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A sample of a cover song by Acane madder
"Campanella" -remix-, composed by

acane_madder (アカネマダー) is an utaite with a soft, whispery and relaxing voice, which fits well with acoustic songs, like her cover of "Hitsuji Kumo"Nv, but also with autotuned songs such as her remix cover of "Campanella"Nv, which is also her most popular cover with over 250K views as of July 2013.

In addition to singing covers, she is also adept at remixing and composing; she often remixes her own covers and composes her own songs. In particular, she has collaborated many times with FullkawaP on original songs.

For more information on acane_madder as a producer, please visit her article here on the VOCALOID wiki.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Member of the band Fullkawa Honpo Eigyousho (keyboard) with Fullkawa Honpo (backing vocals, acoustic guitar), wowaka (electric guitar), scop (bass guitar), kous (drums), Chibita (lead vocals & saxophone), Captain Mirai (synthesisers) and Mienohito (VJ)
  2. (the army for your) ENVY E.P (Released on February 07, 2010)
  3. LOiD-02 -postrock- LOiD's MiND (Released on March 17, 2010)
  4. Unhappy Refrain (Released on May 18, 2011)
  5. Sekai no Hajimari (Released on June 12, 2011)
  6. Alice in wonderword (Released on June 15, 2011)
  7. Girlfriend From Kyoto (Released on November 07, 2012)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Endless" Nv (2009.06.28)
  2. "Piano・Lesson" Nv(2009.07.02)
  3. "CRAWL" Nv -remix- (2009.07.27)
  4. "Alice" Nv -remix- (2009.08.28)
  5. "Tameiki" Nv -remix- (2009.10.24)
  6. "Campanella" Nv -remix- (2009.11.18)
  7. "Yubikiri" Nv (2010.06.24)
  8. "Akane Neiro Chime" Nv (Original) (2010.07.18)
  9. "Parades" Nv -remix- (2011.02.24)
  10. "Ukei Mukei Hen" Nv -remix- (2011.03.04)
  11. "Privacy Hogo Hen" Nv (2011.04.01)
  12. "Machibitokitaru" Nv (Part of the NNI Original Album 『&』) (2011.04.02)
  13. "Rolling Girl" Nv -remix- (2011.05.05)
  14. "Tsuki no Fuusen" Nv (2011.05.30)
  15. "I Think Anshin" Nv feat. acane_madder and ShoshinshaF (2011.10.13)
  16. "Hitsuji Kumo" Nv (Original) (2011.12.10)
  17. "Gekkou Shokudou" Nv (Moonlight Restaurant) (Original with Fullkawa Honpo) (2012.11.02)
  18. "Delay Song (Preproduction)" Nv (Original) (2013.02.21)



Acane madder twit
acane_madder as seen in her Twitter


  • Her blood type is AB.[1]
  • She was born in Tokyo and raised in Kanagawa.[1]
  • She learned the piano and rhythmic when she was three.[1]
  • She composes birthday songs for FullkawaP.

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