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This page is about the male utaite amu (あむ), not to be confused with the female odorite AMU.
A sample of a cover song by Amu
"Doku Ringo to Cinderella", composed by Yuzuhiko

amu (あむ) is an utaite who is known for his wide range and his ability to hit high notes without sounding too strained. He began uploading in mid-2008 and gained popularity over the years.

He often collaborates with other utaite, forming collaboration bases such as amurise and amiy. In 2010, he was selected to become a member of PointFive (.5), and is also currently affiliated with many other bands and groups such as Cu6ic.

On January 11, 2012 amu released a PV for "Silvia", from his first major album "Step on". His second major album, Intensity, was released on July 04, 2012 [2].

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[edit | edit source]

  1. MGS (Released on October 15, 2009)
  2. enhAnce (Released on July 07, 2010)
  3. Hiwaily*2 (Released on August 14, 2010)
  4. Select me (Released on November 10, 2010)
  5. Vocalize (Released on January 01, 2011)
  6. Identity+ (Released on January 16, 2011)
  7. The Red Album (Released on May 01, 2011)
  8. Cu6ic III Drama CD (Released on May 01, 2011)
  9. Omatsuri Sawagi (Released on June 12, 2011)
  10. Moratorium (Released on June 15, 2011)
  11. COLOUR (Released on June 01, 2011)
  12. Cu6ic Append (Released on August 03, 2011)
  13. Cu6ic Shuffle (Released on August 13, 2011)
  14. Brilliant White Noise (Released on August 13, 2011)
  15. Kimi Reflection (Released on August 31, 2011)
  16. Doushinen (Released on October 19, 2011)
  17. Trois Coloris (Released on October 26, 2011)
  18. Sengoku BAND Sanada Yukimura ver. (Released on October 26, 2011)
  19. First Step (Released on December 31, 2011)
  20. Cu6ic Song CD (Released on May 01, 2012)
  21. Cu6ic III Song CD (Released on August 11, 2012)
  22. Kakasousou (Released on August 11, 2012)
  23. Babypod (Released on September 26, 2012)
  24. ADEUTA (Released on May 29, 2013)
  25. MAGICAL EFFECTORS ~ Tribute to buzzG ~ (Released on July 03, 2013)
  26. Haikei, Minasoko Yori. (Released on August 10, 2013)
  27. chronosing (Released on November 06, 2013)
  28. Kusaru Course・Party (Released on December 31, 2013)
  29. Renovate (Released on March 12, 2014)
  30. CLAMUSIC with clear (Released on April 02, 2014)
  31. Souen Aika (Release on August 16, 2015)

List of Covered Songs[edit | edit source]

