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A sample of a cover song by Hiina
"Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan", composed by Orangestar

Hiina (ひいな) or Hiiragi Minami (柊南) is an utaite.

She has a cute and nasal, yet strong voice which easily switches among variety of singing types, fits well with many different styles of music and also the voice ranges. When singing rock songs in mid-range, sometimes she arranges some grunt note with little screamo, such as "Dokusenyoku"Nv.gif or "Suji"Nv.gif. Her voice becomes pure, fragile on treble range with the sound like whistles, as in "Milk Crown on Sonnetica"Nv.gif or "Hide and・Seek"Nv.gif; she even can make an extremely high chorus as in "Kimi no Yozora Shoukaihan"Nv.gif and with straccato technique as in "Yamiyo no Dance"Nv.gif.

As of June 2016, her most popular song is the cover of "Yoake to Hotaru"Nv.gif with more than 175k views.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Cast of Acogare Live
  1. Recollection type:neo (Released on December 31, 2015)

Collaboration Units[edit | edit source]

List of Covered Songs[edit | edit source]

  1. "Mousou Zei" Nv.gif (Delusion Tax) (2013.11.25)
  2. "Aimai Elegy" Nv.gif (Love-Lost Elegy) (2013.12.23)
  3. "Dokusenyoku" Nv.gif (Mono Poisoner) (2014.02.10)
  4. "Suki Suki Zecchoushou" Nv.gif (Like-Love Climaxitis) (2014.02.15)
  5. "Heart Realize" Nv.gif (2014.03.31)
  6. "daze" Nv.gif -TV Size ver.- (2014.04.14)
  7. "Milk Crown on Sonnetica" Nv.gif (2014.05.07)
  8. "Tenshi ni Furetayo!" Nv.gif (Touched the Angel!) -BAND Edition- feat. Hiina and Onishi Amimi (2014.05.25)
  9. "Renai Saiban" Nv.gif (Love Trial) (2014.06.13)
  10. "Memememe" Nv.gif (2014.06.28)
  11. "Tsuki ni Tawagoto" Nv.gif (Nonsense in a Month) (2014.07.10)
  12. "Tsugihagi Staccato" Nv.gif (Patchwork Staccato) (2014.08.01)
  13. "Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru" Nv.gif (The World is Falling in Love) feat. Hiina and Onishi Amimi (2014.08.11)
  14. "Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan" Nv.gif (Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow) (2014.08.24)
  15. "Music Music" Nv.gif (2014.09.07)
  16. "Uraomote Fortune" Nv.gif (Two-Faced Fortune; Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun ED) (2014.10.04)
  17. "Mikazuki no Yakusoku" Nv.gif (Crescent Moon Promise) (2014.10.10)
  18. "Hibikase" Nv.gif (Resonate) (2014.10.28)
  19. "Hide and・Seek" Nv.gif (2014.11.07)
  20. "Yoake to Hotaru" Nv.gif (Dawn and Fireflies) (2014.11.12)
  21. "Mellow Birthday Eve" Nv.gif (2015.01.13)
  22. "Shopan to Kouri no Hakken" Nv.gif (Chopin and the White Key of Ice) (2015.01.20)
  23. "Hitoribocchi to Kokoro no Hon to" Nv.gif (Alone with the Book of my Heart)
  24. "Ai no Scenario" Nv.gif (Love's Scenario) (2015.02.04)
  25. "Sayonara Dake ga Jinsei da" Nv.gif (Life is Only Full of Goodbyes) (2015.02.16)
  26. "Fubuki" Nv.gif (Kancolle ED) (2015.02.25)
  27. "Kuusou Ressha" Nv.gif (Sky Symphony Train) (2015.03.09)
  28. "Puzzle Girl" Nv.gif (2015.03.27)
  29. "Asagao no Chiru Koro ni" Nv.gif (When the Glory Morning Falls) (2015.04.04)
  30. "Onegai Darling" Nv.gif -Kansai Dialogue ver.- (2015.05.02)
  31. "Sing=Like a magic" Nv.gif (2015.05.14)
  32. "Akatsuki Zukuyo" Nv.gif (Dawn Moonlit Night) (2015.06.03)
  33. "Ameiro Kokoro Moyou" Nv.gif (Rain Heart Pattern) (2015.07.01)
  34. "Aira" Nv.gif (2015.07.10)
  35. "Futariboshi" Nv.gif (Two Stars) feat. Hiina and Suzushiro (2015.08.13)
  36. "Kimi no Yozora Shoukaihan" Nv.gif (Your Sky Night Patrol) (2015.08.24)
  37. "Shihatsu to Kafka" Nv.gif (First Train and Kafka) (2015.09.06)
  38. "Natsu ni Sarishi Kimi wo Omou" Nv.gif (Leave in Summer, Yet You're in my Fluffthoughts) (2015.09.12)
  39. "Aishite" Nv.gif (Love Me) (2015.11.24)
  40. "Sayonara, Hana Dorobou-san" Nv.gif (Goodbye, Ms. Floral Thief) (2015.11.29)
  41. "Suji" Nv.gif (Muscles) (2015.12.18)
  42. "Aishiteru Banzai!" Nv.gif (I Love You Hooray!) -Holy Night Edition- feat. Hiina, Mifuyu, U., Moemon, MeMeCo, Miemy, Canan*, Kyunta and Chio (2015.12.24)
  43. "Snow halation" Nv.gif (Love Live!) -X'mas edition- feat. eclair, Onishi Amimi, okogeeechann, Suzushiro, Hiina, Matsushita, Mifuyu, yuayua and Reji (2015.12.25)
  44. "Yamiyo no Dance" Nv.gif (Dance of Dark Night) (2015.12.28)
  45. "Sayonara Souvenir" Nv.gif (Goodbye Sourvenir) (2015.12.29)
  46. "Gingaroku" Nv.gif (Galaxy Log) (2016.01.09)
  47. "Shiro Yuki" Nv.gif (Snow White) (2016.03.14)
  48. "Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake" Nv.gif (Hanamaru Pippi is Just a Good Girl; Osomatsu-san OP) feat. Rika, Matsushita, Yuikonnu, kalon., *namirin and Hiina (2016.03.28)
  49. "Koiiro ni Sake" Nv.gif (Blooming into the Color of Love) (2016.03.31)
  50. "Negaigoto" Nv.gif (Wish) feat. Hiina and clan (2016.04.27)
  51. "Pu-Pe-Pi-Pe" Nv.gif (2016.05.24)
  52. "KUMAMIKO DANCING" Nv.gif (Kumamkiko ED) feat. Hiina and Kumakumaz (2016.06.01)
  53. "Tsumi no Namae" Nv.gif (The Name of Sin) (2016.06.15)
  54. "Rapunzel" Nv.gif (2016.07.07)
  55. "Hate ni wa Hatena" Nv.gif (Waiting at the End Are Questions) (2016.08.02)
  56. "Synchronizer" Nv.gif (2016.08.12)
  57. "Yay! Yay! Yay!" Nv.gif feat. Hiina, Rika, *namirin, Otouto no Ane, and *nano (2016.08.21)
  58. "Naniro no Asa" Nv.gif (2016.10.07)
  59. "Nandemonaiya" Nv.gif -Kamasho acoustic arrange- (2016.10.23)
  60. "Heart no Atoaji" Nv.gif (2016.12.28)
  61. "Mawaru Sora Usagi" Nv.gif (2017.01.11)
  62. "Kawaiiku Naritai" Nv.gif (2017.01.20)
  63. "Aozora no Rhapsody" Nv.gif (2017.02.06)
  64. "Moment" Nv.gif (2017.02.18)
  65. "Atafuta Ashita" Nv.gif (2017.02.20)
  66. "Kagerou≒Variation" Nv.gif (2017.03.14)
  67. "Let's Nyance" Nv.gif (2017.03.17)
  68. "Toumei Shoujo no Susume" Nv.gif (2017.04.26)
  69. "NEAR" Nv.gif (2017.07.04)
  70. "Teo" Nv.gif (2017.08.21)
  71. "It was a good day to die" Nv.gif (2017.10.13)
  72. "Positive☆Dance Time" Nv.gif (2017.10.21)
  73. "Here" Nv.gif (Mahou Tsukai no Yome OP) (2017.12.26)
  74. "Good Morning, Polar Night" Nv.gif (2018.01.13)
  75. "Dry Flower" Nv.gif (2018.02.03)
  76. "Neko" Nv.gif (2018.02.22)
  77. "Awairo Float" Nv.gif (2018.03.02)
  78. "Iwanai Kedo Ne" Nv.gif (Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san OP) (2018.03.17)

