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A sample of a cover song by Rib
"Spark Girl Syndrome", composed by Hinata Denkou

Rib (りぶ) is an utaite with a powerful and slightly nasal yet smooth voice which is often described as "kakkokawaii" (cute yet cool) by fans. He can hit fairly high notes with ease.

He sings songs in a variety of genres changing his tone to fit the song. For rockish songs like "Nibyokan"Nv.gif he can put an uncharacteristic amount of power in his vocals, while for ballads like "crystal mic"Nv.gif he sings in a smooth voice that is more emotional and soothing.

He has a distinct and rich vibrato, which his fans have dubbed "Ribrato" (りぶラート), a portmanteau of "Rib" and "vibrato".

He first started uploading in 2010 with a cover of "Marygold"Nv.gif which had 269k views as of January 2020. However, he gained popularity with his covers of "Pierrot"Nv.gif (780k views) and "Babylon"Nv.gif (1.2 million views). His main breakout cover was "Envy Catwalk"Nv.gif, which had over 10 million views as of January 2020.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects[edit | edit source]

  1. Exit Tunes Academy@Akasaka BLITZ (Released on September 16, 2009)
  2. Alternative (Released on June 12, 2011)
  3. Prescription Drugs for a Stray (Released on September 04, 2011)
  4. under lights (Released on December 31, 2011)
  5. Colorful Mic (Released on December 31, 2011)
  6. Ikemen Voice Paradise 4 (Released on May 02, 2012)
  7. endless resist (Released on August 11, 2012)
  8. Kakasousou (Released on August 11, 2012)
  9. Kami Kyoku wo Utattemita 6 (Released on August 15, 2012)
  10. GigaBanana The Best ~ NORISHIO Aji ~ (Released on July 24, 2013)
  11. Shoubu Zenya Ginpuu ~ Utaite ver. ~ (Released on August 07, 2013)
  12. Gekkan eta Vol. 4 (Released on September 04, 2013)
  13. EXIT TUNES ACADEMY BEST 2 (Released on September 18, 2013)
  14. Yoshiwara Lament ~ Utaite Ban ~ (Released on October 16, 2013)
  15. Gekkan eta Vol. 9 (Released on December 04, 2013)
  16. Bedside Music (Released on December 31, 2013)
  17. HoneyWorks Kyoku Utattemita 4 (Released on December 31, 2013)
  18. Rensou Sankitan (Released on December 31, 2013)
  19. MUSICARA (Released on March 20, 2014)
  20. Kokorone (Released on September 10, 2014)
  21. Parallel Universe -tribute to jimmythumbp- (Released on October 15, 2014)
  22. Upload feat. Vocalist (Released on December 10, 2014)
  23. Heartbeat From You (Released on December 30, 2014)
  24. Soyokaze Little Room tribute to add9 (HeriP) (Released on February 04, 2015)
  25. ♯IVPB ~Ikemen Voice Paradise Best~ (Released on April 03, 2015)
  26. Nijishoku Orchestra ~Grand Symphony with Full Orchestra~ in Tokyo Kokusai Forum (Released on August 16, 2015)
  27. Tensei Zesshou Index -Best Of Utattemita- (Release on December 23, 2015)

List of Covered Songs[edit | edit source]

