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Listed here are the artists that have or have not allowed reprints of their artwork for the Utaite Wiki.

Artists that have allowed reprinting to the Utaite Wiki may not have granted permission for others to reprint their works so please refrain from reprinting artwork featured on the wiki, elsewhere.

Basic terms of use on the wiki (unless otherwise stated)

  • The illustration may only be slighly edited
    • Please discuss small edits with Sen/Starikun
    • Cropping is allowed
    • Resizing is recommended as to encourage people to check out the artist's website to view picture in high quality
  • All illustrations are to be credited to the original artist with a link to the artist's website

Asking for permission to use illustration(s)
For the meantime please contact Sen/Starikun to ask an artist for permission to use their artwork.

What illustration(s) require permission?

  • Anything from an artist's pixiv, piapro and/or personal website
  • Screenshots from PVs do not require permission, however they are not recommended, as those often result in low quality images
  • Pictures from commercial websites (Smiley*2G, CD promotion, etc.) do not require permission to use. It's assumed they are under fair use

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Artists That Forbid ReprintsEdit

Artists That Allow ReprintsEdit

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Restricted TermsEdit

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