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  • Thank you Sarah for replying to these anons lately!!!

    I don't even know where all these rude anons are coming from like seriously...

    You make the best replies I just want to tell you that~
    while I'm here in the corner ready to choke some people

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    • Oh, no problem! I reply when I can, I'm quite the chatterbox. And thank you~! I feel quite flattered lol :'D

      (Just hold back the feeling of choking someone, it will pass. X'D! The nice thing about the internet is that even if you're annoyed you can take a deep breath, grit your teeth and type like you're not so that you don't say something you'll regret. lol)

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  • Hey Sarah

    I'm not sure how many songs you added back in or things you've changed so I didn't want to touch his pages. But if you want to add his songs back quickly I recommend going to the hisory and finding the time when his page still had all the links (this one-> Revision as of 13:04, March 27, 2014 (edit)(undo)) click edit and add in any new info you need then publish it.

    The perks of this wiki is that you can restore and look at pages at any point in time.

    Don't create more work than you need to okay? People really tend to overlook the history tool so keep it in mind and make good use of it!

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    • I didn't even know you could use it that way!! Thanks so much!! <3 I wish I had known that before I did it all manually, lol... Though there were some things I couldn't find and I know a few were private before and I didn't know which ones, so undoing the edit would be best.

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  • Stopping by to say hi,

    and to tell you, if you want an "edit" button on your sandbox for the page section h1 headers (e.g. KCEDB), you'd have to add a snippet of code to your sup.css, this one:

    /* H1 section edit */
    .WikiaArticle h1 .editsection {
      display: inline !important;
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  • Hello

    I've noticed that you've posted a lot of pictures lately, notably on Nipah's page

    I understand that you want to help but if possible could you try to only post pictures that are relevant? For example song avatars and such. If the singer doesn't have much pictures in the gallery then self depictions are okay but Nipah already has a lot of avatar pictures so it isn't needed too much.

    As for real life pictures. I think the picture with Nipah and Amaito is rather that should be avoided too.

    I'd also like to point out on Razzy's page to please not use "confession" pictures. They can contain very...opinionated statements which is what the wiki tries very hard to avoid. We are suppose to be an unbiased source of information afterall.

    Thank you.

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    • Ah, alrighty. Well, the MMDs are used for their cover videos so I didn't realize they weren't relevant... And, I thought the real-life picture was okay because it was taken and put up on Nipah's tumblr by fan request... but if you think it's too personal then being moderator, you'd probably know better than me. Ah, okay. It was the only real-life picture of him I could find. I guess the small gif will have to do. I'll try to keep this all in mind in the future, thanks.

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    • Ah..hmm relevant may not be the best word to use but yes MMDs are okay if it was used in a cover video but if its used to create something else, it becomes not so relevant to cover video anymore you see? I hope don't sound too unclear o.o;;

      Real-life pictures are okay! Its just that I usually try to avoid anything related with relationships (lol that was not intentional) because.....the whole world doesn't need who is dating who and stuff. Well let me explain it this way, in encyclopedias or just profiles of famous people, you don't see pictures of them kissing (or close to at least) anyone. Those type of pictures are only really found on social media related websites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc) which are personal' Or paparazzi magazines but lets not mention that.............

      The wiki's aim is to provide information, but not so much that we "infringe into their space" so to say. We don't want to become stalkers (even though the wiki already has sort of a reputation for it already *cry*).

      Sorry if I sound condescending >A< I'm not really trying to be!! Gosh the first impression you have of me is me scolding you but really, I appreciate all the work you've done for the wiki. And with that I give you a proper welcome that is not from a bot. Welcome to the Utaite Wiki I really do hope you enjoy your stay and is not scared off by me~

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    • Ah, okay! I think I get it. Ah, okay. It's just, those two are REALLY public about their relationship so I didn't really think that one was TOO personal. But I guess to be safe we shouldn't include it. Don't want to infringe on their privacy. D'aww, I didn't realize the wikia had that kind of rep! >w< It's not like anyone hacks into their accounts. If they say something online people will hear about it, yknow? Thats not anyone else's fault... I felt like a stalker looking for refs for personal info, I must admit X'D But I was only going through fanquestions they answered. It's not like I intruded on anything private. It's okay~! I was worried that in my previous post that I was the one who sounded condescending!! X'D When I do something wrong I always feel the need to explain my reasoning, I guess so people don't think badly of me, but I end up sounding like I'm trying to prove I'm right which I'm not X'D! Actually I had a good first impression of you, you're quite welcoming! You were just setting me straight, that's all! And thank you for the welcome~! :'D I quite enjoy editing here, I love utaite and putting things in order makes my OCD brain happy X'D!

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  • Continuation of this.

    when you encounter something else you want to tell me, please continue here or on my wall ;)

    The other message is getting too long.

