different video)
3. Are vocaloid songs absolutely free to cover? (I just thought that maybe there are some steps to go through first)
I know these questions might be stupid but please answer simply.....
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• 12/2/2017
1. Yes they are okay to cover. However there may be issues with, if you can use the original video or if the content is compatible with non-NND(niconicodouga) policies, i.e. Exit Tunes' media not being compatible with Youtube-Red.
2. Yes, like I mentioned In 1., it might be more preferable to use a different video to not mess with the copyright holders of the original PV.
3. No, vocaloid songs don't usually have "lax licenses". They usually operate under normal copyright, it's just that the copyright intent is usually lenient enough to allow many people to cover it. If you see the song for download on piapro, or you see many utaite covering it, it's probably okay to cover. However, there are some cases... like where only some utaite were allowed to use the 'original video' and some couldn't, so just because you see ONE utaite using everything, doesn't mean it applies to everyone else. Also, you can't/shouldn't monetize any cover, because that's illegal in most cases. That makes me wonder if some of the more popular you-taite are making illegal money off of their covers?
• 12/8/2017
1. If they are available to cover, you can usually find off vocals on piapro. Some songs ([[Children Record]]) don't have public off vocals, only album only off vocals. You need to buy the album to obtain the right to cover.
An extensive guide on how to navigate piapro can be found here:
2. Yes. If you use your own artwork everything's ok. If you use commissioned artwork (you paid/asked an ilustrator for artwork, and they give you permission to use it) that's also ok. If you use pre-made fan-made videos, make sure you're allowed to use them. (Do they have a clause saying no reprinting allowed? Did they state that people can use it? etc.) In any case, you must credit the artist!
3. See my answer for 1. If the off vocals are on piapro, then yes. Just create an account and download from there. You need an account to be able to download. (Again link to the guide above). If they are on albums only, please purchase the album!

In case anything was unclear, just ask if I can rephrase.

Also if your English isn't that good, what language do you prefer? We may happen to have a contributor who can answer you in your native tongue :)
Question on crediting songs
Question on crediting songs Utaite Wiki
• 12/20/2017
Thanks a lot!!! Everything was clear to me! Though being an utaite will take a lot more time than expected but I'll do my best!!
• 12/21/2017
No problem! Good luck to you on becoming an utaite/youtaite! :)
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