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A sample of a cover song by Fyre
"Hirari Hirari", composed by TamaazuP

Fyre is a YouTube singer with a medium, soft voice and stable range. A good example of these vocal qualities is his piano cover of "Pierrot".

His first song covered is "ALONES", uploaded in 2011, and his most popular solo cover is his piano version of "Senbonzakura" which has over 22K hits on YouTube as of September 2014.

He primarily covers VOCALOID songs in Japanese, but he has also sung in English, as well as Chinese. One of his more popular covers is his Chinese cover of "Tsumugi Uta". He has also covered chinese songs, such as his "Láo Shǔ Ài Dà Mǐ" or his "Yùe Xī Jīang", but however stated, that his pronunciation in Mandarin is not always correct, as he has to "juggle" three dialects, Cantonese, Mandarin and Teochew.[2] He also occasionally likes to cover songs by English artists, such as his cover of Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper". He has even sang in Korean, in his cover of the Ailee song "Heaven".

He seems to be fond of piano versions of songs and mellow acoustics and claims they fit his singing style better[3], such as his English piano cover of "Karakuri Pierrot". He has, however, on rare occasions covered more upbeat songs, such as his cover of "Poker Face", though he claims the style doesn't fit his voice[4].

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[]

  1. Member of Vivid Chemistry (in the VOCA★FUSION Chorus Battle)
  2. Member of CHECK×MATE (in the Serendipity Chorus Battle)
  3. Member of SHOUNEN ♂ HIGH (in the Teacup Trio Battle)
  4. Member of SN★PSHOT (in the School of Chorus Battle)

List of Covered Songs[]

