Tsunami chorus theblue

From left to right: miiZu, Kura, Nyamai, Len, Ciel*, Kiro and Kimunyu

Singer not shown: Xandu

Tsunami Chorus is a YouTube chorus created by YouTube singers Len and miiZu, predominantly aimed at the VOCAROCK genre.

The group started recruiting through auditions in May 2012. The results of the audition were released in June 2012.

Litch and Acca are the group's original illustrators. Yuu and Naki joined as artists in September to help with the illustrations for the debut song _TheBlueCherri (currently on hiatus) is the group's main animator, aided by Xandu. 


Len miiZu Kimunyu
Nyamai DAISY Hina Howl
Xandu Kiro
Kura Jau

Howl left Tsunami Chorus for personal reasons in November before the debut. Even though he did not sing in the debut, he did contribute to the song by scripting it. He was replaced by Kura, who took over his vocal part in the debut, _TheBlue.

Ciel* also left Tsunami chorus for personal reasons in November. Even though she left before the release of the debut, her vocals still made it into the final mix of the song. Ciel* was replaced by DAISY Hina in August 2013.

Kiro went on hiatus from all projects, including Tsunami Chorus, in May 2013, and will remain on hiatus until further notice. In the meantime, Jau has been selected as his replacement and he will remain a permanent member after Kiro's return.

Cherri went on hiatus in September 2013 and there has not been a temporary or permanent replacement of her yet.

Kimunyu went missing in action in September 2013, so the group has grouped her status with those on hiatus. No replacement, temporary or permanent, has been made.


Covered SongsEdit

  1. "_TheBlue" (2013.03.15)

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