  1. "Marygold" Nv.gif (2010.05.23)
  2. "Sajou no Yumekui Shoujo" Nv.gif (Dream-Eating Girl on the Sand) (2010.05.23)
  3. "Beautiful Dreamer" Nv.gif (2010.06.02)
  4. "Yoru to Nijiro" Nv.gif (Night and Rainbowcolors) (2010.06.11)
  5. "Starduster" Nv.gif (2010.06.27)
  6. "Pierrot" Nv.gif (2010.06.30)
  7. "Sora no Teien" Nv.gif (Sky Garden) (2010.07.25)
  8. "Flight Time" Nv.gif (2010.08.19)
  9. "Abazureni Blues" Nv.gif (Whore's Blues) (2010.09.05)
  10. "crystal mic" Nv.gif -Acoustic Guitar Arrange- (2010.11.03)
  11. "Futsuu no Machi ~Fairy Land~" Nv.gif (The city of "Normal" ~Fairy Land~) (2010.11.04)
  12. "E? Aa, Sou." Nv.gif feat. Rib and Misumi (2010.11.28)
  13. "Bakunyuu Ondo" Nv.gif (March of Exploding Breasts) feat. Omaru, maro., Rib, Choumiryou, Hiroto., Light, Mayuge, yu-k@, Musen Lan, Kuxia, mimim, Okoge, Yuzuki Kyousuke and sacle (2010.12.24) (Warning: Content not appropriate for minors)
  14. "Utautai no Uta" Nv.gif (A Song I'd like to sing) (2010.12.26)
  15. "Smiling" Nv.gif -~Show Time!~- (collab) (2011.01.16)
  16. "Black Cat" Nv.gif (2011.03.29)
  17. "Yumemachi Contrast" Nv.gif (Conrast of the Dream Town) (2011.03.31)
  18. "Babylon" Nv.gif (2011.05.04)
  19. "I sing for You" Nv.gif (2011.05.23)
  20. "21-Sai no Tanjoubinanode Rib 21 no CM Song" Nv.gif (2011.06.15)
  21. "Flight Time" Nv.gif (Original with NishizawasanP) (2011.06.20)
  22. "Karakuri Pierrot" Nv.gif (2011.07.19)
  23. "Maigo Life" Nv.gif (2011.08.29)
  24. "Maji LOVE 1000%" Nv.gif (Uta no☆Prince-Sama♪ Maji LOVE 1000% ED) feat. Rib, maro., Kony, Shamuon, Amatsuki and Yuuto (2011.09.15)
  25. "Envy Catwalk" Nv.gif (2011.10.23)
  26. "Nounai Denpa" Nv.gif (2011.12.05)
  27. "Sleep Sky Walk" Nv.gif (2012.01.07)
  28. "Colorful World" Nv.gif (2012.02.03)
  29. "Shinzou Democracy" Nv.gif (Heart Democracy) (2012.03.10)
  30. "Propaganda" Nv.gif (2012.03.10)
  31. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" Nv.gif (2012.04.30)
  32. "Himitsu Yugi" Nv.gif (2012.05.30)
  33. "Kisaragi Attention" Nv.gif (2012.06.16)
  34. "Nibyokan" Nv.gif (2012.07.10)
  35. "e-scape" Nv.gif (2012.08.03)
  36. "Kagerou Days" Nv.gif (Heat-Haze Days) (2012.08.15)
  37. "Sode Fureau mo Tashou no En" Nv.gif (When Our Sleeves Touched, It Felt Like We'd Met In A Previous Life) feat. Rib and Itou Kashitarou (2012.09.10)
  38. "Kimagure Stardom" Nv.gif (Original with NishizawasanP) (2012.09.14)
  39. "Boku to Watashi to Nico Nico Douga" Nv.gif feat. shell, Chikatarira, YNG, LIQU@., Baren, Tsukino Shion, kazyuP, Au, Nobunaga, irony, Owata, Reji, Donnie the Dynamite, Tori-san, miy, Noir, Rib, Vin, Yorukichi, Ko~ra, Shuiyuanwuyi, Wataame and Umemiya Hina (2012.09.14)
  40. "Sarishinohara" Nv.gif (Original with MikitoP) (2012.10.05)
  41. "Hello Laughter" Nv.gif feat. Rib, Ryo-kun, Gero, Halyosy, Dasoku and Itou Kashitarou (2012.12.30)
  42. "dialogue" Nv.gif (2013.02.13)
  43. "MUGIC" Nv.gif feat. Rib, Lon, nero, clear, Soraru and Itou Kashitarou (2013.03.17)
  44. "Haiboku no Shounen" Nv.gif (The Defeated Boy) (2013.06.09)
  45. "Da Vinci no Kokuhaku" Nv.gif (Da Vinci's Confession) (2013.08.01)
  46. "StarCrew" Nv.gif -Osamuraisan arrange- (2013.08.05)
  47. "Seisou Bakuretsu Boy" Nv.gif (2013.09.06)
  48. "Tsukiakari" Nv.gif (Original with MikitoP) (2013.09.11)
  49. "Donut Hole" Nv.gif (2013.11.18)
  50. "Kotoba no Uta" Nv.gif (2014.01.01)
  51. "Yonjuunana" Nv.gif (Forty-Seven) (Original with MikitoP) (2014.01.08)
  52. "Just Be Friends" Nv.gif -Jazz-Funk arrange ver.- feat. Rib, clear, Kony, nero and Yuuto (2014.02.12)
  53. "Persona Noise" Nv.gif (2014.02.16)
  54. "Jinsei wa Hoeru" Nv.gif (Original with Neru) (2014.02.28)
  55. "Tsuki Sekai Ryokou" Nv.gif (Lunar World Travel) (2014.02.31)
  56. "Kami no Manimani" Nv.gif (At God's Mercy) feat. Rib and Itou Kashitarou (2014.05.12)
  57. "Spark Girl Syndrome" Nv.gif (2014.05.23)
  58. "Haikei, Natsu ni Oboreru" Nv.gif (2014.09.06)
  59. "Yomosugara Kimi Omou" Nv.gif (2014.10.26)
  60. "Shinzou Connect" Nv.gif (Heart Connect) (Original with Suzumu) (2014.12.04)
  61. "Connecting" Nv.gif feat. Halyosy, Rib, Soraru, Lon, KK, Reol, Shakemii,Otouto no Ane (2014.12.05)
  62. "Fukashin Ryouiki Destroyer" Nv.gif (Sacred Zone Destroyer) (Original with Masayoshi Oishi) (2015.01.18)
  63. "Akaito" Nv.gif (Original with MikitoP) (2015.02.27)
  64. "Dramaturgy" Nv.gif (2017.10.15)
  65. "Last Dance" Nv.gif (2018.12.31)
  66. "Otome Kaibou" Nv.gif (2019.06.15)
  67. "Kaen" Nv.gif (2020.08.09)
  68. "Natsu wa Amazarashi" Nv.gif (Original with balloon) (2019.09.14)
  69. "Lear" Nv.gif (Original with Eve) (2019.10.03)
  70. "Kousei" Nv.gif (Original with EITO) (2020.07.12)
  71. "Neko" Nv.gif (Original with DISH//) (2020.07.26)
  72. "Uzattai na" feat. Soraru (2020.12.12) (Original with Neru)

