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A sample of a cover song by AndoryuNii
"Panda Hero" -English ver.-, composed by Hachi

AndoryuNii, commonly known as Ando is a YouTube rapper and singer. He raps in Japanese, but sings in both English and Japanese. He has written his own English lyrics before, but he mainly uses the lyrics of others.

His first cover was an English cover of "Just Be Friends" using Rockleetist's lyrics; however, it has been taken down. His first hit cover was his english short version of "Panda Hero", with over 16K views, and his most popular solo cover is his short English version of "Natsu ni Sarishi Kimi wo Omoufu", which has over 16K views as of March 2014.

He is well known for collaborating with other YouTube singers such as Lizz and Nami, and sometimes mixes or writes lyrics for other singers, such as rachie.

Ando also mentioned himself that his favorite YouTube utaite are Ashe, Lucy, Rachie and those with whom he has collaborated.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[]

  1. Founder of the organization Andonets
  2. Member of Australian group 6.5 Men
  3. Member of Evening Musuko
  4. Member of PV Chorus with Cir, Yanovi, Caspy, Kaito, KoKo, Razzy and Remy

List of Covered Songs[]

  1. "Melt" -2M mix ill.bell rap ver.- feat. Ando and Niiro (2011.01.22)
  2. "Panda Hero" -English short ver.- (2011.01.26)
  3. "Puzzle" feat. AndoryuNii and Riku (2011.01.27)
  4. "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru" -Tightson rap ver.- (2011.02.03)
  5. "magnet" -English ver.- feat. Ando and Razzy (2011.02.13)
  6. "Juu Mensou" (Ten-Faced) -Arukuseikyouiku & Adorena combined rap ver.- feat. Ando and Lizz (2011.03.18)
  7. "Cendrillon" -short ver.- feat. Ando and Julia (2011.05.20)
  8. "Poker Face" -Alilem & Takara combined rap ver.- feat. Ando and Lizz (2011.05.28)
  9. "W-B-X 〜W-Boiled Extreme〜 TV size" (Kamen Rider Double (W) OP) feat. Ando and Kuuki (2011.06.07)
  10. "Lily Lily Burning Night/Rolling Girl feat. Hime, ¤Fyre, Xephy, Caspy, AmaitoFuu, Kenta, Nipah, Rith. Miizu, Yanovi, KoKo, Miku-tan, Carman, AndoryuNii, Kamiya and Neiowna (2011.06.18)
  11. "Bye-Bye Lover" -Short ver.- (2011.07.08) (Set in Private)
  12. "Suki Kirai" (Like, Dislike) -Torisan rap short ver.- feat. Ando and Zoey (2011.07.20)
  13. "PoPiPo" -Tightson rap ver.- (2011.07.30)
  14. "ZIGG-ZAGG" feat. Chii and AndoryuNii (2011.08.28)
  15. "Rainbow Girl" -Girl's side ver.- feat. Evening Musuko (2011.08.31)
  16. "World Is Mine" -ill.bell rap ver.- feat. Ando and Nami (2011.10.21)
  17. "Natsu ni Sarishi Kimi wo Omofu" (Leave In Summer, Yet You're In My Fluffoughts) -English short ver.- (2011.11.02)
  18. "Sainou Sampler" (Talent Sampler) feat. AndoryuNii and Lizz (2011.12.08)
  19. "Maji LOVE 1000%" feat. Evening Musuko (2011.12.31)
  20. "Yurufuwa Jukai Girl" (Slack-fluffy Woodland Girl) -Short ver.- (2012.01.18)
  21. "Koi wa Mizuiro" (Love is Aqua-coloured) -English short ver.- feat. Ando and Chiika (2012.02.25)
  22. "Nekomimi Archive" feat. AndoryuNii, joakkar, Loki and Vinz (2012.06.11)
  23. "MEGANE" feat. kuri~n, katie, Chii, Kimunyu, Crescence, Aya, AndoryuNii, Silver, Minchan, Megu, Kenta, Kousei and Listen (2012.07.07)
  24. "Ability to Stir the Audience" feat. Ando and Galau (2012.07.27)
  25. "Ren'ai Circulation" (Love Circulation) -Short ver.- (2012.08.29)
  26. "WORLD'S END UMBRELLA" Nv.gif feat. Ando, Chene, Denny, Kenta, Kit, Kousei, Kura, Mary, Poyun, Rimi, Ryuu, Shou and Zoey (2012.09.28)
  27. "Toki no Mama ni" feat. Shou, Elska, Poman, Candy, Kenta, Kousei, AndoryuNii and Denny (2013.01.12)


Andoryunii twitter.png
Ando as seen on Twitter
Ando as seen in "Rainbow Girl"
Illust. by Kyuutan
Ando as seen in "Maji LOVE 1000%"
Illust. by Setsuna


  • He claims to have had a long and lustful imaginary affair with the utaite Nobunaga.[citation needed]
  • Supposedly, there are photographs of AndoryuNii in a dress on Twitter.[citation needed]

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