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A sample of a cover song by Nanawo Akari
"Dance Robot Dance", composed by NayutalieN

Akari Nanawo (ナナヲアカリ; ななをあかり) is a professional singer who was active in a band in 2011 and became a solo singer in 2014. Her first indie mini album was released in Summer 2016, after 2 original songs composed by the VOCALOID producer Neru, were uploaded on both NND and YT. However, she only became an utaite only after her cover of the VOCALOID song "Dance Robot Dance"Nv.gif in December 2016.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[edit | edit source]

List of Covered/Original Songs[edit | edit source]

  1. "Happy ni Naritai" Nv.gif (I Want to Be Happy; Original song with Neru) (2016.06.28)
  2. "Bibitcha Inai" Nv.gif (I'm Not Scared; Original song with Neru) (2016.07.26)
  3. "Discommu Seijin" Nv.gif (Discommunication Alien; Original song with NayutalieN) (2016.11.19)
  4. "Dance Robot Dance" Nv.gif (2016.12.22)
  5. "Reversible Campaign" Nv.gif (2017.02.01)
  6. "Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan" Nv.gif (Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow) (2017.03.07)
  7. "Manneri Life" Nv.gif (Boring Life) (2017.04.07)
  8. "The Hurting Girl Inside Me" Nv.gif (2017.05.20)
  9. "Isshou Kiseki Ni Sugattero" Nv.gif (2017.07.13) (Original with Neru)
  10. "Dadadada Tenshi" Nv.gif (Original with NayutalieN) (2017.07.31)
  11. "Nnawakenaikedo" Nv.gif (Yeah, as if) (Original with DECO*27) (2017.08.10)
  12. "Meruheru Shouwakusei" Nv.gif (Fairy Tale Hell Asteroid) (Original with NayutalieN) (2017.09.08)
  13. "Doppel Ally" Nv.gif (Original with Eve) (2018.02.10)
  14. "Instant Heaven" Nv.gif feat. Eve and Nanawo Akari (Original with NayutalieN) (2018.02.25)
  15. "SNOBBISM" Nv.gif (2018.06.08)
  16. "One Room Sugar Life" Nv.gif (2018.08.10) (YT link Japan-only)
  17. "Osyakaninaru" Nv.gif (2018.09.14) (Original with Neru) (NND only)
  18. "Mousou Happy End" Nv.gif (2018.10.26) (Original with DECO*27) (NND only)
  19. "Merry Bad End" Nv.gif (2018.12.25) (NND only)
  20. "Dramaturgy" Nv.gif (2019.02.15) (NND only)
  21. "Passport" Nv.gif (2019.04.03) (NND only)
  22. "Shiawase Syndrome" Nv.gif (Original with NayutalieN) (2019.04.10)
  23. "Otona No Peter Pan" Nv.gif (Original with PinocchioP) (2019.04.19) (NND only)
  24. "Reset Set" Nv.gif (Original with Kairiki Bear) (2019.09.07)
  25. "Dameleon Heart" Nv.gif (Original with NayutalieN) (2019.09.28)
  26. "Yes Man Is Dead" Nv.gif (2019.10.26)
  27. "Akari ga Yatte Kita zo" Nv.gif (2020.01.01) (NND only)
  28. "Turing Love" Nv.gif feat. Nanawo Akari and Sou (Original with NayutalieN) (2020.01.18)
  29. "Gyaso Shoujo" Nv.gif (Opposite Girl) (Original with MikitoP) (2020.03.29)
  30. "ROKI" Nv.gif (2020.05.10)
  31. "Beats of Jupiter" Nv.gif (2020.06.12) (Not in mylist)
  32. "Otome Kaibou" Nv.gif (2020.07.07) (Not in mylist)
  33. "Events and Fantasies" Nv.gif (Original with balloon) (2020.07.25) (Not in mylist)
  34. "note: ~ Incomplete two days ver." Nv.gif (2020.08.24) (Not in mylist)
  35. "Villain" Nv.gif (2020.08.30) (Not in mylist)
  36. "Kanzen Houki Sengen" Nv.gif (Complete Resignation Declaration) (2020.09.07) (Not in mylist)
  37. "Kamatte Choudai" Nv.gif feat. Nanawo Akari and 000 (2020.09.20) (Not in mylist)
  38. "Higher's High" Nv.gif (2020.10.03) (Not in mylist)
  39. "Nanakorobi Nanaoki" Nv.gif -Short ver.- (2020.12.05) (Not in mylist)
  40. "Nanakorobi Nanaoki" Nv.gif (2021.01.16) (Not in mylist)

Commercially Featured Works[edit | edit source]

  • "One Room Sugar Life" - Released on August 22, 2018
    • Opening of the TV anime "Happy Sugar Life",Illust.By Terada Tera

  • "Turing Love" feat. Sou - Released on February 4, 2020
    • Ending theme of the anime adaptation of Rikkekoi,Illust.By Terada Tera

  • "Higher's High" - Released on October 21, 2020
    • Opening of the TV anime "Warlords of Sigrdrifa"

  • "Dadadada tenshi (fly away for objects ver)" - Released on July 31, 2021
    • Ending of the 3d tv object movie "inanimate insanity fly away" by adam katz (english dub with sheana cee)

  • "Dadadada Tenshi" - Released on July 31, 2017
    • Last 3030 Opening of TV anime "red x"

Discography[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Nanawo Akari's YT icon
Nanawoakari closeup.jpg
Nanawo Akari's close up real life photo
Nanawoakari concept.png
Nanawo Akari's debut concept photo
Nanawoakari wants to be happy.png
Nanawo Akari as seen in "Happy ni Naritai" Nv.gif
Illust. by Tera Terada (寺田てら)
Nanawoakari - discommunication alien.png
Nanawo Akari as seen in "Discommu Seijin" Nv.gif
Illust. by Tera Terada(寺田てら)
Higher's High CD Cover.png
Nanwo Akari's Single of Higher's High

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her bloodtype is B[1].
  • Her favorite things are manga, iPhone, staying in her room, and foods[1].
  • She hates the Sun, exercise, and Yamanote Line[1].

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