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A sample of a cover song by Bloodyflora
"Just Be Friends", composed by Dixie Flatline

Bloodyflora is a Thai YouTube singer with a calming and pleasant voice. She often sings covers in Thai, mostly using her own translyrics. However, she has also sung in English and Japanese.

Bloodyflora first started out in mid 2009. Her first covers were mainly anime openings and endings, but soon she also began singing VOCALOID songs.

Her most popular cover is "Ai Kotoba" with over 250K views on YouTube as of May 2014.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Former member of Eternalica Chorus
  2. Former member of Melodious Chorus
  3. Former member of AmaNyanyan
  4. Member of Sweetie Secret

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Still Doll" (Vampire Knight song) (2009.06.20)
  2. "Dear You -Cry-" (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni song) (2009.06.20)
  3. "Waltz" (School Days song) (2009.06.27)
  4. "Waltz" (School Days song) -Acapella ver.- (2009.06.27)
  5. "Fake Wings" (.hack//SIGN song) (2009.06.28)
  6. "Aimo" (Macross Frontier song) (2009.06.30)
  7. "Omna Magni" (Sousei no Aquarion ED) (2009.06.30)
  8. "You Are My Love" (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle song) -Thai ver.- (2009.07.01)
  9. "You Are My Love" (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle song) -English ver.- (2009.07.01)
  10. "Ring Your Song" (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle song) (2009.07.09)
  11. "You Are My Love" (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle song) -Japanese ver.- (2009.07.09)
  12. "Koi wa Sensou" (Love is War) -Piano ver.- (2009.07.14)
  13. "melody.EXE" (2009.07.22)
  14. "Christmas in Love" (Ragnarok Online song) (2009.07.24)
  15. "Phantom of the Opera" feat. Bloodyflora and Rin-Harmony (2009.07.27)
  16. "Aimo" (Macross Frontier song) (2009.08.03)
  17. "Koi wa Sensou" (Love is War) -Bass ver.- (2009.08.12)
  18. "Sprinter" (Kara no Kyoukai song) feat. Seki, Maiko, Nein and Bloodyflora (2009.08.12)
  19. "Koi wa Sensou" (Love is War) -Unmixed ver.- (2009.08.16)
  20. "dear you ~hope~" (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni song) (2009.09.20)
  21. "World is Mine/Another: World is Mine" feat. Bloodyflora and Howling (2009.09.20)
  22. "Melt" feat. Rin-Harmony and Bloodyflora (2009.09.21)
  23. "Melt" (2009.09.21)
  24. "magnet" -Thai ver.- feat. Bloodyflora and I'mWind.C.K. (2009.10.07)
  25. "Woman's Worth" (Alicia Keys song) (2009.10.08)
  26. "Just Be Friends" -Thai ver.- feat. Bloodyflora and I'mWind.C.K. (2009.10.17)
  27. "Once Upon a Dream" (Sleeping Beauty song) (2009.10.25)
  28. "Angel of Music" feat. Kat and Bloodyflora (2009.11.28)
  29. "melody.EXE" (2009.12.02)
  30. "Adolescence" (2009.12.06)
  31. "Just be Friends" (2009.12.29)
  32. "Last Night, Good Night" -Thai ver.- (2010.01.04)
  33. "Just Be Friends" -Thai ver.- (2010.01.22)
  34. "Waltz" (School Days song) -Thai ver.- (2010.01.27)
  35. "Meltdown" -Thai Piano ver.- (2010.01.28)
  36. "ACUTE" feat. Bloodyflora, AkiraDeen and Seiyuuhime (2010.01.30)
  37. "Tsuki no Akari" -Thai ver.- feat. Bloodyflora and Robinet (2010.05.18)
  38. "rain stops, good-bye" -Thai ver.- (2010.05.26)
  39. "World is Mine" -Thai ver.- (2010.06.17)
  40. "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" -Thai ver.- (2010.06.30)
  41. "Seikan Hikou" feat. Eternalica" (2010.07.04)
  42. "Shinpakusuu ♯0822" (Heart Rate #0822) -Thai ver.- (2010.12.10)
  43. "Palette" -Thai ver.- (2010.12.30)
