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A sample of a cover song by RO☆D
"Hello/How Are You", composed by Nanou

Road (stylized as RO☆D) or Gagadera is a YouTube singer, known for her nice flowing English translyrics on VOCALOID songs. At times, she might sing western songs as well.

RO☆D has a rather strong and solid mid-range voice, but can nevertheless sing in a tender and calm tone and with emotional undertone, which can fit rather slow paced piano ballads well, for example her cover of "I'll Follow You into the Dark". On the other side, she might at occasions sing with more tension such as in her cover of "Leia", which is also her first Japanese cover.

Her most popular cover is her English dub of "Hello/How Are You", for which she wrote the translyrics, with over 300K views on YouTube as of August 2011.

RO☆D once collaborated with JoyDreamer and some Nico Nico Douga singers on an English cover of "Mr. Music"Nv.

RO☆D has participated in the Nico Nico Cho Party II in 2013 as part of the "Nico Nico international exchange".[4]

YouTube subber RaineDrops (Raine) reprints many of RO☆D's covers on Nico Nico Douga.[5]

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Member of lilium album with Aquaspirit77, suntamujp, Rokurorific, K-chan, Lizz Robinett, Eryngo, KoKo, and Caspy (in the Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle 2013)
  2. Member of Capriccio Coro with Ruichimi, rookie, Sora, Takkoshu, and Oishii (in the VOCA★FUSION Chorus Battle 2012)
  3. Member of BAYΘNΞTTΞS with Anna, EiEN, MiiZu, Minima, and Riina (in the Serendipity CB 2014)
  4. Member of quadrumvirate with Skynord, ARU, and Excelsior (in the Blank*Space Battle Royale 2017)
  5. Participant of the (KCE Duet Battle 2 2013) with Nozomu

