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A sample of a cover song by Faneru
"Shinpakusuu ♯0822", composed by papiyon

Faneru (ふぁねる) is an utaite often thought to be a KAITO voice, although he can go into Len's range very easily. He is also known for his "Elmo" voice. His voice is cute and very easy to listen to, but there is a certain roughness in his tone that makes his voice unique. He first started out using the handle ♂Tennin (♂店員) which means "♂Clerk", and was most known for his parodies of VOCALOID songs, making lyrics about working at a Family Mart. He does cover songs seriously as well, after he started to use the name Faneru. He also does mixing and arranging not only for his own works but for others as well.

He resigned from Nico Nico Douga on March 31, 2010 due to company and stalker problems.[2][3] However, on December 28, 2010 he posted a parody of "Nisoku Hokou", "Baito Hokou" signifying his return to Nico Nico Douga. From March 08, 2011 onwards he has been actively uploading covers.

On September 22, 2013 he officially announced he's quitting all Nico Nico Douga activities[4]. He plans to delete his twitter and blog accounts, though he will leave his uploaded covers. He also emphasized that he made this decision himself. His reasons are lack of motivation, making priority of real life matters and after thinking about many other things that this is his final conclusion.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[]

  1. Member of Asamack Family with Jack, Tourai, Asamaru and ChouCho
  2. Member of Smiley*2
  3. Vol.1 (Released on January 14, 2010)
  4. Vol.2 (Released on May 14, 2010)
  5. Moratorium (Released on June 15, 2011)
  6. HoneyWorks Kyoku Utattemita 2 (Released on December 31, 2011)
  7. Winter Piano Ballads (Released on December 29, 2011)
  8. POLYHOLIC (Released on December 31, 2011)
  9. under lights (Released on December 31, 2011)
  10. ENVELOPE (Released on July 25, 2012)
  11. Tobidase! Asamack Radio with Asamaru & Jack (Released on December 05, 2012)
  12. HoneyWorks Kyoku Utattemita 3 (Released on December 31, 2012)

List of Covered Songs[]

