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Ketchup (けちゃっぷ) is a new utaite who started in late 2014 with a slightly weak and shota-like voice. Some fans noted that his voice can sound female, especially in his higher register, such as in his cover of "Sekai wo Kowashiteiru" Nv.

His voice can sound whispery, shown in his first hit cover "Ai no Scenario" Nv which has over 20K views. His most popular cover is "Ikanaide" Nv, with over 46K views and 2K mylists as of October 2015. 

In Autumn 2016, his account on both NND and YT were deleted. His Twitter has the appearance of looking as if it had been hacked, and the reason for his disappearance is still unknown.

On August 03, 2018 he came back on Twitter and YouTube, and have since made regular updates and covers.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Restart (Released August 06, 2016)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo -Piano ver.-" Nv (The Earth's Final Confession) (2014.08.14) (Deleted)
  2. "Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru" Nv (The World is Falling in Love) (2014.08.29) (Deleted)
  3. "Aimai Retsujou Lover" Nv (Vague Lust Lover) (2014.09.12) (Deleted)
  4. "from Y to Y" Nv (together with "rain stops, good-bye") (2014.10.21) (Deleted)
  5. "Yoake to Hotaru" Nv (Dawn and Fireflies) (2014.12.05) (Deleted)
  6. "Lost One no Goukoku" Nv (The Lost One's Weeping) (2014.12.15) (Deleted)
  7. "Ai no Scenario" Nv (Love's Scenario) (2015.02.11) (Deleted)
  8. "Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku" Nv (Promise Without Words) (2015.05.16) (Deleted)
  9. "Meryuu" Nv (Mairieux) (2015.05.24) (Deleted)
  10. "Umiyuri Kaiteitan" Nv (Water Lily Undersea Story) (2015.06.01) (Deleted)
  11. "Asagao no Chiru Koro ni" Nv (Where the Morning Glory Falls) (2015.06.07) (Deleted)
  12. "Ikanaide" Nv (Don't Go) (2015.07.18) (Deleted)
  13. "pianissimo" Nv (2015.09.02) (Deleted)
  14. "Sekai wo Kowashiteiru" Nv (Terminating the World) (2015.10.12) (Deleted)
  15. "Boku wa kimi no koto ga suki dakedo kimi wa boku o betsu ni suki janai mitai"(2016.01.02) (Deleted)
  16. "Boku ga Monster ni Natta Hi" Nv (The Day I Became a Monster) (2016.01.21) (Deleted)
  17. "Kimi no Yozora Shoukaihan" Nv (Your Night Sky Patrol) feat. colon, Satomi, Ketchup, Jel, and Nanamori (2016.09.10)



Ketchup previous NND
Ketchup's previous NND icon
Ketchup (LINE)
Ketchup as seen in his LINE account
Ketchup previous icon
Ketchup's previous Twitter icon
Ketchup (previous twitter)
Ketchup as seen in his previous Twitter profile picture
Ketchup (twitter)
Ketchup as seen in his current Twitter profile picture
Ketchup RL
Ketchup in real life, as seen in his Twitter
Ketchup RL2
Ketchup in real life, as seen in his Twitter
Ketchup by Fuwa
Ketchup's icon as seen in his subsidiary Twitter
Ketchup as Fuwa banner
Ketchup as seen in his subsidiary Twitter banner


  • He often follows back his followers.
  • He usually names his covers with interesting names such as 調味料の赤いやつが (Choumiryou no akai yatsu ga - lit. The red condiment)

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