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A sample of a cover song by Hyurno
"Patchwork Staccato", composed by Toa

Hyurno, also known as Freckles, is a YouTube singer who is known for making VOCALOID covers and his wide vocal range. He covers Japanese, English and Spanish songs.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[]

  1. Member of PiNK MAFiA (in the Sudden Surprise Chorus Battle)
  2. Member of Zeru and the Diamonds (in the Blank*Space Battle Royale)
  3. Member of Team Pet Shop with Marie☆FD and Rakkun

List of Covered Songs[]

  1. "Mahou" (2015.04.30)
  2. "Ikanaide" (Don't Go) (2015.06.04)
  3. "Adam's Song" (2015.06.19)
  4. "Toeto" (2015.06.30)
  5. "Light Lag" (2015.07.28)
  6. "AiDee" feat. Hyu and hazael (2015.08.19)
  7. "Namae no Nai Uta" (A Song with No Name) (2015.09.04)
  8. "Hello/How Are You" feat. Hyu and Nansu (2015.09.15)
  9. "Hope" (2015.10.08)
  10. "Ton Ton Mae!" feat. Hyu and Jaimee (2015.10.17)
  11. "Home" feat. Hyu, Sojiro, Zeru, JoyDreamer, Kuraiinu, Kyo, Rei, Seto, and Ken (2015.10.19)
  12. "Me!Me!Me!" (2015.11.14)
  13. "ELECT" (2015.11.22)
  14. "Light My Fire" (Shakugan no Shana III OP) feat. PiNK MAFiA (2015.12.03)
  15. "Sky High" (2016.12.10)
  16. "Donor Song" (Entry of the SSCB-HE) feat. PiNK MAFiA (2016.01.21)
  17. "Tokyo Summer Session" feat. Sagi and Hyu (2016.01.28)
  18. "Gee" (Girls' Generation song) -Japanese ver.- (2016.02.14)
  19. "Onaji Hanashi" (Same Story) (2016.03.10)
  20. "Ur-Style" (2016.03.13)
  21. "Freely Tomorrow" (2016.03.19)
  22. "Doki Doki Keysmash" (2016.03.31)
  23. "Kiritorisen" feat. Hyu, Ion, Nacha, Maripa, Fruutella, Kyu, Risago, and Danny (2016.04.02)
  24. "Jinsei Reset Button" (Entry of the B*SBR) feat. Zeru and the Diamonds (2016.04.11)
  25. "Patchwork Staccato" (2016.04.12)
  26. "Yume Hanabi" -Spanish ver.- (2016.04.19)
  27. "Super Nuko World" feat. Hyu and Vicho (2016.04.29)
  28. "Alice" -Acoustic ver.- (2016.05.03)
  29. "Mr. Chu" (Apink song) feat. Zessei Bijin! and Hyu (2016.05.07)
  30. "Mr. Chu" (Apink song) -Acapella ver.- feat. Zessei Bijin! and Hyu (2016.05.12)
  31. "Rain stops, good-bye" (2016.05.22)
  32. "Dare mo Shiranai Happy End" feat. Hyu and Kuraiinu (2016.05.24)
  33. "Juvenile" feat. Hyu and Rimu (2016.05.28)
  34. "Youtaite Couple Meme" feat. Hyu and Marie☆FD (2016.06.06)
  35. "Tawagoto Speaker" -Spanish ver.- (2016.06.09)
  36. "Hoshi Ai" feat. rimu, miseru, Nansu, Hyu, fuyuneru, Tsubame, Nengo, and Kae (2016.06.23)
  37. "Saihate" -Spanish ver.- (2016.06.25)
  38. "The Call" (Regina Spektor song) (Entry of the B*SBR) feat. Zeru and the Diamonds (2016.06.29)
  39. "Saezuri" (Chirp) feat. Hyu and Zeru (2016.07.12)
  40. "Eine Kleine" feat. Foxi, Mochi, Dari, Angela, hazael, Maya, Sojiro, SeasonalSweets, Hikaru, Hyu, and Dria (2016.07.17)
  41. "Heavy Metal Lover" (Lady Gaga song) (2016.07.28)
  42. "Heavy Metal Lover" (Lady Gaga song) -Acapella ver.- (2016.07.29)
  43. "Both of You" (Steven Universe song) (2016.08.05)
  44. "How to Save a Life" (The Fray song) (2016.08.21)
  45. "Sombra de Ti" (Shakira song) (2016.09.03)
  46. "Hyakunen no Koi" (A Hundred-Year Love) feat. Arietta, Fokushi, Fuyu, Hikaru, Hyu, Marie☆FD, Riume, Shana, Stef, Trance, Xandu, and Zeru (2016.09.05)



Hyu kigurumi.png
Hyurno as seen on his Facebook
Hyurno Saihate.png
Hyurno as seen in "Saihate"
Illust. by Reyes


  • He and fellow youtaite Marie☆FD are NOT dating, even though many people think they are.
  • He's homosexual (bottom) and cats are his favorite animal.
  • He's 163 centimeters tall and weighs 55 kilograms.
  • He plays competitive Pokémon and casual League of Legends.
  • His favorite producer is 40mp.
  • He has freckles. Reason why people call him "Freckles".
  • He is the creator and voice provider of an UTAU named Shima Hakone.
  • It is rumoured that he has a micropenis, and he even has hinted that himself.

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