Collaboration UnitsEdit

  1. RO☆ZOMU with Nozomu
  2. Roashe with Ashe

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Nisoku Hokou" Nv (Two Breaths Walking) -English Piano ver.- (2010.08.22)
  2. "Rolling Girl" Nv -English ver.- (2010.09.13)
  3. "Hope" Nv -English ver.- (2010.09.24)
  4. "Mozaik Role" Nv (2010.12.02)
  5. "Matryoshka" Nv -English ver.- (2010.12.27)
  6. "I'll Follow You into the Dark" Nv (Death Cab for Cutie song) (2010.12.29)
  7. "Last Night Good Night" Nv -English ver.- (2011.01.17)
  8. "Champion" Nv -English ver.- (2011.01.29)
  9. "Yowamushi Montblanc" Nv (Coward Montblanc) -English ver.- (2011.02.05)
  10. "Matryoshka" Nv -English Piano ver.- (2011.03.23)
  11. "Meet you There" Nv (2011.04.06)
  12. "Shinkai Summit" Nv -English ver.- (2011.05.02)
  13. "M/elody" Nv -English ver.- (2011.05.27)
  14. "Unhappy Refrain" Nv -English ver.- (2011.07.31)
  15. "Hello/How Are You" -English ver.- (2011.08.06)
  16. "Leia" Nv -English Piano ver.- (2011.08.19)
  17. "Nisoku Hokou" Nv (Two Breaths Walking) -English ver.- (2011.08.24)
  18. "Sweetiex2" Nv -English ver.- (2011.10.08)
  19. "Namae no Nai Uta" Nv (Nameless Song) -English ver.- (2011.10.31)
  20. "Karakuri Pierrot" Nv (Mechanical Pierrot) -English ver.- (2011.12.16)
  21. "Hoshi ga Matataku Konna Yoru ni" Nv (Upon The Stars Twinkling Ever so Brightly That Night) -English ver.- (2011.12.28)
  22. "Shinitagari" Nv (Wanna Die) -English ver.- (2012.01.13)
  23. "Gossip" (Entry of the VOCA★FUSION Chorus Battle Round 1) feat. Capriccio Coro members (2012.01.23)
  24. "Safe and Sound" Nv (Taylor Swift) -Piano arrange- (2012.03.23)
  25. "Love Song wo Korosanai de" Nv (Don't Kill the Love Song) -English ver.- (2012.04.28)
  26. "Matryoshka" Nv -English Rap ver.- (2012.05.03)
  27. "ViVi" Nv -English ver.- (2012.05.11)
  28. "Halo" Nv -English ver.- (2012.05.14)
  29. "Saihate" Nv -English Short Piano ver.- (2012.05.20)
  30. "Just Be Friends" Nv -English Original Arrange ver.- (2012.06.23)
  31. "Mozaik Role" Nv -Acoustic ver.- (2012.07.02)
  32. "Irony" Nv -English ver.- (2012.07.12)
  33. "Happy Synthesizer" Nv -English ver.- feat. RO☆D and Sinja (2012.07.15)
  34. "Wedding Dress" Nv -English piano ver.- (2012.07.18)
  35. "Vanilla Twilight" Nv -Piano arrange- (2012.07.19)
  36. "Paparazzi" Nv (Lady Gaga song) -Piano arrange- (2013.07.19)
  37. "Why Did I Fall in Love With You?" Nv -English piano ver.- (2012.07.19)
  38. "Kimi=Hana" Nv (Junjou Romantica OP) -English ver.- (2012.07.20)
  39. "Skinny Love" Nv -Piano arrange- (2012.07.21)
  40. "Rinne" Nv -English ver.- (2012.07.29)
  41. "Irony" Nv -English ver.- feat. Ashe and RO☆D (2012.08.17)
  42. "Rinne" Nv -English ver.- (2012.09.12)
  43. "Suteki da ne" Nv -English ver.- (2012.09.23)
  44. "Leia" Nv (2012.10.05)
  45. "Turret Opera" Nv (Portal 2 song) (2012.10.26)
  46. "Want You Gone" Nv (Portal 2 song) (2012.11.07)
  47. "E? Aa, Sou." Nv -English Ib ver.- feat. RO☆D and Aruufi (2012.11.17)
  48. "It's You" Nv feat. RO☆D and Ashe (2012.12.02)
  49. "muddy cloud" Nv -English ver.- (2012.12.12)
  50. "Healing Song" Nv (Tangled song) (2012.12.29)
  51. "Rockbell" Nv -English ver.- (2013.01.05)
  52. "Fall Into Unseen Darkness" (Entry of the Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle Round 1) feat. lilium album members (2013.01.19)
  53. "Souzou Forest" feat. Ruichimi, chesu, Takkoshu and RO☆D (2013.01.23)
  54. "Houkago Stride" Nv -English ver.- (2013.01.25)
  55. "Silver Girl" (Entry of the Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle Round 2) -Awaking mix- feat. lilium album members (2013.03.02)
  56. "Sekiranun Graffiti" Nv -English ver.- (2013.03.10)
  57. "Lie" Nv (2013.03.22)
  58. "PONPONPON" feat. Takkoshu, chesu, Ruichimi, rookie and RO☆D (2013.03.28)
  59. "Kainé/Salvation" Nv (NieR song) (2013.04.05)
  60. "Ayano no Koufuku Riron" Nv (Ayano's Happiness Theory) -English ver.- (2013.05.04)
  61. "Sword of Drossel" (Entry of the Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle Round 3) feat. lilium album members and Carmina Natura members (2013.05.18)
  62. "Mad Lovers" Nv (2013.06.10)
  63. "Yotsuya-san ni Yoroshiku" Nv (Leave it to Yotsuya-san) (2013.06.20)
  64. "Shiki no Uta" (Samurai Champloo ED) feat. LucyHasYou, RO☆D, Lizz Robinett, Lyrratic, Milk, Ateotu, saint ♔, Shiki, K-chan, Katie, Zero, Ryan, Joakkar, Caspy, Gray, Nipah, and AmaitoFuu (2013.06.23) (See 2016.02.27 reupload)
  65. "Guren no Yumiya" Nv (Attack on Titan OP) -Piano arrange- (2013.07.13)
  66. "Lost Destination" (Entry of the Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle Round 4) feat. lilium album members (2013.07.19)
  67. "Memories Within the Mirror" Nv -English ver.- (2013.08.04)
  68. "Da Vinci no Kokuhaku" Nv (Entry of the KCE Duet Battle 2 Round 1) feat. RO☆D and Nozomu (2013.08.08)
  69. "White Knight" Nv (2013.08.14)
  70. "FREYJA.sys" Nv (Entry of the KCE Duet Battle 2 Round 2) feat. RO☆D and Nozomu (2013.08.28)
  71. "Ookami wa Akazukin ni Koi wo Shita" Nv (The Wolf Fell in Love with Red Riding Hood) feat. RO☆D and Kura (2013.09.05)
  72. "Outer Science" Nv -English ver.- (2013.10.20)
  73. "Ifuudoudou" Nv -English ver.- (2013.12.14)
  74. "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" Nv -Short Acoustic ver.- (2013.12.17)
  75. "Otogibanashi" Nv (Fakery Tale) -English ver.- (2013.12.26)
  76. "Watashi he" -English Piano ver.- (2013.12.31)
  77. "Watashi he" -Piano arrange- (2013.12.31)
  78. "Watashi he" Nv -English then Japanese piano ver.- (2014.01.01)
  79. "Yonjuunana" Nv -English ver.- (2014.01.30)
  80. "In Chains" (Entry of the Serendipity CB 2014 Round 1) feat. BAYΘNΞTTΞS members (2014.02.09)
  81. "Mr. Music" Nv -English ver.- feat. Mes, Noire, Bonya, Madoka, RO☆D, EVO+ and JoyDreamer (2014.02.14)
  82. "KiLLER LADY" Nv -English ver.- (2014.03.15)
  83. "Sayoko" Nv -Acoustic ver.- (2013.03.31)
  84. "Streaming Heart" Nv -English ver.- (2014.04.14)
  85. "Sing a Song" Nv (chorus) (2014.04.25)
  86. "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl" (Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl) (2014.07.09)
  87. "Karakuri Pierrot" -Live ver.- (2014.09.20)
  88. "Sword of Drossel" -English ver.- feat. RO☆D and Kura (2014.09.27)
  89. "Umiyuri Kaiteitan" -English ver.- (2015.01.16)
  90. "Say Something" (A Great Big World song) feat. RO☆D and Sumashu (2015.01.28)
  91. "Bad∞End∞Night" -English ver.- feat. RO☆D, Ateotu, KoKo, Lollia, Lizz, Razzy, Ashe and Chase (2015.01.24)
  92. "Flyers" -Death Parade OP English ver.- (2015.05.03)
  93. "Like a Comet" (Steven Universe song) -Piano arrange- (2015.06.08)
  94. "Temple of Time" (Legend of Zelda song) (2015.07.31)
  95. "Miraikei Answer" (Ore Monogatari OP) -English TV Size ver.- (2015.08.13)
  96. "Sasanqua" feat. Chishio/Kuraicy and RO☆D (2015.08.28)
  97. "Balsam" (2015.09.14)
  98. "Pirate F no Shouzou" (Portrait of Pirate F) -English ver.- feat. Rachie, Kiichan, Miku-tan, RO☆D, and Anthong (2015.09.26)
  99. "Dreamer Eater" -English ver.- (2015.10.17)
  100. "Crazy∞Night" Nv (Hitoshizuku × Yama△) -English ver.- -8 Person Chorus- feat. Ateotu, KoKo, Lollia, Lizz Robinett, RO☆D, Razzy, Ashe, Chase, and Caspy (2015.12.01)
  101. "Mahou" (Magic) -English ver.- (2016.01.04)
  102. "Mama" (HoneyWorks) (Entry of the Blank*Space Battle Royale Round 1) feat. quadrumvirate members (2016.02.11)
  103. "Crazy∞Night" Nv (Hitoshizuku × Yama△) -English ver.- -8 Person Chorus- feat. Ateotu, KoKo, Lollia, Lizz Robinett, RO☆D, Razzy, Ashe, Chase, and Caspy (2016.02.19) (Pitched Reupload)
  104. "Shiki no Uta" (Samurai Champloo ED) feat. LucyHasYou, RO☆D, Lizz Robinett, Lyrratic, Milk, Ateotu, saint ♔, Shiki, K-chan, Katie, Zero, Ryan, Joakkar, Caspy, Gray, Nipah, and AmaitoFuu (2016.02.27) (Pitched Reupload)
  105. "Holy Flag" Nv (HoneyWorks) -Plus Guitar- -English ver.- (2016.03.27)
  106. "Re: Love Yourself" (Justin Bieber cover) -Guitar arrange- -Response Lyrics- (2016.05.15)
  107. "kiss me goodbye" (FFXII) -Piano arrange- (2016.08.08)
  108. "Father" Nv (Creep-P) (2016.08.13)
  109. "Canvas" Nv (Original) (2016.10.22)
  110. "Shukufuku no Meshia to Ai no Tou" Nv (Blessed Messiah and the Tower of Ai) -English ver.- -10 Person Chorus- feat. Roux♪, ✿ham, Froggie, Chiisana, Zoozbuh, Razzy, Lucy, JoyDreamer, RO☆D, Toriko (2016.12.23)
  111. "Schwarzer Regen" Nv (regulus) (2017.07.02)
  112. "Maria and Draco" Nv (FFVI) -Piano arrange- feat. AmaitoFuu, RO☆D, and L'Ouïe (2017.07.30)
  113. "Sugar Guitar" Nv (Police Piccadilly) -English ver.- (2018.01.12)
  114. "Dawn to Beginning" (Original) (2018.02.14)
  115. "Twilight ∞ nighT" Nv (Hitoshizuku × Yama△) -English ver.- -8 Person Chorus- feat. Froggie, Lollia, ✿ham, Rachie, RO☆D, Razzy, KoKo, and Sumashu (2018.12.16)
  116. "Android Girl" (DECO*27) -English ver.- (2019.06.03)
  117. "Alice in N.Y." (Hitoshizuku × Yama△) -English ver.- -10 Person Chorus- feat. ✿ham, Chiisana, Lucy, Chiika, Toriko, Zoozbuh, Hikaru Station, Vulkain, Froggie, and RO☆D (2019.12.25)



