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"What should I do about such feelings? Can't you tell me? Just a little?"
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A sample of a cover song by Mega
"Comet Honeymoon", composed by Nayutan Seijin

mega (めが) is an utaite with a cute, high, and smooth voice that can sometimes be described as "loli". She has a good high register, as seen in her cover of "Comet Honeymoon"Nvwith fellow utaite giga, which has 67K views.

Beside singing, she also enjoys voice acting, and has done so in her most popular cover, "Uraomotte Umaru~n o Utattemiru~n"Nv, which has over 430K views.

She is mainly known for being a netaite. She is able to make a strange and wild screaming voice in her cover of "Ra bu pon Tenperādo o Utattemita"Nv.

mega sometimes doing a broadcast and hosts lives, during which she will chat with fellow utaite and friends, as well as sing and play games.

List of Covered SongsEdit

Discography Edit

Gallery Edit

mega's avatar as seen in Nico Nico
Mega pastel
mega illustrate herself in Pastel Girl apps
Mega by Minamijima Komando
mega, illustrated by Minamijima Komando
Mega avatar by CHARAT
mega's avatar, illust. by CHARAT

Trivia Edit

  • Her avatar could be seen as a girl with yellow/blonde hair and using a rectangular red glasses.
  • She often doing a collaboration with fellow utaite Tarachio. There's some rumors that maybe both of them are a couple, best friends or siblings.
  • She loves to tweet about her cats and foods.
  • She tweet her video of using the animal costume and trying to balance her body on the gym/yoga ball.
  • She often join the event or booth and selling her goods.
  • Her name 'mega' could be mean as 'spectacles for far-sightedness' in Japanese as seen in her avatar appearance.

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