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A sample of a cover song by Lena
"Namae no Nai Uta", composed by DATEKEN

Lena is a Latin American YouTube singer with a voice that is feminine and cute, yet still sounds mature. She does covers of VOCALOID and asian pop songs in Latin Spanish.

Her most popular solo cover is her Spanish "Bad Apple!!", with over 134K views on YouTube as of November 2015.

According to her old blog posts, she has been covering VOCALOID songs since at least 2009, however, her old YouTube account was suspended.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Gekokujou" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea Maxil and Lena (2009.03.13)
  2. "trick and treat" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea Maxil and Lena (2009.04.22)
  3. "Gemini" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea Maxil and Lena (2009.06.21)
  4. "magnet" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea Maxil and Lena (2009.07.24)
  5. "Hitobashira Alice" (Alice Human Sacrifice) -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea Maxil, Elisa Petrikowski, Fransisco Caamal, Marilili and Lena (2009.09.10)
  6. "Juvenile" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea Maxil and Lena (2009.11.16)
  7. "Gekokujou" feat. Andrea Maxil and Lena (2010.05.25)
  8. "trick and treat" -Spanish Music Box ver.- feat. Andrea Maxil and Lena (2010.08.26)
  9. "Never" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea Maxil and Lena (2010.10.12)
  10. "Dream Meltic Halloween" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea Maxil, Lena, Luiz, Tamaki, Shizuki and Eerie-chan (2010.10.31)
  11. "Bad Apple!!" -Latin Spanish ver.- (2011.02.01)
  12. "D. C1TY R0CK" -Latin Spanish ver.- (2011.02.10)
  13. "Symmetric Target" -Latin Spanish ver.- (2011.02.12)
  14. "~ Kokoro komete ~" -Latin Spanish ver.- (2011.02.14)
  15. "Come Back Bad Person" (Kahi song) -Spanish ver.- (2011.02.25)
  16. "Lollipop" -Spanish ver.- feat. Sebastian Dupont, Timer, Piyo and Lena (2011.03.03)
  17. "~ Joke r~" -Latin Spanish ver.- (2011.04.06)
  18. "Namae no Nai Uta" -Latin Spanish ver.- (2011.04.06)
  19. "Gray" -Latin Spanish ver.- (2011.04.06)
  20. "Saihate" -Latin Spanish Heavenly Mix ver.- (2011.04.06)
  21. "Never" feat. Andy and Lena (2011.04.06)
  22. "Bad Apple!!" -Latin Spanish Piano ver.- (2011.04.10)
  23. "SPICE!" -Latin Spanish ver.- (2011.04.11)
  24. "I'm The Best" (2NE1 song) -Spanish ver.- feat. Piyo and Lena (2011.07.10)
  25. "Dara" (Kiss song) -Spanish ver.- (2011.08.28)
  26. "Come Back Bad Person" (Kahi song) -Live Spanish ver.- (2011.11.08)
  27. "Missing You" (2NE1 song) -Spanish ver.- feat. Piyo and Lena (2013.12.29)



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  • She is a student.[1]

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