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A sample of a cover song by Natsumura
"Ruri ni Omoi wo Soete.", composed by Elm

Natsumura (夏村, lit. summer village) is an utaite who started singing in 2014.

He has a warm, soothing and pleasant voice with a sonorous sound in a technically singing style that carries emotional weight. His voice type fits well His voice type fits well with TOKOTOKO's music and he also covered many songs from this producer.

He often covers mellow melodies and songs in between slow-middle tempo, however, sometimes he made an impressive appearance with fast tempo song such as in his cover of "Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan"Nv.

As the reason of his stage name, Natsumura makes a cover of one song singing about summer and uploads it on his birthday every year, including "Natsu no Hi to, Yuurei to, Kamisama"Nv and "Natsu no Hanken"Nv.

He usually changes the song key to fit his voice range.

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List of Covered SongsEdit

Notice: This utaite has forbidden reprints. Thus, all links in this playlist link to official original uploads on Nico Nico Douga or YouTube (if the utaite has a YT account).
  1. "S・K・Y" Nv (2014.08.09)
  2. "Natsu no Owari, Koi no Hajimari" Nv (Summer's End, Love's Beginning) feat. Natsumura and Mimippe (chorus) (2014.08.16)
  3. "Koizora Yohou" Nv (Forecast for My Weather of Love) (2014.09.20)
  4. "Boku wa Hatsune Miku to Kisu wo Shita" Nv (I Kissed Hatsune Miku) (2014.10.14)
  5. "Girlfriend in Blue" Nv (2014.10.26)
  6. "Heart à la Mode" Nv feat. Natsumura and (chorus) Moeko, Konoco, @gain, Souren (2014.11.17)
  7. "Heart to Heart" Nv (2014.12.15)
  8. "Gears of Love" Nv (2014.12.24)
  9. "Shounen to Mahou no Robot" Nv (The Boy and The Magical Robot) (2015.01.25)
  10. "Sayoko" Nv -Piano ver.- (2015.04.22)
  11. "Ruri ni Omoi wo Soete." Nv (Filling the Emotions in the Glass.) (2015.05.16)
  12. "Kotonoha Karma" Nv (Words Karma) feat. Natsumura and Ayo (2015.05.23)
  13. "Idola no Circus" Nv (Idola's Circus) (2015.06.17)
  14. "Häagen-Dazs Ika no Sappuukei" Nv (A Scenery Bleaker Than Häagen-Dazs) (2015.07.07)
  15. "Asagao no Chiru Koro ni" Nv (When the Glory Morning Falls) (2015.07.25)
  16. "Natsu no Hi to, Yuurei to, Kamisama" Nv (A Summer Day and a Ghost and God) (2015.08.09)
  17. "Lap Tap Love" Nv (2015.08.27)
  18. "Heartbeat from You" Nv (2015.09.09)
  19. "Setagaya Night Sarari" Nv (2015.09.19)
  20. "Tokyo Summer Session" Nv feat. Natsumura and Ayo (2015.10.02)
  21. "Koshitantan" Nv (Waiting for a Chance to Pounce) (2015.10.05)
  22. "World Lampshade" Nv (2015.10.29)
  23. "Kimi no Suki na Hon" Nv (Your Favorite Book) (2015.11.03)
  24. "Kimi-iro ni Somaru" Nv (Dyed in Your Color) (2015.11.09)
  25. "Million Dollar Dreamers" Nv (2015.11.14)
  26. "Kinyoubi no Ohayou" Nv (Friday's Good Morning) (2015.12.30)
  27. "Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan" Nv (Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow) -JUN's Arrange ver.- (2016.01.10)
  28. "Yume no Echizu to, Himitsu no Aizu" Nv (A Dreaming Drawn Map and the Secret Signal) (2016.01.29)
  29. "Paintër" Nv ✿ Various colors feat. Hamahiro, Urara, Natsumura, Rakugaki Kobito, He_Low, Au, Leychal, Minakawa Nao, Rita☆, Gurumi and Shintaros (2016.02.26)
  30. "○○○○○" Nv (2016.03.15)
  31. "Acerola" Nv (2016.04.04)
  32. "Ultra Planet" Nv (2016.04.20)
  33. "Moshi, Ima Shika Ienai Koto ga Aru to Shitara." Nv (If There Were Something I Could Only Tell You Now.) (2016.05.30)
  34. "Pocket-size Dramatically" Nv (2016.06.13)
  35. "Odore Orchestra" Nv (Dance Orchestra) (2016.06.17)
  36. "Kabin ni Fureta" Nv (Touched on the Vase) (2016.07.21)
  37. "Natsu no Hanken" Nv (Summer Ticket Stub) (2016.08.09)
  38. "Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo" Nv -Grimm's Fairy Tales- feat. Blanc, Natsumura, Anzu, Oshiri, kent, Zakuro, La-la, and *sile (2016.08.28)
  39. "Da Vinci no Kokuhaku" Nv (Da Vinci's Confessions) (2016.10.13)
  40. "Hide and・Seek" Nv (2016.10.20)
  41. "Bad Dance Hall" Nv (2016.11.27)
  42. "Mousou Kanshou Daishou Renmei" Nv (Delusion Sentimentality Compensation Federation) (2016.12.08)
  43. "Heroic Little" Nv (2016.12.19)
  44. "Shouchuu no Tama" Nv (Apple of My Eye) (2017.01.17)
  45. "Sakura Zensen Ijou Nashi" Nv (Cherry Blossom Front Line is All Clear) feat. Natsumura and Melo (2017.02.12)

