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• 3/27/2018

need some advice on singing./WHICH mic should i bwuy?

blue yeti or AT2020/2035 or others... my voice is like this my mic makes distorted sound
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• 3/28/2018
From my experience with using them, Blue Yetis are very good (the Snowball alternatives are as well). It's simple to use, and you really just have to plug it in and select in in your system. You can also change the recording volume depending on where you are/how loudly you speak and sing, as well as change the setting depending on the type of recording you want (two people, solo). My school uses them to record choir/orchestra/band concerts!
As for the AT2020, I haven't personally used one before, though there are very good reviews from people who have used them for podcasts and voice over work.
I'm sorry that I don't have much of an extended knowledge on condenser microphones, but if I find out more I'll let you know!
• 3/29/2018
In the preexisting threads, many have vowed for the Blue Snowball, and it's really rather cheap at only about $50, so if you're not willing to spend too much money, that would be an alternative. Blue Snowflake is around $100, AT2020 is also about $100, Blue Yeti is about $150, and AT2035 is around $350.

Since you're a beginning singer I would advise against buying some mic for $350 as 1. you don't know how long you will use it in the end and 2. as a beginner (in both singing and mixing) you may not be able to make use of the "higher quality". Also you can still upgrade later.

But keep in mind, that a good mic isn't everything. With good equipment you can achieve good results, but only if you have the skills to make use of the equipment and this includes mixing skills, but also how to sing properly into a mic.

For example right now there's a lot of noise, which could probably be removed to an extent with audio editing programs like Audacity. It probably still wouldn't sound good with a bad mic, but it could be better. So if after buying a more expensive mic you still hear noise, try editing it away as best as you can. And play around a little with the equalizer.

And maybe you can reduce the noise or change the way you sound by positioning you and the mic differently too. There seem to be whole articles about how to sing with a mic online.
• 6/6/2018
to me at2020usb+ = nearly human ear ; but podcastage's blue yeti sounds little bit fatty,although Juby Phonic's rec. doesnt sound like that .

i want to get something which can record good details like whisper or something / texture of vocal
I am examining them carefully ,anyway thnks for helpw
off topic: a2020usb+ = 149 $ ; blue yeti = 107-8$ new amazon
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