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A sample of a cover song by Akie
"Shinpakusuu ♯0822", composed by ChouchouP

Akie (Chinese:秋绘 [Qiū Huì], Japanese:秋絵) is a Chinese utaite who mainly posts music covers on Bilibili and YouTube.

She is best known to sing with a soft, breathy falsetto. This enables her to perform well in songs which require clear high-pitch notes, such as in “Yakusoku”. However, she has also sung in her original voice since mid-late 2020, as in “Koiwazurai”.

Akie posted her first music cover on the Chinese video sharing website on 25th July 2016. However, her official debut is considered to be on 12th September 2016, in which she covered “Letter Song” and self-funded the production of the music video.

Akie joined YouTube on 10th September 2017. Since then, she has become one of the most subscribed Chinese utaite on the international platform, reaching the Silver Play Button milestone on 8th May 2021[2]. As of July 2022, she has amassed a total subscriber count of 140k. Her most popular song in YouTube, “Ama no Jaku”, has currently accumulated a total of 23.3 million views.

On her 22nd Birthday (26th January 2021), Akie debuted as a Virtual Uploader on Bilibili[3]. She decided to use a virtual avatar because she wanted to interact more with her fans, and to show her emotions as she streams[4]. Clips and recordings of her live broadcasts are uploaded on her fan channels in Bilibili and YouTube under her consent. A second avatar was revealed on her 23rd birthday on Bilibili[5], and on the subsequent day on YouTube[6].

List of Covered/Original Songs[]

  1. “Hoshi to Kimi ga Kie ta Hi” (Bilibili 2016.07.25)
  2. “Letter Song” (Bilibili 2016.09.12)
  3. “Kimi ga Tame” (Bilibili 2016.09.30)
  4. “Shìmò Gēzhě” (Bilibili 2016.10.10)
  5. “Ama no Jaku” (Bilibili 2016.11.21; YouTube 2017.09.15)
  6. “Shinpakusuu #0822” (Bilibili 2016.12.13; YouTube 2018.09.24)
  7. “Nandemonaiya” (Bilibili 2017.01.01)
  8. “Tori no Uta” (Bilibili 2017.01.26)
  9. “Tokyo Summer Session” feat. Akie and Kiko (Bilibili 2017.02.14)
  10. “Haru yo, Kii” (Bilibili 2017.03.12)
  11. “Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan” feat. Akie and Xia Liye (Bilibili(Xia Liye) 2017.04.02; YouTube 2018.07.31)
  12. “Sayoko” (Bilibili 2017.07.04)
  13. “Zhēngfā Dūshì” (Bilibili 2017.08.19)
  14. “Uchiage Hanabi” (Bilibili 2017.09.09; YouTube 2017.09.10)
  15. “Gù Mèng” (Bilibili 2017.09.22)
  16. “Nǚhái nǐ Wèihé Diànjiǎojiān” (Bilibili 2017.10.08, YouTube 2018.01.03)
  17. “Byoumei wa Ai datta” feat. Akie and ΔIR (Bilibili 2017.10.29; YouTube(ΔIR) 2017.11.05)
  18. “When Christmas Comes to Town” (Bilibili 2017.12.24)
  19. “Inochi no Namae” (Bilibili; YouTube 2018.01.26)
  20. “Lemon” (Bilibili 2018.03.05; YouTube 2018.03.09)
  21. “Luò Huā Jié” (Bilibili; YouTube 2018.04.22)
  22. “A Dream by the Sea” (Bilibili(Miota) 2018.06.24; YouTube 2018.06.28)
  23. “Heartful Song” (Bilibili 2018.06.29)
  24. “nuit” feat. Akie and Xia Liye (Bilibili(Xia Liye); YouTube 2018.08.04)
  25. “Pray” (Bilibili; YouTube 2018.09.14)
  26. “Ai Kotoba III” (Bilibili; YouTube 2019.01.26)
  27. “Yakusoku” (Bilibili; YouTube 2019.03.22)
  28. “Qīn Xīn Jì” (Bilibili; YouTube 2019.06.07)
  29. “Wèilái Lúnkuò” (Bilibili 2019.07.05)
  30. “The Loneliest Girl” feat. Akie and Xia Liye (Bilibili 2019.10.07)
  31. “Shàng Shān Gāng” (Bilibili; YouTube 2020.01.26)
  32. “elm” (Bilibili; YouTube 2020.02.15)
  33. “Liùyuè” (Bilibili; YouTube 2020.06.06)
  34. “Qiān Suì Lǜ” feat. Yuuka Neko, Akie (Bilibili; YouTube 2020.08.13)
  35. “Koiwazurai” feat. Panda Max, Akie (Bilibili; YouTube 2020.10.04)
  36. “Amekigoe Zankyou” (Bilibili; YouTube 2021.01.26)
  37. “Shíguāng Mánghé” (Bilibili; YouTube 2021.02.25)
  38. “Haru no Tonari” (Bilibili; YouTube 2021.03.26)
  39. “Ningen Datta” (Bilibili; YouTube 2021.04.24)
  40. “Chǒu Mǎ” (Bilibili 2021.05.22)
  41. “Jiāng Yíhàn Xiěchéng Gē” (Bilibili; YouTube 2021.06.04)
  42. “Please Please” (Bilibili; YouTube 2021.07.17)
  43. "Yuuhi Saka" (Bilibili; YouTube 2021.07.27)
  44. "Dive to Blue" feat. Akie and Leia (Bilibili; YouTube 2021.08.08)
  45. “Summertime Record” Piano ver. (Bilibili; YouTube 2021.08.15)
  46. "Hoshi wo Bokura ni" feat. Akie and Hiraoka Yuya (Bilibili 2022.01.15)
  47. "No. 1" (Bilibili; YouTube 2022.01.26)
  48. "Yímèng Qiānxiāo" (Bilibili; YouTube 2022.02.15)
  49. "Róng Shuāng" (Bilibili 2022.03.18)
  50. "Seacoast" (Bilibili; YouTube 2022.05.06)
  51. "INTERNET OVERDOSE" (Bilibili; YouTube 2022.05.28)
  52. "Watashi no Kimochi" (Bilibili 2022.06.03)
  53. "I'm Still Alive Today" (Bilibili; YouTube 2022.07.03)
  54. "Dào Xiāng" (Bilibili 2022.07.08; YouTube 2022.07.11)
  55. "Xiá Guāng" (Bilibili 2022.07.11; YouTube 2022.07.17)
  56. "Dà Jí" (Bilibili 2022.07.15; YouTube 2022.07.22)
  57. "Summertime" feat. Akie, Hiiro (Bilibili 2022.07.18)
  58. "Uso Tsuki" (Bilibili 2022.07.20)
  59. "Ai Kotoba IV" (Bilibili 2022.07.23; YouTube 2022.07.26)

