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• 3/18/2018

How to Get Free Musical Instrumental?

Hi, minna! My name is Gege_. I'm new here.
I would like to ask another question as the title above hehe ^^"

So, I have a Youtube Channel. And I've already covered for about 30 songs so far. I don't really care of Monetization... Yet, some of my video covers are banned for some countries (6 countries so far) because I use the original instrumental for my covers... T^T
I can't find instrumental covers, too, sometimes. That's why... I don't have a choice, but just use the original ones.

I learnt that some big music labels such as Sony Music and Avex Trax don't allow people to use their works although it's a cover song. I understand it, tho.

I am new in Utaite world. I don't know where to get free Anime osts' instrumental cover. Sometimes I found people cover the instrumental and they permitted me to use it by giving them credits. But it's not many...
I love to cover Anime osts., yet most of them are under Sony Music and Avex Trax label :(
It's so hard to find instrumental cover of anime osts.
I want to cover Supercell's, YUI's, L'arc~en~ciel's songs, etc... :(

Could you give me the solution, minna?

Or should I find a person who do instrumental cover and collab with him/her?
But I don't know who... I don't have links... I'm just a newbie too T^T

And could you give me a list of some anime osts or vocaloid songs which have no copyright deal, maybe? ˊ^ˋ Orz

Here is my Youtube Channel ➡

I'm looking forward to someone's reply here. Thank you for spending your time to read my post. Jaa nee! ^^
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• 3/18/2018
Where do you get the instrumentals from?
Many creators put them up on piapro or have downloads in the description. If you’re already using those, piano/acoustic covers/remixes would be another option. You could also pitch the instrumental up/down. A lot of utaite/youtaite do end up losing their channels/videos due to copyright, so you could always try filing a copyright complaint form as long as the way you’re using the instrumental follows the bylaws.
• 3/18/2018
I just got the instrumentals from youtube (ノдヽ)
It's just a minus one version.

Does changing the pitch down or up make us not to get copyright strikes?
I have tried a few times. Sometimes, it's fine, but in another time, I still get the copyright strikes.
So, it's very dangerous if we get copyright strikes? T^T
But so far, I don't receive any warning that makes my channel has bad reputation.. (ˊ^ˋ )

What's the meaning of "using the instrumental following by the law"? Does it mean by buying the original CDs of the artists and using it?

By the way, I will try to check Piapro too!

Thank you so much, Shion-san for the reply. It helps a lot! T^T
• 3/18/2018
Most of the time, if it originated from someone else’s video, it means that you’re not making money off of it and they’ve allowed you to use it. Changing the pitch doesn’t always work, depending on the song. If you have a specific song in mind, let me know and I’ll see if I can find an instrumental cover or remix for you!
• 3/19/2018
Yess, please, Shion-san!
I'm thinking of covering some songs for some next weeks like Hoshi Ai, ONE PIECE - Hikari E, and Supercell - My Dearest.
I've already checked Piapro, but I confused to that site. How can I find instrumental there? This is my first time to visit Piapro. I read that for CC rules there. It is said that we can use the image of the characters, but we can't use the music :/

By the way, do you also cover songs too? I'd like to hear your works too hehe ^^
• 3/21/2018
Here's a remix of My Dearest ( You can find the instrumental to that here:!YEInECTb!Xi-3arfjWIjQ3Ic42-4XXtz3HBknnmhNfisaLU0SOdk (Just be sure to credit the creator, Prism!)
There's a band cover too (, and here's the instrumental to that:

There are numerous instrumental covers of Hikari E. Wyllz Milare's in particular allows covers, so here's the link to that:
There are piano covers as well, but if you want to use them for an instrumental, I'd ask first to be sure.

Before anything else, here's the piapro link to Hoshi Ai's instrumental:
The producer has two other pitched versions of the instrumental that can be found here:
Numerous piano/acoustic covers have been created on YouTube and niconico, so it wouldn't hurt to ask the creators to use them.

To be completely honest, I've been thinking of covering songs for a while. I'm currently working on my first one right now, I'm just a bit scared to put it up. Anyone who does is quite brave! I'd also like to apologize for the late response. I had to restart my computer and recover all the links! I look forward to seeing your covers of these songs!
Supercell - My Dearest (Prism DnB Remix)
Supercell - My Dearest (Prism DnB Remix) YouTube
• 3/21/2018
WOW! Thank you so much, Shion-san!!
It really helps me! ( ≧^≦)

I've already checked all the links. I think I will cover Hoshi Ai first! Hehe
By the way, Shion-san, I'm not sure if that Hikari-E instrumental will not get copyright strike because it still uses the original one as the backsound. I'm afraid that Youtube will still recognize it as a copyrighted content.
Or is that okay as long as the sound which is mainly heard is the guitar cover?

Goodluck for your works! Where are you gonna upload it? I'd like to hear it too.
And yes, I'll tell you once my cover has been finished! But where? Here? xD
• 3/21/2018
I think the Hikari E cover will be fine (if not, you can contact YT and ask about refuting the copyright strike). I’d love to hear your covers when you’re done! I listened to your others, and they sound amazing! I have a NND page, as well as YT channel. I’ll link them here sometime!
• 6/6/2018
i disputed YT sony copyright claim from honeyworks cover,it works
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