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A sample of a cover song by CherryQ
"Scissorhands", original by Nem

CherryQ is a YouTube singer with a mature voice. She mainly covers VOCALOID songs, in Japanese and English, though she has also covered a few other songs and has also sung in Chinese. She has gained popularity despite having relatively few covers.

Her most popular cover is her English cover of "Paper Plane", with over 39K views on YouTube as of May 2014.

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List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Bad Apple!!" -English ver.- (2011.08.05)
  2. "magnet" (2011.08.07)
  3. "World is Mine" (2011.08.22)
  4. "Kokoro" -English ver.- (2011.09.04)
  5. "soundless voice" -English ver.- (2011.09.18)
  6. "Rolling Girl" -English ver.- (2011.09.20)
  7. "Nuku, Nuku, Nurmilintu" (2011.10.06)
  8. "Hello" (SHINee song) -Japanese ver.- (2011.10.29)
  9. "Regret Message" -English Ballad ver.- (2011.11.14)
  10. "Leia" -Short English ver.- (2011.11.21)
  11. "Leia" -Full English ver.- (2011.11.27)
  12. "Proof of Life" -English ver.- (2011.12.22)
  13. "Scissorhands" (2012.02.01)
  14. "Prisoner" -English ver.- (2012.02.13)
  15. "Paper Plane" -English ver.- (2012.02.14)
  16. "Namae no Nai Uta" (Nameless Song) -English ver.- (2012.03.06)
  17. "Dango Daikazoku" -Short ver.- (2012.03.10)
  18. "Rain and Goodbye" (Original) (2012.05.31)
  19. "Kakome, Kakome" (Circle You, Circle You) -English ver.- (2012.06.26)
  20. "Garry's Theme - Fighting For You" (Ib song) (2012.08.09)
  21. "Ubi Caritas" -Incomplete ver.- (2012.09.30)
  22. "Tsumugi Uta" (Spinning song) -Chinese ver.- (2012.10.06)
  23. "Rolling Girl" -Piano Ballad ver.- (2012.11.04)
  24. "Jutenija" (2013.02.04)
  25. "Fly Me To The Moon" -Joke ver.- (2013.05.17)



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