ABCBA was as chorus battle which consisted of 3 rounds.

At the beginning, the singers had to sign up, and were then later grouped together randomly, forming groups of six. The groups were not obligated to create a name for themselves.

After grouping together, they had to find mixers/animators/illustrators themselves.

In this chorus, only VOCALOID songs were allowed.

Every group has been judged according to this point system:

Vocals = 50 pts
Mixing = 50 pts
Animation = 50 pts
Art = 50 pts
Total = 200pts

And the judges went by the aliases cheesecake, ice cream cake, brownies, choco fudge and tiramisu.[1]

In the first round, every group has been assigned a letter, which their song must begin with. Both the Romaji and translated title could be used for this.

The second round was themed "Staff appreciation". In this round, the groups' singers had to sing out all their staff member's (mixers/animators/illustrators) names as part of their song, in form of an adlib, a rap or lyrics changes.

In the final round, the groups had to sing a mash-up of Matryoshka and a song of their own choice.

The winners of this battle has been 888888, while the runner up was Nanashi.

The prizes were not known from the beginning.

Participating Groups[2]Edit

Round 1 EntriesEdit

Theme: Letters

  1. "Leave" feat. CO3 (2013.12.19)
  2. "Kimi ga Kimi ga" feat. the group thing (2013.12.19)
  3. "scythe weasel" feat. alpha ✧ premier (2013.12.19)
  4. "Paranoid" feat. B E W I T C H I N G (2013.12.19)
  5. "Nakimushi Pierrot" feat. 888888 (2013.12.19)
  6. "Aspirin" feat. Sonorus Duodecim (2013.12.19)
  7. "Black Board" feat. Nanashi (2013.12.19)
  8. "Usotsuki Betty" feat. Berry Jam (2013.12.19)
  9. "Illusionary Funeral Paradise" feat. Royal Rebels (2013.12.19)
  10. "Yume Maboroshi" feat. Pantsukami (2013.12.19)
  11. "Shiryoku Kensa" feat. feat. Atonal Serenade (2013.12.19)
  12. "How-To Sekai Seifuku" feat. group 6 (2013.12.19)
  13. "Drop" feat. Group 2 (2013.12.19)
  14. "Mousou Zei" feat. ¡nƒ¡n¡ty ∞ ¢omplε× (2013.12.19)

Round 2 EntriesEdit

Theme: Staff appreciation

  1. "Hello Strobe" feat. Nanashi (2014.02.03)
  2. "Kagerou≒Variation" feat. Sonorus Duodecim (2014.02.03)
  3. "Okochama Sensou" feat. B E W I T C H I N G (2014.02.03)
  4. "Gears of Love" feat. alpha ✧ premier (2014.02.03)
  5. "Sore demo Boku wa Uta wo Utau" feat. CO3 (2014.02.03)
  6. "Hello/How Are You"-KosmosP Remix- feat. 888888 (2014.02.03)
  7. "?" feat. the group thing (2014.02.??) (Private)

Round 3 (Final) EntriesEdit

Theme: Matryoshka Mash-up

"Jabbering Tokyo Girlshka"
feat. Nanashi
"Rinne's Matryoshkan Donut Hero"
feat. 888888


ABCBA alpha premier gears of love d757daf
alpha ✧ premier as seen in their round 2 entry of "Gears of Love"
Illust. by yura-tsuki
ABCBA sonorus duodecim kagerou variation d7587f0
Sonorus Duodecim as seen in their round 2 entry of "Kagerou≒Variation"
Illust. by JennyJenJenster
ABCBA group 7 black board d70omdh
Nanashi as seen in their group1 entry of "Black Board"
Illust. by theKANsta
ABCBA alpha premier scythe weasel d6yipd5
alpha ✧ premier as seen in their round 1 entry of "scythe weasel"
Illust. by yura-tsuki


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