Road i'll follow you
RO☆D as seen in her cover of "I'll Follow You into the Dark"
Road fb
RO☆D as seen in Facebook and Twitter
RO☆D as previously seen on YouTube
RO☆D twitter
RO☆D as seen on Twitter
RO☆D and Nozomu as seen in their cover of "Da Vinci no Kokuhaku"
Illust. by herself
RO☆D as seen on YouTube
Illust. by herself
RO☆D's depiction of herself as a VOCALOID
BAYΘNΞTTΞS as seen in "In Chains"
Illust. by Arashi and Yura
RO☆D as depicted by herself
Mrmusic english
From left: mao (bass), Madoka, RO☆D, Bonya, Joy, Mes, Noire, EVO+ and DC (piano) as seen in their English cover of "Mr. Music"Nv
Illust. by ajimita
RO☆D's as seen in the Youtaite CM Parody
Illust. by herself
RO☆D's White Knight persona in her Lilium album
Illust. by herself
RO☆D's "The Deserter" art for her Lilium Album
Illust. by herself and kel
RO☆D as seen in her cover of "Rockbell"
Illust. by herself
RO☆D onstage singing "World Is Mine" live at the Nico Cho Party event
RO☆D as seen in her cover of "Ifuudoudou"
Illust. by herself
RO☆D as seen in her piano cover of "Nisoku Hokou"
Illust. by herself
RO☆D's as seen in her cover of "White Knight
Illust. by herself
RO☆D as seen in her cover of "Love Song wo Korosanai de"Nv
Illust. by herself
Illust. by Ateotu
RO☆D as seen in her live one shot take of "Karakuri Pierrot"
Road and a friend depicted as magical girls
Illust. by herself
Road as seen in her collab cover of "Bad∞End∞Night"
Illust. by herself
Road wearing glasses
Road and Nipah depicted in an apocalypse setting
Illust. by herself
Road's blogspot avatar
Road's persona update/banner header
Road dressed up about to go to an audition
Road as seen in her tumblr icon
Road as seen in her group's BSBR chorus entry (drawn by Queen Trash)
Road's new picture for her icon/banner art, illust. by herself