  1. "Melt" Nv.gif -Male Key ver.- (2008.07.19)
  2. "Ohayou." Nv.gif (Good Morning.) (HunterxHunter OP) (2008.07.23)
  3. "Sennen no Dokusouka" Nv.gif (Thousand Year Solo) (2008.08.05)
  4. "Seikan Hikou" Nv.gif (Interstellar Flight) (Macross Frontier OP) (2008.08.25)
  5. "HAKOBAKO PLAYER" Nv.gif (2008.09.05)
  6. "Black★Rock Shooter" Nv.gif -Band ver.- (2008.09.11)
  7. "Cantarella" Nv.gif (2008.09.22)
  8. "Diamond Crevasse" Nv.gif (Macross Frontier ED) (2008.10.09)
  9. "Tsuki no Waltz" Nv.gif (Waltz of the Moon) (Minna no Uta) (2008.10.16) (Taken down on YouTube)
  10. "Fire◎Flower" Nv.gif (2008.10.19)
  11. "Hitobashira Alice" Nv.gif (Alice Human Sacrifice) feat. amu, zee, yachi, miy and Jukou-seiA (2008.10.30)
  12. "Usagi (Sai)" Nv.gif (Rabbit of Happiness) (Touhou Project Vocal Arrange song) feat. amu and yachi (2008.11.01)
  13. "Lion" Nv.gif (Macross Frontier OP) feat. amu and miy (2008.11.01)
  14. "SKELETON LIFE" Nv.gif feat. amu and miy (2008.11.14)
  15. "Gokurakuchou" Nv.gif (Bird of Paradise) (2008.11.24)
  16. "Arigatou" Nv.gif (Thank You) (Ookiku Furikabutte! ED) (2008.12.12)
  17. "Cendrillon" Nv.gif feat. amu and miy (2008.12.15)
  18. "Message in our silence" Nv.gif (2008.12.20)
  19. "Akari ~Tomoshibi~" Nv.gif (Light ~The Lamp~) feat. amu and Sekken Oba-chan (2008.12.23)
  20. "SPICE!" Nv.gif feat. amu and Saiya (2008.12.23)
  21. "Roshin Yuukai" Nv.gif (Meltdown) (2009.01.03)
  22. "Yurameku" Nv.gif (Wavering) (2009.02.01)
  23. "Dog Day Afternoon" Nv.gif feat. amu and miy (2009.02.08)
  24. "Kasou Kyoku" Nv.gif (Cremation Song) (2009.02.14)
  25. "Nico Nico Kae Uta Medley" Nv.gif feat. amu, Noriko, miy, Mei, Xiao and QP (2009.02.20)
  26. "Juvenile" Nv.gif feat. amu and miy (2009.02.22)
  27. "from Y to Y" Nv.gif (2009.03.30)
  28. "Ganbarou yo" Nv.gif (Let's Hang On) (Part of the Utaite Connecting Album ~ 2009 Spring ~) (2009.04.26)
  29. "magnet" Nv.gif feat. amu and miy (2009.05.11)
  30. "IMITATION BLACK" Nv.gif feat. amu, Beeeeige and Kettaro (2009.06.28)
  31. "Tokyo Two Rock City" Nv.gif (2009.07.06)
  32. "Just Be Friends" Nv.gif (2009.07.22)
  33. "Aozora Line" Nv.gif (Blue Sky Line) (Part of the Utaite Connecting Album ~ 2009 Summer ~) (2009.08.09)
  34. "Sayonara no Kawari ni, Hanataba wo" Nv.gif (A Bouquet Instead of Goodbye) (2009.08.20)
  35. "Nico Chuu De Nico Poi!" Nv.gif feat. amu, ASK, ENE, QP, Gero, Kogeinu, Utate Shoujo, Xiao, Tare, Faneru, miy and Mei (2009.10.15)
  36. "Tsugai Kogarashi" Nv.gif (Paired-up Wintry Wind) feat. amu and Mei (2009.10.26)
  37. "trick and treat" Nv.gif feat. amu and Riseha (2009.10.31)
  38. "Ochiba to Waltz" Nv.gif (Waltz with Fallen Leaves) (Part of the Utaite Connecting Album ~ 2009 Autumn ~) feat. amu and Wotamin (2009.11.01)
  39. "crystal mic" Nv.gif (2009.12.25)
  40. "Zutto, Zutto..." Nv.gif (Always, Always...) feat. amu, Souma, Riseha and Jegyll (2010.01.22)
  41. "Hikarizakura" Nv.gif (Shining Cherry Blossom) feat. amu and Jegyll (2010.02.03)
  42. "HAKOBAKO PLAYER" Nv.gif feat. amu and Riseha (2010.02.06)
  43. "Scissorhands" Nv.gif (2010.02.11)
  44. "BossDeath" Nv.gif (2010.03.29)
  45. "Sakura no Ame" Nv.gif (Cherry Blossom Rain) feat. amu, Dasoku, □shirokuro■, Shouta, Riseha, 31, and Tonon (2010.04.11)
  46. "ACUTE" Nv.gif feat. amu, ENE and Wataame (2010.05.09)
  47. "Kimi no Taion" Nv.gif (Your Body Temperature) (2010.06.02)
  48. "shiningray" Nv.gif -Arrange ver.- (2010.06.13)
  49. "Iroha Uta" Nv.gif (ABC Song) feat. amu and Souma (2010.06.25)
  50. "Fate: Rebirth" Nv.gif feat. amu Kettaro and Beeeeige (2010.06.27)
  51. "Albino" Nv.gif (2010.08.10)
  52. "Mitsubachi" Nv.gif (Honeybee) -Pop Punk Arrange- feat. amu and QP (2010.08.15)
  53. "Yokuaru Rinne To Neko No Hanashi" Nv.gif (A Story of A Common Reincarnation And A Cat) (2010.12.27)
  54. "Blackjack" Nv.gif feat. amu and □shirokuro■ (2011.04.25)
  55. "Mirai Kouro" Nv.gif (Midnight Detective) (Nightwalker OP) (Part of the Nostalgia for Old-School Visual Kei Tour) (2011.04.28)
  56. "Hadaka no Gekkou" Nv.gif (Naked Moonlight) feat. amu and ASK (2011.07.13)
  57. "Maji LOVE 1000%" Nv.gif (Uta no☆Prince-Sama♪ Maji LOVE 1000% ED) feat. amu, Shinshakaijin, Pokota, Beeeeige, Purikuma, and recog (2011.08.12) (Deleted)
  58. "Karakuri Pierrot" Nv.gif (Mechanical Pierrot) (2011.09.01)
  59. "Boku wa Mada Honki Dashitenai Dake" Nv.gif (I'm Just Getting Started) feat. amu and QP (2011.10.02)
  60. "Doku Ringo to Cinderella" Nv.gif (Poisoned Apple, Cinderella) (2011.10.15)
  61. "ARKADIA" Nv.gif feat. amu and Riseha (2012.02.02)
  62. "Bad ∞ End ∞ Night" Nv.gif feat. amu, Wotamin, Pokota, Nobunaga, 96Neko, Yamai, Cocolu and Purikuma (2012.03.12)
  63. "Mata ne, Jaa ne" Nv.gif (See you, Goodbye) (2012.04.24)
  64. "Nekomimi Archive" Nv.gif feat. amu and □shirokuro■ (2012.05.03)
  65. "Suki Kirai" Nv.gif (Like, Dislike) feat. amu and miy (2012.06.22)
  66. "Yoshiwara Lament" Nv.gif (2012.08.20)
  67. "Mugen" Nv.gif feat. amu and Ten (2013.01.18)
  68. "Sarishinohara" Nv.gif (2013.01.20)
  69. "Yī Èr Fanclub" Nv.gif (1, 2 Fanclub) feat. amu and miy (2013.05.25)
  70. "Preserved Rose" Nv.gif feat. Souma and amu (2013.11.21)
  71. "Yonjuunana" Nv.gif (Forty-Seven) (2014.03.16)
  72. "Tsugihagi Staccato" Nv.gif (Patchwork Staccato) (2014.08.01)
  73. "Namae no Nai Uta" Nv.gif (The Song with No Name) (2014.08.06)
  74. "Kuusou Ressha" Nv.gif (Sky Symphony Train) (2015.03.06)
  75. "Kasa wa Sashite" Nv.gif (An Umbrella) (2016.02.26)
  76. "SUMMER TIME" Nv.gif (NEWS song) feat. Shota, Yuuto, amu, and Score (2016.08.16)
  77. "Mind Craft" Nv.gif feat. Gero, Halyosy, that, Nero, ASK, Kogeinu, Gom, Glutamine, Ayumi Nomiya, Pokota, Hanatan, PointFive (.5), Araki, alfakyun., Meychan, Touyu, __, piko, Tourai, Yamadan and Yuge (2018.03.24)
  78. "Fixer" Nv.gif (2018.09.04)
  79. "Gyoukou Dance" Nv.gif feat. Gero, Glutamine, Valshe, Araki, Meychan, Asamaru, amu, clear, Dasoku, RootFive (√5), ASK, Kogeinu, Yuge, that, 【Ren】, Tightson, Rapbit, alfakyun., Piko, nero, Kouhey, Wolpis Kater, __, un:c, and YURiCa/Hanatan (2019.04.25)
  80. "Outsider" Nv.gif (2019.09.03)
  81. "Fire◎Flower" Nv.gif feat. BAR Canaria (2019.09.28)
  82. "Happy Halloween" Nv.gif (2019.10.31)
  83. "Secret Answer" Nv.gif feat. BAR Canaria (2020.01.04)
  84. "Yuurei Tokyo" Nv.gif (Ghost City Tokyo) (2020.01.31)
  85. "Yoru Naderu Menou" Nv.gif (Agate Caressing the Night) feat. amu and Remo (2020.02.27)
  86. "Utattemita no Uta" Nv.gif feat. Alfakyun., Araki, Da-little, Gero, Glutamine, YURiCa/Hanatan, Hashiyan, Kony, MARiA, Meychan, nero, ASK, Kogeinu, Pokota, that, Yuge, Valshe, Wolpis Carter, PointFive (.5), Ryo-kun, ShounenT, un:c, and __ (2020.09.26)

