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"What should I do about such feelings? Can't you tell me? Just a little?"
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A sample of a cover song by Fujikura
"SONGNAME", composed by COMPOSER

Fujikura (フジクラ) is a female utaite who started in mid-2010.

She has a sort of nasal and coarse, yet strong voice. She also has a powerful singing style, often to the point of screaming, which can be seen in her duet cover of "Invisible"Nv.

She tends to cover duets with Tawashi; both tend to scream as much as possible.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

Collaborations UnitsEdit

  1. Fujikura Tsukako (藤倉束子) with Tawashi

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Kimagure Romantic" Nv (Ikimonogakari's song) (2010.07.14)
  2. "World is Mine" Nv (2010.08.11)
  3. "Mozaik Role" Nv (2010.09.07)
  4. "1925" Nv (2010.10.23)
  5. "Matryoshka" Nv (2010.11.04)
  6. "Nounai Denpa" Nv (Brain Waves) (2010.12.09)
  7. "Poker Face" Nv (2011.01.04)
  8. "Karappo no Manimani" Nv (At the Mercy of the Emptiness) (2011.01.27)
  9. "Juu Mensou" Nv (Ten Faces) (2011.02.18)
  10. "E? Aa, Sou." Nv (2011.02.22)
  11. "Boku wa Mada Honki Deshitenai Dake" Nv (I'm Only Just Getting Started) (2011.02.25)
  12. "Tori no Shi" Nv (Bird's Poets) feat. Tawashi and Fujikura (2011.02.25)
  13. "Yumeneko" Nv (Dream Cat) (2011.03.10)
  14. "Alice" Nv (2011.03.12)
  15. "Boku wa Mada Honki Deshitenai Dake" Nv (Re-MIX) (2011.03.20)
  16. "IMITATION BLACK" Nv feat. Mede=u, Shanta and Fujikura (2011.03.24)
  17. "Kagamine Hachihachi Hana no Kassen" Nv (Hachi Hachi Flowery Battle of Kagamines) (2011.04.14)
  18. "Sainou Sampler" Nv (Talent Sampler) (2011.04.16)
  19. "Bye-bee Baby Sayounara" Nv feat. Tawashi and Fujikura (chorus) (2011.04.30)
  20. "Panda Hero" Nv (2011.04.30)
  21. "Floating Shelter" Nv (2011.05.12)
  22. "1925" Nv -Retake- (2011.05.31)
  23. "Blackjack" Nv feat. Tawashi and Fujikura (2011.06.03)
  24. "Kusare Gedou to Chocolate" Nv (Rotten Heresy and Chocolate) feat. Tawashi and Fujikura (chorus) (2011.06.09)
  25. "Koisuru Mutant" Nv (Mutant in Love) (2011.06.09)
  26. "Double Lariat" Nv (2011.06.16)
  27. "Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni" Nv (When the Swindlers Start Laughing out) (2011.06.17)
  28. "AaAaAaAAaAaAAa" Nv (2011.06.24)
  29. "Unhappy Refrain" Nv feat. Tawashi and Fujikura (2011.06.29)
  30. "Melancholic" Nv (2011.06.30)
  31. "Gaikotsu Gakudan to Lilia" Nv (Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia) (2011.07.04)
  32. "Suisou Catharsis" Nv (Sea Burial Catharsis) (2011.07.18)
  33. "Babylon" Nv feat. Tawashi and Fujikura (2011.07.26)
  34. "Saiaku no Carnival" Nv (The Worst Carnival) (2011.08.12)
  35. "Happy End Gretel" Nv feat. Tawashi and Fujikura (2011.08.16)
  36. "Shinryaku" Nv (Invasion) (2011.08.18)
  37. "Unmei Cider" Nv (Fate Cider) (2011.09.05)
  38. "Sasameku" Nv (2011.09.09)
  39. "Happy Synthesizer" Nv (2011.09.14)
  40. "Neko ni Cider" Nv (Cider to the Cat) (2011.09.15)
  41. "Senbonzakura" Nv (Thousand Cherry Trees) (2011.09.20)
  42. "Floral Sign" Nv feat. Fujikura and Tawashi (2011.09.23)
  43. "Kenzen'na Hon'nou" Nv (Healthy Instinct) feat. Fujikura and Tawashi (2011.10.21)
  44. "Yoku Aru Rin'ne to Neko no Hanashi" Nv (2011.10.25)
  45. "Kagerou Days" Nv (Heat-Haze Days) (2011.10.30)
  46. "Garakuta Shoujo" Nv (Rubbish Girl) (2011.11.09)
  47. "Kirai na Hito" Nv feat. Fujikura and Tawashi (2011.11.17)
  48. "Paradise Meiseki Yume" Nv (Paradise Lucid Dream) (2012.01.12)
  49. "Invisible" Nv (2012.01.29)
  50. "Shikijitsu to Manhole" Nv (2012.02.05)
  51. "Jisatsubushi" Nv (2012.02.15)
  52. "Ama no Jaku" Nv (A Born Coward/Heaven's Weakness) (2012.03.17)
  53. "Kagefumi Étranger" Nv (Shadow Tag Étranger) (2012.04.15)
  54. "Nostalgic Dream Girl" Nv (2012.04.18)
  55. "Another Dearest" Nv (2012.04.24)
  56. "Totemo Itai Itagaritai" Nv (Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain) feat. Fujikura and Paaraa (2012.04.28)
  57. "Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari" Nv (Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story) feat. Fujikura and Tawashi (2012.05.05)
  58. "Yurufuwa Jukai Girl" Nv (Slack-Fluffy Woodland Girl) (2012.05.06)
  59. "Doubleganger" Nv feat. Fujikura and Tawashi (2012.06.01)
  60. "Bye-bee Baby Sayounara" Nv (2012.06.07)
  61. "Nishi e Iku" Nv (To the West) (2012.06.09)
  62. "Shinkai City Underground" Nv (Deep Sea City Underground) (2012.07.05)



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  • She lives in Chiba Prefecture.[1]

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