Songs on TmBoxEdit

Notice: Due to the shutdown of TmBox, those links will not work anymore.

  1. "Antibeat" -Short ver.- (2014.10.18)
  2. "Youkai Taisou Daiichi" (Monster Exercise Number one) (2014.10.19)
  3. "Kabutomushi" (2014.11.15)
  4. "Queen of Hearts" -Short ver.- (2014.11.23)
  5. "Sainou Sampler" (Talent Sampler) -Short ver.- (2014.12.10)
  6. "Handmade Mirai" (Handmade Future) -Short ver.- (2014.12.31)
  7. "rain stops, good-bye" -Short ver.- (2015.02.28)
  8. "Yoake to Hotaru" (Dawn and Fireflies) -Short ver.- (2015.03.31)
  9. "Yakusoku no Starry Night" (Promise on the Starry Night) -Short ver.- (2015.04.14)
  10. "Ai no Scenario" (Love's Scenario) -Short ver.- (2015.05.02)
  11. "Yonjuunana" (Forty Seven) -Short ver.- (2015.05.02)
  12. "Meryuu" (2015.06.07)
  13. "Ghost Rule" -Short ver.- (2016.01.23)



Natsumura as seen in his NND, Ask and TmBox icon
Illust. by Mayo (まよ)
Natsumura twicon3
Natsumura as seen on his Twitter icon
Natsumura twicon2
Natsumura as seen on his Twitter icon
Natsumura twhead
Natsumra as seen on his Twitter banner
Illust. by Kumanoko Banya (くまの子ばにゃ)
Grimms Fairy Tales
From left: La-la, *sile, kent, Zakuro, Natsumura, Blanc, Anzu, Oshiri as seen in "Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo" Nv
Illust. by Benichiru (べにちる)
Natsumura - Sayoko
Natsumura as seen in his cover of "Sayoko"Nv
Illust. by p-chan
Natsumura Tri-Star
Natsumura in the live Tri-Star, as seen on his Twitter
Natsumura twicon
Natsumura as seen on his Twitter icon
Melo x Natsumura - Sakura
Melo (left) and Natsumura (right) as seen in their cover of "Sakura Zensen Ijou Nashi"Nv
Illust. by Keto (けと)


  • The name "Natsumura" (summer village) popped up in his mind when he tried to find a surname which can carry his be-born season[2].
  • His favorite band is UVERworld, besides ONE OK ROCK[2].
  • His favorite utaite are Ryo-kun and Rib[2].
  • His favorite colors are red and green[2].
  • He has a hair fetish but does not concern about the length of it as if it is beautiful[2].
  • Summer Wars is an anime that he never gets tired of watching.[2].
  • He likes A cup to C cup[2].
  • When a fan asked him what kind of earth-friendly behavior should have in the World Environment Day, he made a joke that this behavior is "do not breathe"[2].
  • Three evil things he thought they should not appear in the world are crime, war, and nuclear weapons[2].
  • He is about 60kg in weight.[2].
  • His foot size is about 27.5 to 28[2].
  • He can run 50m in 6.9 seconds[2].
  • He often reads novels[2].
  • His favorite subject in school is social science[2].
  • He loves to cook. His favorite foods are fish, meat and vegetables while he hates dried grapes.[2].

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