A sample of a cover song by Phoebe
"Violet Snow," from Violet Evergarden (Collaboration with Piano Prince of Anime)

Phoebe (Feebeechanchibi) is a YouTube singer known for her sweet voice with a characteristic airiness and gentleness. She primarily covers anime songs and a few J-pop, K-pop, video game, and vocaloid songs; she mostly sings in Japanese and sometimes in English. As of 2014, she started doing voice acting as well on Behind The Voice Actors. She is depicted as a pink-haired loli.

She began posting covers on YouTube at the age of thirteen in early 2010, beginning with her cover of Sou Da Yo , the ED to the movie Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime. She was relatively unknown with the exception of a few popular covers, as she tended to cover older or more unpopular songs and posted only a few videos a year. Beginning in 2014, however, she began posting covers more regularly and participating in more collaborations and experienced an influx of subscribers. Her most notable covers to date are Unravel -Piano ver.- (her most popular cover to date, with over 200k views), Han'eikyuteki ni Aishite Yo , and Miraikei Answer.

Beginning in January 2017, Phoebe began singing under the Japanese record label, HAF Records. Her debut single was released on December 20, 2017.

Phoebe collaborates often with her duet partner and boyfriend Ryan (SKAttack) . She also has worked with the guitarist Ahkomine and the pianist PianoPrinceOfAnime.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Member of Supasuta Studio (Gen. 1)
  2. Member of the net idol group Hoshine
  3. Member of the net idol group Nanairo Hearts
  4. Member of Assiduous Children
  5. Member of the youtaite unit Carousel (consisting of Phoebe, Shoko, Lucy, and Meririn)
  6. Member of the Love Live fan cover group Cantata ღ Chorus
  7. Member of the Love Live English cover group Harmonias Idols
  8. Member of the Love Live English cover group Project μ-sic!
  9. Member of the net idol group Peach Prism
  10. Member of Dere∞Dere Chorus as a Deredere
  11. Member of Team LJC organized by Jayn
  12. Member of Juice☆POP! (in the Lyrica System Online 2016)
  13. Member of Monokuro🌸Sakura (in the Murasagi Mini Duet Gala 2016)
  14. Member of VALKYRIES, a sub unit of Yume48Project