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    • Boron's and Katakiri Rekka's spotlights are not included in the randomly generated template on the main page, so it's okay to let them be. But if you insist in deleting them because of like unfairness reasons or I don't know what else, I don't mind. (I might or might not delete them sometime in the future, when I see it's necessary) ;D

      As for the watchers: go to the userpage, and look at the number next to the star which is next to the profile pic.

      There are not many spotlights for YouTube singers yet. Like 4 out of 29? are YouTube singers. I only created those that were once on a list of proposed YouTube singers, and other than that not more were created, so yea! Go for it! Create some spotlights! Give them some attention! ;D

      On a side note, if you find a super duper nice pic for a spotlight, which is not a thumbnail, (while the tumbnail pics from e.g. Twitter are not so nice) you can still use it, and kind of zoom in, to only show the face part. Like it is done on Shakemii's spotlight. (By just inserting random numbers and press the preview button to see how it looks ;D )

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    • Well, I'd just say because they're taking up unnecessary space X'D! But if they don't show up anyways maybe I'll be lazy and let them be.

      Ah, okay! I wasn't sure if that was it.

      I have like 3 YT singers on my favourites list who fit the requirements, i'll add them when i get a chance then~!

      i'll try for nice pics ahaha XP okay, thanks~!

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  • As an answer to this, if you don't find them too boring, there are some tasks that don't require any knowledge about japanese or utaite.

    1. You can add new format to the affiliation sections as per the following layout on the male NND singers pages (I'm currently doing this as well, among other stuff, I go alphabetically through them)

    # ''Albumname'' (XXX album) with [[otherutaitename]] (Released on Month XX, 20XX)
    • Album names in italics
    • (XXX album) only, if the album is not linked to an album on the wiki (or on a complete album page on another english wiki, e.g. links to the vocaloid wiki for vocaloid albums)
    • duet albums (which are listed on the discography), other collaboration albums and also collaboration albums of groups, the utaite is in, should also be put in the affiliation section with a link to the appropriate album (the link (in source mode) is [[pagename#albumname|albumname]] or when the albbum is on the utaite's page, only [[#albumname|albumname]])

    2. Another task which might seem a bit offputting at first (because it's a long list) is, to add birthdays to the birthdaycalendar

    3. And there's one really easy task too. It's reordering the parameters to the new format in source mode on

    4. And then there's this other tedious task, that I plan to try my hands on doing a script for (but that's in the indeterminate future), and which has a pretty high priority. It's to gather all illustrators of which we have images used on the wiki, and to put them onto this list. And if there are illustrators, that don't have a link, you can just comment in the edit summary

    *takes a deep breath* I hope I was not like overwhelming you with this all or seeming blunt or such OTL, and you don't need to do this, if you don't feel like doing so hehehe. (You're already doing a great job with linking to YouTube ^u^) However, it'd be very nice.

    You might also want to take a look at the to do list. The above tasks are taken from there.

    And if I have been unclear somewhere in formulation, don't be afraid to ask! (Didn't want to make the message even longer heheh)

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    • OHH we keep the links for the private ones !? So sorry, I'll remember that next time! >w<!

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  • Aww cute, you even link to the wiki XD

    Hehe really nice XD

    *rolls away again*

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  • Hi, welcome to Utaite Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:Candiifaec page.

    If you have any questions, you might want to check out the Tutorial and Guidelines page first, as your question may have been answered there already.

    If you have any further questions please leave me a message, I can help with anything!

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    • Wow... sorry! It took me a year to get back to you, aha... >w< Well, I haven't logged on in a year since I made this account since I lost the username somewhere and my email got hacked...

      I'd read most of it already though, since it linked on the front page. :'3

      All I really intend to do is fix deadlinks if I find a proper link, and if I don't then comment and say I deleted that deadlink in case anybody else finds it.

      Though I'm glad you relinked me, I made a slight mistake that I noticed in the rules and had to go back and fix. x'3 Accidentally linked a subbed video, whoops. Missed that note at first (I think I might've zoned out a bit reading the whole thing first time, ahah).

      Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll be sure to check the rules an extra time before I ever do anything else. :'D

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    • Hellos~

      Great that you got access back on your account ^u^, and it's awesome, that you're fixing all those deadlinks we have on the wiki XD

      However, keep in mind, that the reprint must link back to the original. (This is the most important guideline) Though probably there are still quite a few videos, that don't have those (/_\) we'd have to remove them someday orz

      Subbed videos are unrecommended, but if there's no other good reprint available, it's okay to link to them.

      Additionaly, a list of (commonly used) recommended reprinters, utaite's own YouTube channels and unrecommended reprinters can be found here, it may help with adding links, and if you want, you can also add on the list, as it's probably far from complete XD

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    • Ohh, okay! Thanks so much! <3 I never saw that part, even reading thru it twice O.o I guess I miss things when I read a lot eheh ^^' But I'll make sure to follow that.

      Thanks! The link is very helpful!

      Oh, really? So subbed ones are okay if there's no other links avaliable?? That's good. That sounds quite reasonable.

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