StudioLama is an internet label or crew which was formed in 2014, lead by GGGN to gather artist in various of fields such as MC, track maker, illustrators and designers.

Presenter: GGGN

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  1. "Ichimoudajin" Nv.gif (A Clean Sweep) -StudioLama Remix- feat. Ryan, Isana. (Fuyu & Hazama Hiraku), GGGN, and Rapsuruman (2014.11.14)
  2. "StudioLama MIC RELAY" feat. Maaku, Chinori, Fuyu, Ryan, A-CONY, Rapsuruman, VACON, nqrse, and GGGN (2015.04.23)
  3. "Galaxian" Nv.gif feat. GGGN, Chinori, Isana., Sarahpyon, Rapsuruman, and Ryan (2012.12.28)
  4. "Knowledge" Nv.gif feat. GGGN, A-CONY, Fuyu, HaGRmA, Sarahpyon, Ryan, Maaku, VACON, Rapsuruman, and Moshasuke (2016.08.01)
  5. "Tomorrow is Another Day" Nv.gif feat. Hyakuga , Maaku , A-CONY , Ryan , Moshasuke , HaGRmA , VACON, Rapsuruman and GGGN (2016.12.25)

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