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"What should I do about such feelings? Can't you tell me? Just a little?"
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A sample of a cover song by Kou
"Listen Go Rewrite", re-arranged by Diarays

Kou (コウ) is one member of the VOCALOID producers group Diarays working on NND from 2012. In August 2015, Kou decided to become an utaite with his first cover of the song "Friend Shitai"Nv which quickly rised the views and reached more than 75k views as of May 2016. As of the core member of one producers circle knowing for their arrange covers, Kou often makes new arrange for his utattemita videos which are very different with the original songs. Along with his first cover "Friend Shitai"Nv, "Mezase Pokemon Master"Nv is another cover of him has a remarkable arrange.

His voice is warm, smooth and touching in mid-range but it becomes sexy when he sings in lower tone. He has a proficiency of singing various types of music, for example the rap as in his cover of "D"Nv, rock songs as in his cover of "Blue"Nv. Further, his ability shows plentiful in rock style with vibratos, legatos and grunt sounds as in the arrange cover of "Listen Go Rewrite".

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List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Friend Shitai" Nv -Paintful Arrange ver.- (2015.08.30)
  2. "D" Nv feat. Kou and Sai (2016.01.28)
  3. "Blue" Nv (2016.03.21)
  4. "Listen Go Rewrite" -Diarays's Arrange ver.- (2016.03.29)
  5. "Mezase Pokemon Master" Nv (Aim to be a Pokemon Master) -Arrange ver.- (2016.05.20)
  6. "Liar Dancer" Nv (2016.05.29)
  7. "-ERROR" Nv feat. Kou and Rirurira (2016.08.12)
  8. "Synchronizer" Nv (2016.08.14)



Kou in real life, as seen on his twitter
Kou by riuichi
Kou as seen on his Twitter icon
Illust. by Ryuuichi (リウイチ)


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