Commercially Featured Works[edit | edit source]

Discography[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Rib's current Twitter avatar
MUGIC Soraloneroclearibito.png
From left to right: nero, clear, Rib, Soraru, Lon and Itou Kashitarou as seen in their cover of "MUGIC"Nv.gif
Illust. by Tama (たま)
Snow trick Yurin, Kogeinu, Chiko, Rib, Kano, Tsukinowa.png
From left to right: Kano, Tsukinowa, Rib, Kogeinu, Chiko and Yurin as seen in their cover of "Snow Trick"Nv.gif
Illust. by Kamogawa Akira (鴨川彰)
T rib.png
Rib as seen in the the Monchi (もんち)
Rib rescue fire 22068840.png
Rib as seen in "Rescue Fire"Nv.gif
Illust. by Hashimon (はしもん)
Rib shinzouheart 47398592-p0.jpg
Rib as seen in his cover of "Shinzou Connect"Nv.gif
Illust. by Totiki (ときち)
Connecting 20141205.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He can play the guitar, as seen in his cover of "crystal mic", which he also arranged.
  • He can play the piano, and has accompanied his singing various times in namahousous. He often covers songs in his namahousou(s) with either the piano or the guitar.
  • During a namahousou, he was asked if it was true that he was an ikemen. He replied that it was a lie.
  • He likes to watch anime that are "comforting", rather than deep, complex anime. Meaning that he likes to watch those that just have cute girls.[2]
  • He thinks it's embarrassing to give up his seat, so he just pretends to get off and move to another compartment.[3]
  • According to Soraru and Tentoumushi, Rib is quite amusing when drunk. They say he would sing "Nyaa!" and take off his socks; he'd also crash into a wall and then apologize to it.[4]
  • Despite being seemingly inactive in uploading covers, leading some fans to think he stopped, he is active every now and then on twitter.
  • He recently returned to twitter after 70 days, claiming he hadn't been able to see tweetbot, having fixed his problem, he once again became inactive. He came back to Twitter for his birthday and said that he's going to continue being inactive and wishes everyone to support him, only if they can.
  • He renamed his YouTube channel and uploaded the covers that had only been on Niconico before to YouTube in 2019.

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