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A sample of a cover song by Che:Sakurai
"Just Be Friends" -Piano ver.-, composed by Dixie Flatline

che:Sakurai (che:櫻井) is an utaite with a deep, rich and resonating voice. Due to her ability to sing with a masculine voice, she is called a "ryouseirui". She can sing with an extremely masculine voice, like in her "magnet"Nv.gif duet with Hitori; her normal voice sounds resonant and mature, and she has a prominent range primarily in the lower register.

Her first cover was of "Another: World is Mine"Nv.gif, which has over 104K views and over 2K mylists. Her first hit cover was her "Another: World is Mine -Band Edition-"Nv.gif, which has over 181K views and nearly 4K mylists, as of April 2016.

She also provided the vocals for the UTAULOID Sakurai Kaon, which was also released in the Windows100% UTAU Starter Pack[2].

She sings with HYBRID SENSE in a group called L.I.N.E (Lead Is New Emotion).

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[]

  • Member of L.I.N.E (Lead Is New Emotion) with HYBRID SENSE (Producer)
  • Member of Kihenzu
  1. Hoshifuru Hakobune ~ Stargrop Noa's ark (Released on December 30, 2009)
  2. Kouzome no Juujika ~ Brilliant Blood Bless (Released on August 01, 2010)
  3. Utattemoratta 2 (Released on August 27, 2010)
  4. SUPER VOCALO BEAT (Released on June 01, 2011)
  5. Kamikyoku wo Utattemita 6 (Released on August 15, 2012)
  6. Gekkan eta Vol. 1 (Released on August 07, 2013)
  7. Gekkan eta Vol. 3 (Released on September 04, 2013)
  8. Parallel Universe -tribute to jimmythumbp- (Released on October 15, 2014)
  9. Elemental Tree (Released on December 31, 2016)
  10. Surprise Ticket (Released on December 31, 2016)
  11. HIBANA (Released on December 24, 2017)

List of Covered Songs[]

  1. "Another: World is Mine" Nv.gif (2008.06.20)
  2. "Love is War" Nv.gif -Kaito ver.- (2008.09.18)
  3. "Yokkorasex" Nv.gif (2008.10.04)
  4. "Kuchizuke wa Setsuna" Nv.gif (2008.11.12)
  5. "Another: World is Mine" Nv.gif -Band Edition- (2008.12.21)
  6. "Roshin Yuukai-meltdown" Nv.gif (Nuclear Fusion-meltdown) (2009.01.31)
  7. "Yumemiru Kotori" Nv.gif feat. che:Sakurai, Hitori and Ameiro (2009.04.03)
  8. "Tsumugi Uta" Nv.gif (Spinning Song) (2009.04.23)
  9. "Cantarella" Nv.gif (2009.05.07)
  10. "magnet" Nv.gif feat. che:Sakurai and Hitori (2009.06.06)
  11. "Nanairo no Nico Nico Douga" Nv.gif (2009.06.27)
  12. "celluloid" Nv.gif (2009.07.10)
  13. "Just be friends" Nv.gif -Piano ver.- (2009.08.27)
  14. "Smiling" Nv.gif -Original ver.- (collab) (2009.12.12)
  15. "Ryu No Naku Hakoniwa Yori" Nv.gif feat. che:Sakurai and Hitori (2010.04.09)
  16. "Jutenija" Nv.gif (2010.05.14)
  17. "Jiyuuni" -Acapella ver.- Nv.gif (2010.06.09)
  18. "Kaze to Tomo ni Sarime" Nv.gif -L.I.N.E remix- feat. che:Sakurai and HYBRID SENSE (2010.08.19)
  19. "Mozaik Role" Nv.gif (2010.08.27)
  20. "Hontou ni Daiji nano wa Hitotsu dake" Nv.gif (2010.09.23)
  21. "lead is new emotion" Nv.gif (2010.09.29)
  22. "Nade Nade" Nv.gif -L.I.N.E Piano ver.- (2010.10.29)
  23. "Corruption Garden" Nv.gif -L.I.N.E. ver.- (2010.12.01)
  24. "6900000000" Nv.gif (2011.02.13)
  25. "NEXT STAGE" Nv.gif feat. che:Sakurai and Tightson (2011.04.08) (Original)
  26. "No Logic" Nv.gif (2011.05.02)
  27. "Shoushuuriki Genki Ippai" Nv.gif feat. che:Sakurai and Hitori (2011.05.05)
  28. "Tokyo two Rock City" Nv.gif (2011.10.14)
  29. "Katachi" Nv.gif (2011.11.18) (Original)
  30. "GET OUT" Nv.gif (2011.12.23) (Original)
  31. "HAKOBAKO PLAYER" Nv.gif feat. che:Sakurai, Hitori and __ (2012.01.03)
  32. "Shoushuuriki" Nv.gif feat. che:Sakurai, LOLI.COM, __, Tonkatsu, Satoumeme, Oyo, Keroppusu, Sena (2012.03.27)
  33. "Life is Beautiful" Nv.gif feat. che:Sakurai and Da-Little (2012.04.17)
  34. "Senbonzakura" Nv.gif (2012.07.21)
  35. "Venomania Kou no Kyouki" Nv.gif (Madness of Duke Venomania) feat. che:Sakurai, Pokota, Hanatan, Kakichoco, Wotamin and 96Neko (2012.08.28)
  36. "Ima wo Ikiru Boku he" Nv.gif (Towards a Me Living in the Now) (2012.10.20) (Original)
  37. "Kami no Namae ni Ochiru Mono" Nv.gif (One Who Falls at the Name of God) (2013.02.16)
  38. "Afterglow" Nv.gif (2013.03.15)
  39. "Haiboku no Shounen" Nv.gif (The Defeated Boy) (2013.06.06)
  40. "Don't wanna regret" Nv.gif (Original) (2013.06.28)
  41. "Knife" Nv.gif feat. Che:Sakurai, Sena and Ikemai (2013.07.10)
  42. "For The First Time In Forever" Nv.gif -Japanese ver.- (2014.04.20)
  43. "Kinyoubi no Ohayou" Nv.gif (2014.09.04)
  44. "Youkai Taisou Daiichi" Nv.gif feat. Hitori and che:Sakurai (2014.09.19)
  45. "ECHO" Nv.gif (2015.08.21)
  46. "Connecting" Nv.gif ∞ 14 kinds of personalitie feat. rairu, Yuuto, Kakichoco, Che:Sakurai, Yukimura., Omaru, Lawsei Light and eclair (2012.12.12)
  47. "Zen Zen Zense" Nv.gif (Kimi no Na wa. theme song) -BAND Edition- feat. che:Sakurai and Re:ply (2016.10.21)
  48. "Kaizoku F no Shouzou" Nv.gif (Portrait of the Pirate F) feat. eclair, Matsushita, Kakichoco, che:Sakurai, and nero (2017.02.01)
  49. "HIBANA" Nv.gif feat 96neko and Che:Sakurai (2017.12.23)
  50. "Churuira Chururira Dadadda!" Nv.gif feat. Hitori, Che:Sakurai, and 96Neko (2020.07.24)