  1. "ALONES" (2011.02.02)
  2. "1000 Words" -Piano ver.- (2011.02.13)
  3. "Paradise Lost" (2011.02.14)
  4. "True Light" (2011.03.11)
  5. "Poker Face" (2011.03.19)
  6. "Bad Apple" (Touhou song) -English violin ver.- feat. Fyre, Miku-tan, Leeks and Iggy (2011.03.29)
  7. "Kimi=Hana" (You=Flower) (Junjou Romantica OP) feat. Fyre and his sister (2011.03.30)
  8. "Láo Shǔ Ài Dà Mǐ" (Mouse Loves Rice) (2011.04.11)
  9. "Nakimushi Kareshi" (Crybaby Boyfriend) feat. Fyre and CaramellCher (2011.04.14)
  10. "Pierrot" (2011.04.24)
  11. "Breathe" feat. Fyre, Xephy, Kenta, Iggy, Kamiya, Mikey, Nipah, Mango, Mekelba and Mark (2011.05.05)
  12. "Hana he Tadoru Ito" feat. Anba, Aniki, Carmen, Caspy, Cir, Fyre, Joakkar, Juju, KoKo, Kran, Lucy, Miku-tan, Yanovi and Sagara Yoru (2011.05.31)
  13. "Yùe Xī Jīang" (2011.06.08)
  14. "Lily Lily Burning Night/Rolling Girl feat. Hime, Fyre, Xephy, Caspy, AmaitoFuu, Kenta, Nipah, Rith. Miizu, Yanovi, KoKo, Miku-tan, Carman, AndoryuNii, Kamiya and Neiowna (2011.06.18)
  15. "Girlfriend" (2011.08.17)
  16. "Me and My Friend Unicorn" (2011.09.03)
  17. "Skyscraper" (Demi Lovato song) (2011.09.12)
  18. "Uninstall" (2011.09.20)
  19. "Kimi he" (To You) (2011.09.25)
  20. "Karakuri Pierrot" (Mechanical Pierrot) -Piano ver.- feat. Fyre and Mikey (2011.09.29)
  21. "Secret Base" -10 years after ver.- feat. Annie, Apol, CaramellCher, Chiika, Crescence, Danny, hartless, Haru, Haruru, Iggy, Justin, Kuri~n, Maiyi, Mango, miiZu, Natsuu, Onion, Rena, Ritz, Fyre, Roka, Ryuu, shiki, Shu, Suba, suroy and Xephy (2011.09.29)
  22. "Tsugai Kogarashi" (Pair of Wintry Winds) feat. Fyre and Tama (2011.10.19)
  23. "Venomania Kou no Kyouki" (The Madness of Duke Venomania) -English ver.- feat. Razzy, Fyre, Miku-tan, KoKo, Kuri~n and sweetpoffin (2011.10.23)
  24. "Leia" feat. Vinar, Apol, Fruu, Fyre, Mark, Aruki, Xephy, Joshua, Taʞumi, Kenta, AmaitoFuu, Nipah, Iggy and Doubie (2011.10.31)
  25. "Senbonzakura" (A Thousand Cherry Trees) -Piano ver.- (2011.11.06)
  26. "1925" -Acoustic ver.- (2011.11.09)
  27. "Shiryokukensa" (Eye Examination) (2011.11.25)
  28. "Karakuri Pierrot" (Mechanical Pierrot) -Piano ver.- (2011.12.06)
  29. "Calc." (2011.12.16)
  30. "magenta" (2011.12.31)
  31. "Tomomichi Typical Thing" -Chinese ver.- feat. Fyre and Xephy (2011.12.30)
  32. "Medley of ApolP" feat. Kirby, Nipah, *ageha, Kenta, Lemon, Loki, Fyre, Seira, Sohly, Rosa and Emi (2012.01.05)
  33. "Between the Sheets" (Entry of the VOCA★FUSION Chorus Battle) feat. Vivid Chemistry (2012.01.23)
  34. "Happy Birthday to You" feat. Aki Azuma, Crescence, Po☆Yun, Fyre, Ona, Iggy, Danny, Neiowna, Mikey and Zoey (2012.01.31)
  35. "Fiction" feat. Gino, Joel, JP, Himi, Carlos, Ryan, Logan, Jeffrey, Fyre and Xephy (2012.02.08)
  36. "Hiiro Gekka, Kyoushou no Zetsu" -ENS Remix- feat. Kousei, Emi, Crescence, miyu, Zoey and Fyre (2012.02.10)
  37. "Hangyaku Respect" (Entry of the VOCA★FUSION Chorus Battle) (Rebellion Respect) feat. Vivid Chemistry (2012.02.24)
  38. "Heaven" (Ailee song) (2012.03.13)
  39. "PONPONPON" (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song) -Acoustic ver.- feat. Erin, Fyre, Eva, Jeffrey, Mimi, Ryan, Chiisana and Jay (2012.03.25)
  40. "Kaibigan Nga Ba?" (Apol song) (2012.03.28)
