A sample of a cover song by Rihardxxsr
"[Take Me Home]" -Feat Yon-go.-, composed by Template:Man with a Mission

rihard (リハード) He is a singer from Bandung now undergoing various professions he is now making several cover songs from Vocaloid anime and covers of several songs or arranged with his own version and His On Soundcloud now working on several Lofi genre projects and collaborating with the band for live stage he is also a blogger with a few tips on mixed articles and Rihardxxsr Join Band "Eternal Glory

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "CRY" (Jan 17, 2017)
  2. "Canvas" (Mar 26, 2019)
  3. "Bad Apple - lofi hip hop ver" (Mar 26, 2019) [Instrumental]
  4. "Take me Home Live cover feat Yon-Go" Man with a Mission (Feb 21, 2018)
  5. "Haruka Kanata - AKG" -Band version- (March 31, 2019)
  6. "Starfish" -Band version- (March 31, 2019)

List of Soundcloud Covered SongEdit

  1. "CANVAS - Yuyoyuppe"
  2. "MISERY - Yuyoyuppe" [Test version]
  3. "Ellegarden - Starfish" [Short version]
  4. "Leia - Megurine Luka"
  5. "fairytales, karaoke ver"
  6. "Magenta" Rihard feat Zoe
  7. "Glow"
  8. "You and Beautiful World ver 2"
  9. "You and beautiful Worl " Re-Upload
  10. "Truth or Lie - Idoyklik " [Indonesia]
  11. "Glow" female voice version
  12. "It's Rain Star" only vocal
  13. "COIN" female voice version
  14. "Mozaik Role" feat Miko (joke version)
  15. "Unwritten Letter" Unrelease song nano Only Vocal
  16. "Two Breaths Walking" feat SUIKA
  17. "RE-IAM - Aimer" Only Vocal
  18. "Drown - Bring me The Horizon" Only Vocal

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