Melost maintop

Amatsuki (left) and Hashiyan (right) as seen in their official website.

melost is the duet unit between Amatsuki and Hashiyan.


List of SongsEdit

  1. "SPICE!" Nv (2010.12.27)
  2. "Melancholic" Nv (2011.06.24)
  3. "Ai to Nasubi to Heiwa na Kajitsu" Nv (Love and an Eggplant and a Peaceful Fruit) (2012.02.12)
  4. "Petenshi ga Warau Koro Ni" Nv (When the Crooks Laugh) -Arrange ver.- (2012.03.27)
  5. "Poker Face" Nv (2012.07.20)
  6. "Yobanashi Deceive" Nv (Night Talk Deceive) (2014.11.22)
  7. "Chain Karte" Nv (Original) (2015.01.13)
  8. "Kutabare PTA" Nv (2015.02.27)
  9. "Dappou Rock" Nv (Law-Evading Rock) (2016.06.23)
  10. "Roki" Nv (2018.03.10)


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