Ryo-maro pixiv19482487

Ryo-maro as depicted by Iori (唯織)

Ryo-maro (りょーまろ) is the collab unit between two fellow utaite Ryo-kun and maro.. They have their first performance together in the event "Vomas 19".[1] Thereafter,they have released two albums: "a.c.t" and "a.c.t 2 ~seasons~", as well as a collaboration album, "SPLASH" with the circle MUDEAN. In addition to holding namahousous together, they often hang out in real life, as seen on Twitter.

maro. became a professional singer in 2014 while Ryo-kun went forward one year later in a different project.

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Shinkaron code:variant" Nv (Evolutionary Theory Code: Variant) (2011.05.03)

Songs on TmBoxEdit

  1. "Osaka Rainy Blues" (2012.09.08)



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