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Sou Da Yo" (Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime ED) (2010.01.01)
  2. "Aimo~Tori no Hito" (Macross Frontier Insert Song) (2010.05.30)
  3. "Ashita Kuru Hi" (Kobato Insert Song) (2010.06.23)
  4. "Seikan Hikou" (Macross Frontier Insert Song) (2010.06.29)
  5. "Watashi ni Dekiru Koto" (Kobato ED2) (2010.07.05)
  6. "Meltdown" (2010.07.10)
  7. "Campanella" (2010.07.15)
  8. "Hello!" (The Idolm@ster) feat. Minori, Marise, Bri, Inu, Momoko, Akahana, Len, Shoko, Joakkar (2010.12.24)
  9. "The Garden of Everything" (Raxephon) (2011.03.06)
  10. "My Song" feat. Cloudlvr93 and AimiHime (2011.07.10)
  11. "Neko no Kimochi" (Escaflowne Character Song) (2011.07.14)
  12. "Regret Message" (2011.07.14)
  13. "The Coming Tomorrow" (Kobato Insert Song) (2011.07.14)
  14. "Romeo and Cinderella" feat. Lulu, Freya, Marise, Shoko, Rizu, Minori, Len (2011.10.02)
  15. "Silent Night" feat. Shoko, Freya, Marise, Ehmz, Joakkar (2011.12.23)
  16. "Ranka no "Kutsushita no Uta"" (Macross Frontier Cosmic Cuune) (2011.12.25)
  17. "Jellyfish no Kokuhaku" (Kobato ED) (2012.04.02)
  18. "Acchi Kocchi Mainichi" (Acchi Kocchi Character Song) (2012.05.27)
  19. "With You -Bonds-" feat. Marise, Minori, Joakkar, Chiharu, Rizu, Ehmz, Shoko (2012.08.19)
  20. "Just Be Friends" feat. Shoko, Marise, Len, Chiharu, Akahana, Rizu, Kuraudo, Minori, Bri (2012.08.27)
  21. "Zutto Issho" (Tamayura Character Song) (2012.11.19)
  22. "Peach ENGLISH" (2012.11.24)
  23. "Marble" (Rinne Lagrange OP2) (2013.03.10)
  24. "Tsubasa wa Nai Kedo" (A-Channel insert song) feat. SKAttack (2013.04.29)
  25. "Dream Fighter" feat. Vinar, Freya, Kuraudo, Shoko, Rizu, Ehmz, Marise, Joakkar, Minori (2013.07.07)
  26. "Kiyomi ENGLISH" (2013.10.06)
  27. "Everything's Alright" (To The Moon) (2013.11.30)
  28. "Futari Shizuka" (Otome Youkai Zakuro ED2) feat. SKAttack (2014.01.12)
  29. "Maji 1000% Love" feat. Chinx, Naku, Shoko, Freya, Minori (2014.06.11)
  30. "Han'eikyūteki ni Aishite yo" (Golden Time ED2) (2014.06.14)
  31. "White Album" (White Album Insert Song) feat. PianoPrinceOfAnime (2014.05.17)
  32. "Kizuite Zombie-sama, Watashi wa Classmate desu" (Kore wa Zombie desu ka? ED) feat. SKAttack and Ahkomine (2014.06.20)
  33. "Mogitate Fruit Girls" (No-rin ED1) feat. Shoko (2014.06.25)
  34. "Kogarashi Sentiment" (Koimonogatari OP) feat. SKAttack and Ahkomine (2014.08.01)
  35. "Mada Dame Yo JAP/ENG" (Madoka Rebellion Insert Song) (2014.08.05)
  36. "Hana wa Odoreya Irohaniho" (Hanayamata OP) feat. SKAttack and Ahkomine (2014.08.18)
  37. "Unravel -Piano ver.-" (Tokyo Ghoul OP) (2014.08.27)
  38. "Euterpe ENG" (Guilty Crown Insert Song) (2014.09.02)
  39. "Futari no Chronostasis" (Majimoji Rurumo ED) (2014.09.19)
  40. "Akahitoha" feat. Ai-say, Noki, saint ♔, Kran, Gwen, Nao, Sia, Rin, Luna, Una, cir, Luke (2014.09.28)
  41. "Hana wa Odoreya Irohaniho" feat. noki, miseru, matti, maru (2014.11.15)
  42. "Koibumi (Love Letter)" (2014.12.26)
  43. "Renai Circulation" (Bakemonogatari OP 3) (2015.01.03)
  44. "Oracion" (No Game No Life ED) (2015.01.24)
  45. "Puzzle" (Welcome to the NHK OP) feat. Phoebe and SKAttack (2015.03.15)
  46. "Magnet" feat. Phoebe and Katerinu (2015.06.17)
  47. "Miraikei Answer" (Ore Monogatari OP) (2015.06.24)
  48. "Recover Decoration" (Nisekoi ED2) (2015.07.10)
  49. "Sing a Song (English Chorus)" (Vocaloid) feat. Phoebe, Katyi, Fuwarin, Fluffy, Iruka, hailyn, Sammi (2015.08.05)
  50. "Koi wa Milk Tea" (Rokujouma no Shinryakusha ED) feat. Kinen (2015.08.09)
  51. "Moon Pride Chorus" (Sailor Moon Crystal OP) feat. Asuka, Sash, Blibs, Lizzybella, Nabi, Phoebe, Angel, Hydine, Yumia, Kazu (2015.08.12)
  52. "When You Wish Upon A Star" (Youtaitevision Final Round Entry) feat. Lucy, Meririn, Phoebe, Shoko
  53. "Kuukirikigaku Shoujo to Shounen no Uta" (Subarashiki Hibi OP) (2015.09.02)
  54. "START:DASH!! English Cover" (Harmonias Idols Debut Song, Love Live Insert Song) feat. Kiichan, Phoebe, Rara (2015.10.05)
  55. "Hidamari✩Days Group Cover" (Himouto Umaru-chan ED) feat. Kinen, Luci, Phoebe, Sana (2015.10.17)
  56. "Sweets Parade" (InuxBoku SS ED5) (2015.11.01)
  57. "Don't Graduate, Senpai!" (Senpai Club ED3) (2016.02.14)
  58. "Hana wa Odoreya Irohaniho" (Hanayamata OP) (2016.04.26)
  59. "Shinzou Connect" (Entry of the LSO) feat. Juice☆POP! (2016.06.27)
  60. "Aimo ~ Tori no Hito" (Macross Frontier song) (Entry of the Murasagi Mini Duet Gala 2016) feat. Monokuro🌸Sakura (2016.11.20)
  61. "Sakura no Uta" (Sakura no Uta OP) (2016.10.29)
  62. "Hoshikira" (Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa ED) (2017.01.28)
  63. "The Weight of the World (Multilanguage Cover)" (NieR: Automata Ending Theme) (2017.05.06)
  64. "Violet Snow" (Violet Evergarden Insert/Trailer Song) (2017.12.22)
  65. "Ranka no "Kutsushita no Uta"" (Macross Frontier Cosmic Cuune) (2017.12.25)



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  • Phoebe and SKAttack are a couple.
  • Phoebe made her professional debut under HAF Records in December of 2017, after signing on with the company in January 2017.
  • Phoebe is part of professional idol training program, Idol Academy, in California.

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