Discography[edit | edit source]

For PointFive (.5) albums see here
For cu6ic albums see here

Gallery[edit | edit source]

0003-zenshin amu.png
amu as seen in PointFive (.5)
Illust. by Akiakane
Amu sylvia.png
amu as seen in his "Silvia" PV
amu as seen in Cu6ic
Illust. by Tama (たま)
amu as seen on Twitter
Amu riseha HAKOBAKO PLAYER 11096984.png
Riseha and amu as seen in their cover of "HAKOBAKO PLAYER"Nv.gif
Illust. by Umetarou (梅太郎)
amiy buttons released to commemorate his second mini-album "Mu SECOND", taken from his twitter
From left to right: Dasoku, amu, □shirokuro■, Shouta
Bottom row: Riseha, 31 and Tonon as seen in their cover of "Sakura no Ame"Nv.gif
Souma, amu, Riseha, Mi-chan, Jegyll and 【Ren】 as seen in Hiwaily*2
Amu adeuta.png
amu as seen on ADEUTA
Illust. by Gin (ぎん)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He loves cola to the extreme.[citation needed]
  • He likes to play horrific or bloody games and RPGs and has a Mylist dedicated to gameplays.
  • He currently resides in Tokyo.[3]
  • In his video description for his "Melt" cover, he apologized for trying to imitate halyosy.
  • He often blogs about the foods he eats.
  • He usually plays video games or takes requests for singing during his lives.

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