Songs on TmBox[edit | edit source]

Notice: Due to the shutdown of TmBox, those links will not work anymore.

  1. "Love is an Open Door" -Japanese duet ready ver.- (2014.05.20)
  2. "Yume no Akichi" (Vacant Dream Land) -Short ver.- (2014.10.27)
  3. "Rising Hope" (2014.10.27)
  4. "Dan Dan Hayaku Naru" (Gradually Getting Faster) (2015.02.28)
  5. "Giniro Hikousen" (Silver Airship) (2015.08.09)
  6. "Ghost Rule" -Short ver.- (2016.01.14)
  7. "Tanataro" -Short ver.- (2016.03.04)
  8. "Hisui no Machi" -Short ver.- (2016.05.04)

Discography[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Hiina as seen on NND
Hinacoro - Umaomote Fortune.png
Hiina as seen in her cover of "Uraomote Fortune"Nv.gif
Illust. by Corotan (ころたん)
Hiina - Fubuki.png
Hiina as seen in her cover of "Fubuki"Nv.gif
Illust. by Coro (ころ)
Hiina Musign.jpg
Hiina as seen in her first live Musign'
Hiina - Akatsuki Zukuyo.png
Hiina as seen in her cover of "Akatsuki Zukuyo"Nv.gif
Illust. by Coro (ころ)
Snow halation Xmas.png
Onishi Amimi, yuayua, Mifuyu, Suzushiro, Matsushita, Reji, eclair, Hiina and okogeeechann as seen in "Snow halation -X'mas edition-"Nv.gif
Illust. by Iruka and Nekohou Moa
Recollection typeNeo Hiina.png
Hiina as seen in the album "Recollection type:neo"
Illlust. by Yumeno Haruka (夢乃ハルカ)
From left: Hiina, Rika, Matsushita, Yuikonnu, kalon. and *namirin as seen in "Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake"Nv.gif
Illust. by Kotori (ことり)
Yay Yay Yay Gx5.png
From left: Otouto no Ane, Rika, Hiina, *namirin, and *nano as seen in "Yay! Yay! Yay!" Nv.gif
Illust. by Nonomaru (ののまろ)

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References[edit source]

  1. Interview in Utattemita no Hon NEXT GENERATIONS magazine
  2. 21st birthday tweet
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