  44. "Yield" -Thai ver.- (2011.03.09)
  45. "○+●" -Thai ver.- (2011.03.28)
  46. "Alice ni Sayonara" (Goodbye to Alice) -Thai ver.- (2011.03.29)
  47. "Green Straight" -Thai ver.- (2011.04.04)
  48. "Yamete Yaruyo Utaite Nanka" (I'll Quit Singing) -Thai ver.- (2011.04.04)
  49. "Bye-Bye Lover" -Thai ver.- (2011.04.05)
  50. "magnet" feat. Bloodyflora and Moonlighteas (2011.04.18)
  51. "Suki Kirai" (Like Dislike) -Thai ver.- feat. Bloodyflora and Ushikun (2011.05.09)
  52. "Mr. Music" Osaka, Four L. Clover, Moonlighteas, Zecilia, Bloodyflora, Robinet and Ude Miwa (2011.05.15)
  53. "Akahitoha" -Thai ver.- (2011.06.24)
  54. "Renraku Mada?" (Why Don't You Call Me Yet?) -Thai ver.- (2011.07.08)
  55. "Princess maker4 OP" -Thai ver.- (2011.08.09)
  56. "MEGANE" -Thai ver.- (2011.09.12)
  57. "Anata ga Inai" (School Days song) -Thai ver.- (2011.10.04)
  58. "Secret Base" feat. NekoNene, Zecilia and Bloodyflora (2011.10.21)
  59. "Euterpe" (Guilty Crown song) -Thai ver.- (2011.11.21)
  60. "Tooi Sora" (Distant Sky) (2011.11.24)
  61. "Euterpe" (Guilty Crown song) -Thai ver.- (2011.11.30)
  62. "Cold Hand" -Thai ver.- (2011.12.30)
  63. "KiLLER LADY" -Thai ver.- (2012.01.06)
  64. "Authentic Symphony" -Thai ver.- (2012.02.01)
  65. "Anata Shika Mienai" -Thai ver.- feat. Kairyuramon and Bloodyflora (2012.02.14)
  66. "Anamnesis" -Thai ver.- (2012.02.23)
  67. "Ai Kotoba" (Love Words) -Thai ver.- (2012.03.12)
  68. "Candy Candy" -Thai ver.- (2012.04.23)
  69. "Sweets Parade" -Thai ver.- (2012.04.23)
  70. "Βίος-δ" -Thai ver.- (2012.05.29)
  71. "Juvenile" feat. Bloodyflora and Ushikun (2012.06.15)
  72. "Above Your Hand" -Thai ver.- (2012.06.18)
  73. "Tsundere" (2012.08.06)
  74. "Sweet Devil" (2012.09.12)
  75. "Nee." (Hey.) -Thai ver.- (2012.12.25)
  76. "Wareta Ringo" (Shin Sekai Yori song) -Thai TV Size- (2013.02.26)
  77. "Yuki ni Sakuhana" (Shin Sekai Yori song) -Thai TV Size- (2013.03.19)
  78. "chocolate" (2013.06.03)
  79. "ACUTE" -Thai ver.- feat. Zecilia, Kaiyuramon and Bloodyflora (2013.07.03)
  80. "Hyakunen no Koi" (Hundred Years of Love) -Thai ver.- (2013.07.14)
  81. "Mother of Pearl Bones" -Thai ver.- (2013.08.08)
  82. "A Song for the Seasons" -Thai ver.- feat. Bloodyflora, Ryuuen, ★Light and Zecilia (2013.08.20)
  83. "Sweet & Sweet CHERRY" (Golden Time ED) -Thai ver.- (2013.11.18)
  84. "Onaji Hanashi" (Same Story) -Thai ver.- feat. Bloodyflora and Ushikun (2013.12.18)
  85. "Come What May" -Thai ver.- feat. Bloodyflora and Puntaiji (2014.02.02)
  86. "Almost" -Thai ver.- (2014.02.03)
  87. "Ai Kotoba II" -Thai ver.- (2014.02.14)
  88. "Just Be Friends" -Thai ver.- (2014.03.02)
  89. "Ifuudoudou" (Pomp and Circumstance) -Thai ver.- feat. Bloodyflora, Atsukaya and VinG (2014.04.02)
  90. "Talking" (2014.04.08)
  91. "I love you" -Thai ver.- (2014.05.05)
  92. "Amefurashi no Uta" (Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii song) -Thai ver.- (2014.05.17)
  93. "Mezame" feat. Bloodyflora, Aquamarine, Nanari and Ushikun (2014.07.18)



Bloodyflora as seen in her duet cover of "Come What May"
Illust. by herself
Bloodyflora as seen in her cover of "Just Be Friends"
Illust. by U_na
Bloodyflora as seen in her cover of "KiLLER LADY"
Illust. by herself
Bloodyflora as seen in her cover of "Mother of Pearl Bones"
Illust. by herself
Bloodyflora as seen in her cover of "Sweet Devil"
Illust. by U_na
Bloodyflora as seen in her cover of "Tsundere"
Illust. by U_na


  • She uses a Philips SHM1000 microphone and mixes with Adobe Audition.[1]

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