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che:Sakurai as seen in her duet cover of "magnet"Nv.gif
Illust. by Hakuseki (白皙)
che:Sakurai as seen in L.I.N.E
Che sakurai(nnd avatar).png
che:Sakurai's Nico Nico Douga icon
CheSakurai twitter.png
che:Sakurai as seen on her twitter
Line Musa website.png
HYBRID SENSE (left) and che:Sakurai as seen on their website of their album Musa
Line website.png
HYBRID SENSE (left) and che:Sakurai as seen on their website
From left: eclair, Kakichoco, Matsushita, and che:Sakurai as seen in Kihenzu's debut album "Elemental Tree"
Illust. by omu (オム)


  • Her blood type is A.[3]
  • She likes singing, sleeping, shopping and tottering.[3]
  • She claims that her strength point is her health, and her weak point her short temper.[3]
  • Her motto is: Nantoka naru sa. (We can work it out.)[3]
  • Her favorite food is meat, jagariko, tomato, pasta and basil, and doesn't like sea cucumber, sea urchin and sweet Food.[3]
  • Her favorite artists are Stevie Wonder, Utada, m-flo,...[3]
  • Her favorite cartoons are everything from Usuta-sensei (probably referring to Usuta Kyosuke)[3]
  • Her favorite magazine is ViVi JELLY.[3]
  • Her favorite movie is Saw[3]
  • Her favorite games are FF, Toki Memo (both), Puyo Puyo.[3]
  • She collects clothes from goa. and her favorite brands are goa, MURUA, EMODA.[3]
  • She likes dogs and white tigers, and her favorite colors are black, white, purple and pastel colors.[3]
  • She doesn't like bothersome people.[3]
  • She's happy, when she's singing, sleeping or eating.[3]
  • If she won in lottery, she'd save the money.[3]
  • She rewards herself with Riko Potatoes and Basil Pasta.[3]
  • Her type of portable is an au.[3]
  • She wants to be a skilled singer.[3]
  • She wants to go to Terameguri.[3]
  • She says that cosmetics are essential for her.[3]

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