  • She can play the piano.[6], and has done ballroom and Latin dance as long as she has been playing piano. She also used to do kickboxing, but had to quit when she had a surgery on her wrist.[7]
  • She took two years of Japanese in university and can speak it to a degree, but doesn't often sing in Japanese, because her past try on a Japanese song turned out "horribly".[8]
  • She can speak English, German and Japanese.[9]
  • She draws (usually digital art) as a hobby and has used her illustrations for some of her covers from time to time.
  • She doesn't eat meat and likes anything with cinnamon in it [10]
  • She currently is a MA postgraduate acting student, and she has studied something music-related in the past.[11]
  • She used to do archery, but currently doesn't have enough time to pursue her hobby.[7]
  • She is works as a tutor for piano lessons every Saturday.[7]
  • Her alias is derived "rocky road", and "rocky road" resulted from a typo of her real name in secondary school which a nickname, and since she didn't want to be called rocky, she became road instead.[7]
  • She has a degree in linguistics and is more of a "spelling freak".[7]
  • She thinks basset hounds and huskies are the best dogs.[7]
  • She is cross-dominant.[7]
  • She is currently working on getting a master's degree[12] and is getting a job right out of drama school.[13]
  • She uses a groove tubes mic with Logic pro.[14]
  • She has many ear piercings and some tattoos.[14]
  • She is a fan of Markliplier.[15]
  • She is 168 cm (5'6") tall.[16]
  • Her dad is a professional musician.[17]
  • She is lactose intolerant but still enjoys Ben & Jerry's and sorbets[18]
  • Her favorite colors are pink and purple[19]
  • She is the youngest of 4 in her family[20]
  • She has written/published a young adult kindle book called "The Whale in the Sky"[21]
  • She has illustrated something for one of Eyeris/CreepP's songs[22]
  • She has published her first album of original songs in 2019[23]
  • She is now married[24] with one daughter

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