List of Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[]

  1. "We Are All Together" (Shenzhen College of International Education school anthem) (NetEase Music)
  2. “Máng Zhòng” EDM ver. – DongdianP feat. Akie and Liuxian (Bilibili 2019.09.21)
  3. “Dōuhuì Guòqù” (Bilibili 2020.02.28)
  4. “Merry-Go-Round” Japanese ver. feat. Akie, Xia Liye, Xuefei Lanlan, KonaYu (Bilibili 2020.07.10; YouTube 2020.07.18)
  5. “Zuóyè Xīngchén Zuóyè Fēng” (Bilibili 2020.08.21)
  6. “Wú Wáng” (Bilibili 2020.08.27)
  7. “Yīmài Jīngchéng” feat. Yiyan, Chinian, braska, Akie (Bilibili 2020.10.01)
  8. “Ruò” (Bilibili 2021.02.11)
  9. "Nǐ Yídìngnéng Chéngwéi Nǐxiǎng Chéngwéidè Dàrén" (Bilibili 2022.01.02)
  10. "Wèikāishǐdè Huíyì" (Bilibili 2022.01.31)
  11. "Yǔ Guāng" Bilibili 2022.06.12)


A portrait of Akie’s avatar as seen in her cover of “Shàng Shān Gāng”, illustrated by Jiji (唧唧)
Akie VUP.png
Akie’s virtual avatar used in her streams, occasionally with an addition of fox (or red panda) ears and a tail. Illustrated by Dogface (狗脸脸)
Akie avatar2.png
Akie's second avatar, revealed on her 23rd birthday.
Akie RealLife.png
Akie in real life[7]


  • Akie was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong.
  • Akie graduated in Imperial College, London. She majored in Biology[8].
    • Akie loves cute animals, but she prefers wildlife over domesticated ones. She also enjoys watching documentaries about nature[9].
    • However, because she wanted to apply her knowledge directly into helping the society, Akie transferred into International Health Management during her Masters degree, which is supposedly a discipline in business. This decision was also partially influenced by the COVID-19 crisis[10].
  • Akie's favorite utaite is Kano. Her favorite anime are Gintama and Sora yori mo Tooi Basho[4].
  • Akie's favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream. She prefers Pepsi over Coke[4].
  • Akie is very multilingual. She speaks fluent Chinese, English and Japanese. She is also learning Korean and she understands some vocabulary in Russian[11].
    • However, although born in Guangdong, Akie isn't very good at speaking Cantonese.
  • The origin of the name Akie is rather convoluted. Originally, a Chinese name was created using Akie's birthday in a random name generator. The name was then translated literally into Japanese, in which the name "Akie" appeared as the final three characters of the string [12][13].
  • Due to Akie's inborn health circumstances, she is prone to contract respiratory diseases such as pharyngitis and rhinitis. This sometimes causes her to go on short breaks[12].
  • The following is an excerpt of the background story behind Akie’s virtual avatar[14]:"From a faraway planet named Huìxīng, I was travelling among the galaxies by Spaceship 870691 before I arrived at Earth, which was, well, when I found out that I've used up all of my fuel and was unable to leave. Since then, I've met a nice human girl, Qiū Qiūrén, who agreed to have me possess her body in order to build friendships with animals and mankind, generating my spaceship fuel by using the power of love..."
    • 870691 is the serial number of Akie's streaming space in Bilibili.
    • Huìxīng (Chinese: 绘星, Japanese: 絵星 [Esei]) is also the name given to Akie's fans[4].
    • Akie uses a virtual avatar which often features an addition of fox or red panda ears and tail. She is very conscious about the fact that the red panda features are not that of a raccoon[4][15].
    • Akie's second avatar represents a more mature form of herself, and she was evidently delighted when fans described it as an angel. Akie also has a Chibi avatar which she received as a surprise birthday gift from one of her Chinese fans[6].

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