  1. "Nico Nico Douga (RC) Yopparai ga Taosenai" (I won't get Drunk) (2007.07.06)
  2. "Ievan Polkka" (2007.08.18)
  3. "Konayuki" Nv.gif (Snowflakes) (2007.08.22)
  4. "Makka na Potato" Nv.gif (The Red Potato) (Parody of "Makkana Chikai") (2007.11.09)
  5. "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" Nv.gif (When the Cicadas Cry) feat. Faneru and Kogeinu (2008.03.07)
  6. "Tennin no Monogatari" (The Story of a Clerk) (Parody of "Asa to Yoru no Monogatari") feat. Faneru and Kogeinu (2008.04.09)
  7. "Uninstall" feat. Faneru and Re: (2008.05.08)
  8. "Saa" feat. Faneru and Re: (2008.05.08)
  9. "Nico Nico Ryuuseigun" (Nico Nico All Stars) (2008.05.15)
  10. "Otakurera" (We're Otakus) (Parody of "Cantarella") (2008.05.27)
  11. "Sekai de Ichiban Hikikomori" (World's Best Anti-Social Person) (Parody of "World Is Mine") (2008.06.09)
  12. "Bokutachi mo Katsushika Rhapsody Yarirakunatta" Nv.gif (We want to cover Katsushika Rhapsody too) -ZimuinG Piano ver.- (2008.06.11)
  13. "Black★Rock Shooter (Parody)" (2008.06.19)
  14. "Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma" (Cobblestones of The Scarlet Devil) (2008.06.25)
  15. "Gomen ne Melt" (Sorry It Melted) (Parody of "Melt") (2008.07.01)
  16. "Time Signal" (2008.07.07)
  17. "Under The Darkness" (2008.08.02)
  18. "Rokuon Toki no Chaos Medley" (A Medley of Chaos in a Recording Session)(2008.08.03)
  19. "U.N. Ouen wa Kanojo na no ka?" Nv.gif feat. Faneru and (´Д⊂ (2008.09.12)
  20. "Cantarella" (2008.09.26)
  21. "Another: World is Mine" (2008.10.06)
  22. "Koi wa Suiso" (Carp in a Fish Tank) (Parody of "Koi wa Sensou/Love is War") (2008.11.01)
  23. "Ningen ga Daisuki na Kowareta Youkai no Uta" (The Song of a Broken Youkai Who Loved a Human) feat. Faneru and Jack (2008.11.13)
  24. "Mase Renka" (Mature Len's Love Song) feat. Faneru and Kogeinu (2008.11.24)
  25. "Saihate" (2008.11.25)
  26. "Hajimete no Tomodachi" (My First Friend) (2008.11.28)
  27. "Alice in Dreamland" (2008.12.25)
  28. "Anata ni Shoku wo Watashi ni Hima wo" (You're Working While I Have Free Time) (2009.01.16)
  29. "Hitobashira Alice" (Alice Human Sacrifice) feat. Faneru, RUS and No.pan (2009.01.24)
  30. "SPICE!" (2009.01.25)
  31. "Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki" (When the First Love Ends) (2009.01.28)
  32. "trick and treat" feat. ASK and Faneru (2009.02.06)
  33. "Futari no Basho" Nv.gif feat. No.pan, Faneru and Kogeinu (2009.02.15)
  34. "Telepathy Telepathy" (2009.03.28)
  35. "Yakin Tennai" (Night Shift) (Parody of "Meltdown") (2009.03.29)
  36. "Anata ni Hana wo, Watashi ni Uta wo" (A Flower For You, A Song For Me) (2009.04.16)
  37. "Yajira Renagara Zundoko- Bushi" (Singing Session Goes on Despite the Jeers) (2009.04.20)
  38. "Haldin Hotel" (2009.05.13)
  39. "Romeo and Cinderella" (2009.05.07)
  40. "Double Lariat" (Parody) feat. Faneru and Gero (2009.05.18)
  41. "magnet" Nv.gif feat. Faneru and ASK (2009.06.07)
  42. "IMITATION BLACK" Nv.gif feat. Faneru, ASK and Kogeinu (2009.06.09)
  43. "Koi Iro Byoutou" (Love Colored Ward) (2009.06.30)
  44. "Metabo" (Metabolic Syndromes) (Parody of "Toeto") feat. Faneru and ENE (2009.06.30)
  45. "Alice Human Sacrifice" Nv.gif (Parody) feat. Faneru and Gero (2009.07.20)
  46. "Monochrome no Kiss" Nv.gif feat. Faneru and Roro (2009.08.02)
  47. "Distance" (2009.08.10)
  48. "Fire◎Flower" (Parody) (2009.08.20)
  49. "Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni" (When Crooks Laugh) (2009.08.29)
  50. "magnet" Nv.gif feat. Faneru, Gero and ASK (2009.10.07)
  51. "Nico Chuu De Nico Poi!" feat. Faneru, amu, ASK, ENE, QP, Gero, Kogeinu, Utate Shoujo, Xiao, Tare, miy and Mei (2009.10.15)
  52. "Mrs. Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume" Nv.gif (Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream) feat. Faneru and ASK (2009.10.28)
  53. "Hello Planet" (2009.12.05)
  54. "Lonely Runner" Nv.gif feat. Faneru and Kogeinu (2009.12.09)
  55. "Higashi no Akatsuki, Nishi no Tasogare" Nv.gif (Dawn of the East, Dusk of the West) feat. Faneru and Mimu (2009.12.23)
  56. "Wanderlast" 2010.01.13
  57. "Just Be Friends" feat. Faneru and Gero (2010.02.05)

All covers before this have been deleted on NND with the exception of collab covers.

  1. "Baito Hokou" Nv.gif (Parody of "Nisoku Hokou") (2010.12.28)
  2. "Shinpakusuu ♯0822" Nv.gif (Heart Beat ♯0822) (2011.03.08)
  3. "Domino Taoshi" Nv.gif (Domino Effect) (Community only) (2011.03.25)
  4. "Juu Mensou" Nv.gif (Ten-Faced) feat. Faneru and Jack (2011.03.31)
  5. "Suji Chigai" Nv.gif (Illogical) (Parody of "Suki Kirai") feat. Faneru and Kogeinu (2011.05.08)
  6. "Busaiku Ore-ra" Nv.gif (Ugly Us) (Parody of "Mozaik Kakera") (2011.06.05)
  7. "Aku no Arubaito" Nv.gif (Part Time Job of Evil) (Parody of "Aku no Meshitsukai") (2011.07.23)
  8. "Doukoku no Ame" Nv.gif (Rain of Sorrow) feat. Faneru and Asamaru (2011.10.15)
  9. "Ochame Kinou" Nv.gif (Playful Feature) (Parody) feat. Faneru and ASK (2011.10.21)
  10. "Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei" Nv.gif (Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat's Life) feat. Faneru and Dasoku (2011.10.30)
  11. "clock Lock Works" Nv.gif feat. Faneru and ASK (2011.11.09)
  12. "RAINBOW GIRL" Nv.gif (2011.11.26) (Community only)
  13. "PONPONPON" Nv.gif (2011.12.12)
  14. "Paradichlorobenzene" Nv.gif feat. Faneru, Jack and Asamaru (2011.12.13)
  15. "Merry Merry" Nv.gif feat. Faneru, Jack and Asamaru (2011.12.23)
  16. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" Nv.gif (2011.12.28)
  17. "Mokyu Mokyu Matsuri - Icha Icha Shitemita" Nv.gif (Mokyu Mokyu Festival - Attempt at pick up lines) (Parody of "Mokyu Mokyu") (2012.02.14)
  18. "Charcoal Gray" Nv.gif feat. Faneru and Asamaru (2012.03.11)
  19. "Dosukoi no 2 Ton" Nv.gif (Parody of "Hatsukoi no Ehon") (2012.05.03)
  20. "Onigiri Etranger" Nv.gif (Rice Ball Etranger) (Parody of "Kagefumi Etranger") (2012.05.30)
  21. "Ikasama Casino" Nv.gif (Cheat Casino) feat. Faneru and Bang (2012.07.09)
  22. "Mahjong Chuudoku" Nv.gif (Mahjong Junky) feat. Faneru, Kogeinu, Bang and Ishigantou (2012.07.12)
  23. "Shiny Day" Nv.gif (Original with Ishigantou & FoP) feat. 96Neko, Mafumafu, Kettaro, Faneru and MOVE ON Entertainment (2012.08.10)
  24. "Carnival" Nv.gif feat. Faneru and ASK (2012.08.14)
  25. "Iroha Uta" Nv.gif (2012.08.26) (Community only)
  26. "Obentou wo Atatameru Uta" Nv.gif (Lunch Box Warming Up Song) (Parody) (2012.12.12)
  27. "Akai Kitsune" Nv.gif (Spicy Kitsune Udon) (Parody of "Amatsukitsune") (2012.12.28)


