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(added most recent songs)
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{{lowercase}}{{Uptodate|October 10, 2018}}
{{lowercase}}{{Uptodate|October 28, 2018}}
{{WIP|description}}{{Singer|site = nnd
{{WIP|description}}{{Singer|site = nnd
|image = kenty-draw.png
|image = kenty-draw.png
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# "[ Merry Bad End]" {{nnd|sm33772249}} (2018.08.30)
# "[ Merry Bad End]" {{nnd|sm33772249}} (2018.08.30)
# "[ Mabataki]" -Acoustic ver.- {{nnd|}} (Blink) (2018.10.10) '''(YT Only)'''
# "[ Mabataki]" -Acoustic ver.- {{nnd|}} (Blink) (2018.10.10) '''(YT Only)'''
# "[ Koshitantan]" {{nnd|sm34085194}} (2018.10.28)

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A sample of a cover song by Kenty
"Mousou Kanshou Daishou Renmei", composed by DECO*27

kenty is a model and an utaite who sings mostly on TwitCasting. He has a smooth and relaxing voice in the mid-range. Although he can transition between high and low notes with little difficulty, as seen in his cover of Byoumei wa Ai Datta. He is active in Niconico's namahousou before he started uploading his covers at the end of 2014. He also uploads many short covers to YouTube, and seems to be a fan of K-POP as he has covered TWICE's TT and BTS' I NEED U.

His most popular cover is "Ifuudoudou" Nv, with over 160K views as of May 2018.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Member of Love Desire
  2. Love Desire (Released on August 15, 2015)
  3. Yushu no Toki (Released on December 31, 2015)
  4. Setsuna Clover (Released on January 30, 2016)
  5. Aibu Labyrinth (Released on August 10, 2016)
  6. Nijiiro Parade (Release on August 18, 2016)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Higai Mousou Keitai Joshi (Wara)" Nv(Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl (lol)) feat. LaN and kenty (2014.08.21)
  2. "Hitorinbo Envy" Nv (Solitary Hide and Seek Envy) (2014.11.02)
  3. "GLIDE" Nv (2014.11.03) (Deleted)
  4. "Sayonara Dake ga Jinsei da" Nv (Life is Only Full of Goodbyes) (2015.02.21)
  5. "Ifuudoudou" Nv (Pomp and Circumstance) (2015.08.21)
  6. "World Lampshade" Nv (2015.10.28)
  7. "Koi no ABO" Nv (Love of ABO) feat. Love Desire (2015.12.07)
  8. "Balleriko" Nv (Ballerina Girl) (2016.02.12)
  9. "Ghost Rule" Nv (2016.02.25)
  10. "Ojama Mushi" Nv (Sticky Bug) (2016.03.16)
  11. "Setsuna Clover" Nv (Original song with Love Desire) (2016.04.13)
  12. "Mind Brand" Nv (2016.05.14)
  13. "Beast in the Beauty" Nv (2016.06.11)
  14. "PiNK CAT" Nv (2016.11.04)
  15. "Mousou Kanshou Daishou Renmei" Nv (Delusion Sentimentality Compensation Federation)(2016.11.28)
  16. "Hibikase" Nv (Resonate) feat. Love Desire (2016.12.01)
  17. "Shippaisaku Shoujo" Nv (Failure Girl) (2017.01.19)
  18. "Taiyoukei Disco" Nv (Solar System Disco) (2017.01.24)
  19. "Romeo" feat. kenty and Rid Nv (2017.03.16)
  20. "Suisei Honeymoon" Nv (Comet Honeymoon) feat. Love Desire (2017.06.03)
  21. "Nonsense Bungaku" (Nonsense Literature) Nv (2017.06.05)
  22. "Suicide Parade" Nv (2017.08.05)
  23. "Hibana" (Spark) Nv (2017.08.09)
  24. "Fireworks" (short ver.) (2017.09.07) (YT Only)
  25. "Kaisei" (Clear Weather) Nv (2017.09.14)
  26. "Pina Colada" feat. kenty and sakuya. (2017.10.20) (YT Only)
  27. "LOSER" (short ver.) (2017.10.28) (YT Only)
  28. "Inochi Bakkari" (Nothing but Life) Nv (2017.11.04)
  29. "Byoumei wa Ai Datta" (The Disease Called Love) Nv (2017.11.16)
  30. "Proto Disco" Nv (2017.12.21)
  31. "Loveless" (short ver.) (2017.12.25) (YT Only)
  32. "TT (TWICE song)" -short ver.- (2017.12.25) (YT Only)
  33. "Lemming Ming" Nv (2018.01.26)
  34. "I NEED U (BTS song)" -JPN ver.- (2018.03.08) (YT Only)
  35. "Inochi ni Kirawarete iru." (Hated by life itself.) Nv (2018.03.16)
  36. "Unrequited Love" -short ver.- (2018.05.11) (YT Only)
  37. "Akuma no Odorikata" Nv (2018.05.15)
  38. "Cat Eye Make-Up" Nv (2018.07.11)
  39. "Merry Bad End" Nv (2018.08.30)
  40. "Mabataki" -Acoustic ver.- Nv (Blink) (2018.10.10) (YT Only)
  41. "Koshitantan" Nv (2018.10.28)


For Love Desire albums see here


Kenty in Love Desire
kenty's default icon
Illust. by Mizutama (水玉)
Kenty ev2014
kenty as seen in a live in November, 2014
Kenty by Mizutama
kenty as seen in his twitter
Illust. by Mizutama (水玉)
Love Desire original
From left to right: Sakuya., Toshiyan, Tora* and kenty as seen in Love Desire 1st original CD
Illust. by Mizutama (水玉)
kenty in real life, as seen in his twitter.
Kenty in JR Akihabara
kenty as seen in TwitCasting Billboard in JR Akihabara Station
Kenty 20160130
kenty's costume in Love Desire's live on January 30, 2016.
Kenty LoveDesire
kenty as seen in his twitter
Illust. by Mizutama (水玉)
LoveDesire - SetsunaClover
sakuya. (red), kenty (violet), Tora* (orange) and Toshiyan (blue) as seen in "Setsuna Clover"
Kenty by Kashiba
kenty as seen on his twitter icon and NND
Illust. by Kashiba


  • He is 178cm height and his goal is 180cm.[2]
  • He has a cat named Sera. [3]

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