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From left to right: kradness, Yurin, Eve, Natsushiro Takaaki, KK and S!N

Riot of Color, or ROC for short, is a 6-member live performance group and doujin circle. They held their first concert in March 2014, with two more individual events in April and June. A summer tour is scheduled for August, as well as the release of their first album.

The concept behind Riot of Color is based around differing voice types being metaphorically similar to differing colors (the group's official tagline being "tashu tasai" (多種多彩), or many types, many colors): the main 6 are each represented by a different color, kradness with red, Yurin with green, Eve with blue, Natsushiro Takaaki with yellow, KK with gray, and S!N with purple - hence a combined "riot of color".

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