  41. "CANDY CANDY/SWMMING AROUND" (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song and joke cover) feat. Chiika, K-chan, KL, Kousei, Xephy, Apol, AmaitoFuu, Aqua, Carmen, Caspy, Ciel*, Doubie, Eva, himuro, Hiseki, Ian, KoKo, Kura, ListYT1, Mango, vamong, Nipah, Fyre, RurutiaDariya, Ryan and Koucha (2012.04.01)
  42. "Toberu Mono" (The Flying One) (The Last Story OST) (2012.04.04)
  43. "Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo" (Although My Songs Have No Form) feat. Fyre, Ryan, Kura, Shades, Rosa, Chiisana, Matti and Sia (2012.05.02)
  44. "Payphone" (Maroon 5 song) -Short ver.- (2012.06.06)
  45. "Girlfriend" -Acoustic ver.- (2012.06.12)
  46. "Endless Love" (The Myth OST) (2012.06.15)
  47. "Tsugai Kogarashi" (Pair of Wintry Winds) feat. Fyre and Utako (2012.07.14)
  48. "clock lock works" feat. K-chan, Aika, Rosa, Miizu, Emi, *ageha, Kenta, Fyre, Himuro and Kura (2012.07.15)
  49. "Shiwa" (Wrinkle) feat. Mari, Mimi, Chiisana, Eva, Chiizu, Chiika, Raliant, Andy, Mango, Himuro, Ryan and Fyre (2012.09.17)
  50. "Tsumugi Uta" (Spinning Song) (2012.09.26)
  51. "Unhappy Refrain" feat. AmaitoFuu, Apol, Aqua, Ciel*, Fyre, Hime, joakkar, Katie, Kenta, Kimunyu, Kiro, KL, Kura, Kuri~n, Luna and Shiroko (2012.09.30)
  52. "WAVE" (2012.11.30)
  53. "Kisaragi Attention" (2012.12.18)
  54. "liar" feat. Lu, Rosa, Norion, Fyre, Ryan, Shaniqua, Xephy and Iggy (2013.01.12)
  55. "Kokoro x Kokoro・Kiseki" (Heart x Heart・Miracle) feat. Fyre and Zoey (2013.02.15)
  56. "Loto" feat. Antares, Caspy, Fyre, Reiko, Katie, Saint, KoKo, Ashe, Nyamai, Alleah, Kiwi, KL, Kura, Lizz, AmaitoFuu and Y. Chang (2013.03.05)
  57. "Jenga" -Acoustic ver.- feat. Beato, Akari, Lucy, Shizu, Karo, Fyre, Nyatsu, Maeko, Eris and Toto (2013.03.12)
  58. "Onaji Hanashi" (The Same Story) feat. Emi and Fyre (2013.03.29)
  59. "My Mellow Snippets Project" (Medley of Short Covers) (2013.04.02)
  60. "Yakimochi no Kotae" (A Solution for Jealousy) feat. Azure and Fyre (2013.04.25)
  61. "Pierrot" -Piano ver.- (2013.05.04)
  62. "Hirari Hirari" (Flutter, Flutter) (2013.05.19)
  63. "Electro Saturator" feat. Himuro, Andy, Wind, Ian, Luna, Hiseki, Vis, Mari, Memo, Juh, Ryan, Fyre, Rai, Kenji-B, Saint, Chiisana, K-chan and Chiika (2013.06.01)
  64. "Shiryokukensa" (Eye Examination) -Piano ver.- (2013.06.06)
  65. "Irony" (OreImo OP) feat. neneki, Kathy, Versa, Iggy, saint, Ian, Andy, Mango, Chiika, Onion, Fyre and Haru (2013.10.09)
  66. "Smiling" feat. YuKi, Rimi, Gwen, Mio, Yuu-chan, Rhi, Laicha, Cola, Kaoru, Ginz, Chahan, Gin and Fyre (2013.11.03)
  67. "Fire◎Flower" feat. Fyre, Drace, Hiroki, Gogs, Shiki and Cookie (2013.11.11)
  68. "Nà Xiē Nián" (Those Years) (2013.11.27)
  69. "Wasureru Tame ni Koi wo Shinai de" (2013.12.22)
  70. "Merry☆Xmas" feat. Fyre and Azu (2013.12.24)
  71. "Rolling Girl" -Rap ver.- feat. Fyre and Sojiro (2013.12.26)
  72. "Kaeri Michi" (Way Back) feat. MissP, Makinade, Minchi, Sia, saint, Chiika, Jordy, Ian, Mango, Fyre, Alfie and ehmz (2014.01.01)
  73. "Let It Go" (Frozen OST) (2014.01.04)
  74. "Ama no Jaku" (A Born Coward/Heaven's Weakness) feat. Chantella, Cami, Maeko, Saku, saint, KL, Yun, Kenta, Augen, Fyre, Ken and kimu (2014.01.05)
  75. "Jougen no Tsuki" (Waxing Moon) -Piano ver.- (2014.01.15)
  76. "For the First Time in Forever" (Frozen OST) (2014.01.18)
