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A sample of a cover song by Ohagi
"Dokugaron code:altered", composed by ORYO

Ohagi (おはぎ) is active on Nico Nico Douga probably much more known for her illustrations and videos however she also uploads song covers as an utaite, though seldom. As she is mainly an illustrator, her covers are tagged with "utau eshi" (歌う絵師, singing artist).

Her first cover, which she uploaded on May 2011, was of "behind me"Nv, which is currently her most viewed one, with 35K views as of May 2013.

Her voice is of the deeper, more solid type, which gives off a cool and husky but velvety impression. She can mantain a constant, soft and beautiful vibrato base while singing, most prominently to be heard in her cover of "Gothic and Loneliness"Nv or "Yoshiwara Lament"Nv.

As an illustrator she's associated with ORYO, and her covers are often mixed by him. She also often sings songs of their circle. They even did a self-cover album together.

And as she is mainly an illustrator her song cover videos always feature at least one drawing by her.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Member of FAULHEIT (illust) with ORYO (music)
  2. Cheerful Chaotic Music ~ Ko~ra no Yukai na Nakamatachi ~ (Released on July 15, 2012)
  3. SELBST -SELF COVER COLLECTION- with ORYO (Released on April 27, 2013)

Collaboration UnitsEdit

  1. Hagiakane (萩赤音) with Akiakane

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "behind me" Nv (2011.05.17)
  2. "Babylon" Nv feat. Akiakane and Ohagi (harmonies) (2011.10.28)
  3. "Dokugaron code:altered" Nv (Solipsism code:altered) feat. ORYO and Ohagi (chorus) (2011.12.14)
  4. "Dokugaron code:altered" Nv (Solipsism code:altered) (2011.12.26)
  5. "Gothic and Loneliness" Nv (2012.05.07)
  6. "Magia" Nv (Kalafina song) feat. Ohagi, Nimo and Journey (2012.07.11)
  7. "Yoshiwara Lament" Nv (2012.08.02)
  8. "Immoral Actress" Nv (2012.11.09)
  9. "Stand Alone" Nv (2013.04.12)
  10. "sweet, sweet" Nv (2014.04.18)
  11. "Casanova to Junjou" Nv (Casanova and the Pure Heart) (2014.08.15)
  12. "Shinkaron code:variant" Nv (Evolution code:variant) (2014.10.09)
  13. "Risky Game" Nv -Acoustic Guitar ver.- (2014.10.13)
  14. "Shoujo to Kuroneko wa Halloween no Yoru ni" Nv (The Girl and the Black Cat on Halloween Night) feat. Nimo and Ohagi (2014.10.24)



Ohagi's default icon
Ohagi as seen in her Nico Nico Douga community
Illust. by herself


  • All of her covers have more Mylists than comments, and therefore are tagged with damatte Mylist (黙ってマイリス, lit. silent Mylist).

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