For Smiley*2 albums see here


Picture of himself from his blog
Asamaru Faneru.png
Asamaru and Faneru as seen in their cover of "Doukoku no Ame"Nv.gif
Faneru Paradichlorobenzene 1.png
Faneru as seen in his collab cover of "Paradichlorobenzene"Nv.gif
Illust. by Haruma (はるま/春馬)
Faneru Ochame Kinou.png
Faneru with ASK as seen in their cover of "Ochame Kinou"Nv.gif
Faneru Jack logo2a.png
Faneru and Jack as seen in their iTunes version of "Juu Mensou"Nv.gif
Dasoku Faneru Cat.png
Dasoku and Faneru with their cats, as seen in their cover of "Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei"Nv.gif
Illust. by Kyi (キィ)
Faneru Gero Magnet1.png
Faneru & Gero as seen in their parody of "magnet"Nv.gif
Illust. by Hoshita (星た)
Faneru gero magnet 2.png
Faneru & Gero as seen in their parody of "magnet"Nv.gif
Illust. by Hoshita (星た)
Faneru Poa RainbowGirl.png
Faneru and his cat as seen in his cover of "RAINBOW GIRL"Nv.gif
Faneru as seen in Smiley*2
Faneru's Signature on Roro's badges
Faneru (right) and ASK (left) as seen in their cover of "clock Lock Works"Nv.gif
Illust. by Kyi (キィ).
ASK (right) and Faneru as seen in their cover of "Carnival"Nv.gif
Illust. by Kyi (キィ)
ASK's Fire Flower.png
Faneru as seen in his collab cover of "Fire◎Flower"Nv.gif with ASK, Aomofu, Ten, Gero, kogeinu and Hanatan
Illust. by Kyi (キィ)


  • His name is a reference to Gundam.[citation needed]
  • He is 163 cm (5'3") tall.[1]
  • He was born in and lives in Kumamoto, Kyushu.[citation needed]
  • His bloodtype is AB.[1]
  • He has an elder brother, who draws some of his video's artworks.[citation needed]
  • He records and mixes with Cubase.[citation needed]
  • Faneru enjoys cooking as he often posts process pictures of his creations on his blog. His specialty is Carbonara.[citation needed]
  • He likes to play Mahjong[1], as well as basketball and ice skating.[citation needed]
  • He has three cats, Poa (a white cat with black tail), Toto (an orange tabby) and Mii (a brown tabby), with Poa being posted most often on his blog and Twitter. However, he has a cat allergy.[citation needed]
  • He was Gero's secret guest during his Gourmet Tour in Fukuoka and Crossroad Tour in Kumamoto.
  • Fans who saw him described him as fresh-faced with sharp features and adorable.[citation needed]
  • He has perfect eyesight.[citation needed]
  • He writes his name in reverse, Runafu (るねぁふ) as his handle name in games.[citation needed]
  • His first solo album, "Apo to meet", means "Appointment and meet". The album is fully self produced. The concept, directing, recording and mixing are done by Faneru himself, and the artwork is done by his brother. The album was titled with all his 3 cats' names in mind, and all the songs in the album are cat related.[citation needed]
  • Despite his retirement in 2013, he was a surprise guest at Chang Gero Sonic 2018, organised by Gero.[5] During the concert, it was revealed that he mixes for around 70% of the utaites in the lineup.[6]

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