  77. "Love is an Open Door" (Frozen OST) feat. Fyre and Saru (2014.01.25)
  78. "Sky of Beginning" (Entry of the SCB) feat. CHECK×MATE (2014.02.05)
  79. "Kiseki" (Miracle) (Pokémon X/Y ED) (2014.03.21)
  80. "Knife" (Entry of the SCB) feat. CHECK×MATE (2014.03.22)
  81. "Bouquet" feat. Fyre and Xiox (2014.04.26)
  82. "Hello, Worker" -English ver.- feat. Fyre and Jefferz (2014.05.03)
  83. "Saikin Osen" (Bacterial Contamination) feat. Fyre, Jau, jin☆jin, Maeko, MastaH, Omu, Rin, Riza, Saru, Skylark, Arisa, Chahan, Ciel*, Xiox and Shuuta (2014.05.13)
  84. "Yì Hónglián" (Reminiscence of the Red Lotus) (2014.05.22)
  85. "Tell Your World" feat. Mimi, Fyre, Rai, Ketsuban, Passion, Xandu, Sneko, Juju, Rii and Tonkhai (2014.06.18)
  86. "REACTION" (Entry of the Teacup Trio Battle) feat. SHOUNEN ♂ HIGH (2014.07.12)
  87. "Masayume Chasing (Fairy Tale OP) (2014.07.27)
  88. "Out There" (The Hunchback of Notre Dame song) -Multilanguage ver.- (2014.12.18)
  89. "Starcrew -Acoustic ver.-" (Entry of the Youtaite Secret Santa 2014) (2014.12.24)
  90. "Blessing" (Singers ver.♪) feat. bunny, chinx, Fyre, haruka, Kuai, lee, Rurumi, kuma☆, naku, robin, Ryuuen, Sakuya, takara and YU♪ (2014.12.24)
  91. "Blessing" feat. Kazu, Angela, Beibi, Kiichan, Sia, Rey, Fyre, Ketsuban, Bookiezz, Serena, Lu, Vinar and Jefferz (2014.12.31)
  92. "The Beginning" -Short ver.- (2015.01.16)
  93. "World Calling" (Entry of the School of Chorus Battle) feat. SN★PSHOT (2015.02.08)
  94. "Kimi to Pocky Game" (A Pocky Game With You) (2015.02.13)
  95. "Heimen Setsu" (Plane Theory) (Entry of the School of Chorus Battle) feat. SN★PSHOT (2015.03.22)
  96. "Renai Circulation -Rap ver.- feat. Sojiro, Fyre, and Yuki (2015.04.06)
  97. "Bouken no Sho ga Kiemashita!" (Your Adventure Log Has Vanished!) (Entry of the School of Chorus Battle) feat. SN★PSHOT (2015.05.11)
  98. "If You Can Dream" (Disney song) feat. Gemini (2015.05.24)
  99. "Hikari" (Magi: The Kingdom of Magic OP2) -English TV Size ver.- (2015.06.20)
  100. "Brave Shine" (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works S2 OP) -TV Size ver.- (2015.07.06)
  101. "We can sing a song!" feat. Biscuit, Shannon, Fyre, Chase, Sumashu, Jefferz, and Aruvn (2016.05.06)



IFyre twitter.png
Fyre as seen on Twitter
Fyre as seen on tumblr.
Illust. by wansuke17
Fyre as seen on YouTube
Vivid chem.png
The Vivid Chemistry members (excluding Fruutella)
Illust. by KL
Vividchemistry lancha.png
Vivid Chemistry as seen in their cover of "Hangyaku Respect"
Illust. by Lancha
CHECK×MATE as seen in "Sky of Beginning"
Illust. by Saru and Shui
CHECK×MATE as seen in "Knife"
Illust. by Saru
Fyre blessing.png
Fyre as seen in "Blessing"
Illust. by Rene, Seiji, Fay and Zai
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Fyre as seen in "Blessing" (Singers ver.♪)
Illust. by Iyusi0n, Rurumi and haruka


  • He is originally from China.[5]
  • Razzy first introduced him to VOCALOID.[6]
  • He loves scaring people with ghost stories but is scared of them himself.[7]
  • He likes sharks.[8]
  • He can speak 3 languages (two fluently) which includes Spanish, Chinese, and English.[9][10]
  • He's 170 cm tall (5'7").[11]
  • His motto is "Blue Skies~" as commonly found on his Twitter and YouTube descriptions.[12]

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